Friday, April 15, 2016

[Video] Fame - Mashin For The Cash

September 21,1979 Tajeki Jehral Johnson (FAME) was born and placed in the loving arms of his mother. By the time Tajeki was 8 years old, he as already singing songs such as “We Are The World”, “Beat It” and “I Will Always Love You”. Television shows such as “Soul Train” and “Yo MTV Raps” helped mold Fame into what he is today. Originally born in California and raised until he was a teenager, Fame and his family moved to Texas. After a few years in Texas, Fame was placed in juvenile servicess, after mutiple incidents with minor criminal activity. Soon after his life was changed when he found out that his mother was critically ill. A year later she passed and Fame, who was 17 at the time,was alone and trying to survive turned to the streets of Victoria where there was fast money and drugs. Soon after discovering his passion for hustling he found himself in the Texas prison system. This is where he rediscovered his voice in music. He took the things he had survivied thru, the loss of his beloved mother, his loneliness, his street smarts and all his life experiences and put them on paper. He remembered his love for music. Upon release, Fame returned to the streets as a changed man, finding his way he began going to the studio and collaborating with other aritst from the Victoria area. Fame is known in Victoria for his work with Double U INC. It was working with Double U that Fame's voice touched people and was heard louder than ever. In 2013 Fame established his own independent music entertainment label, ABEBK, which stands for “Any Body Every Body Killa”. It's based on the confidence that you have to believe greatly in your talent, be willing to show and demonstrate it, as well as believing you can be and will be one of the greatest. Fame is one of the remainaing artist of the original Double U roster to not be in the prison system and continues to strive and continue to represent the label he dedicated himself to. Fame is also known in Victoria for his friendly, and easy to work with attitude. He's always willing to give advice to artist who are just starting out and takes criticism about his music well. Fame is one artist who is dedicated to his music.

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