Tuesday, April 12, 2016

[Single] Robot Jones (@RealRobotJones) - Table 50

It all began with a tape recorder. At only nine years old, Robot Jones was handed what would inevitably become his career in the form of a tape recorder. A 3rd grade teacher, spotting Jones’ creative potential, gifted him with the recorder and the artist has been a fountain of expression ever since. His music is a powerful, passionate reprieve amongst the angst and difficulties of growing up in what Jones calls a “troubled place.”

Jones’ creativity manifested itself in a career with the inception of Mona Lisa – a creative co-op full of likeminded musicians, actors, rappers, even athletes all with the same vision of filling the world with inspiration and creation. The group called itself Mona Lisa as a tribute to the world famous portrait of a woman who has brought speculation and interpretation from artists, historians, and scholars around the globe. “Everybody has a different opinion about the significance of the painting. When you look at our group, it’s the same.” Each member of the group comes bearing different talents and qualities, but inevitably, they all wear the same face, like Mona Lisa herself.

Robot Jones’ music is inspired by no one single genre, and he finds himself pulling from every avenue of inspiration, from Lana del Rey to Tupac and Steve Aoki. “These days I listen to a lot of everything; I’m an open book. I even listen to classical music.”  Jones’ penchant for diverse music has paid off, lending itself to a new project, inspired by a Bollywood movie. The song, “Black Bollywood,” will make its debut in late summer, 2016.

In December, Jones dropped his most recent single, “Table 50.” At first glance, the song is about a group of people at a restaurant, but upon closer inspection is a metaphor for a deeper life experience. The restaurant, Magnolia CafĂ©, represents a difficult, corrupt world, and the indulgences the host offers Jones strip away at his innocence until the bill comes. Only, it’s not money they’re after in the song. In “Table 50,” like in life, you are forced to give away parts of your soul to foot the bill.

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When asked about his goals and aspirations for his career, Jones is hopeful, but resolute in his mission to make it about the art, not about fame. “I want to change the world; open some  eyes to what life is really about. I’m not in music to get a check, I’m in music to show people they can express themselves anyway they want.”


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