Saturday, April 30, 2016

[Single] Don Richie (@realdonrichie) - No Chill

Success has been a long time coming for artist Don Richie, born Kadarrious Fox, the child of a single mother in a quaint Mississippi town. Don Richie picked up the microphone at an extremely young age, participating in talent shows, ultimately dropping his first mix tape before he’d even entered high school. “I grew up listening to the music my mother would play, and I loved it’s energy,” says Richie, “I knew it was my calling. It’s my purpose.” A troubled upbringing tarnished his youth, but the young performer eventually realized his potential and grew from his experiences into the talented, unique artist he is today.

It hasn’t been an easy climb. Don Richie moved out of his childhood home at 21 and “jumped off into the world,” with big dreams of making it as an independent artist. He found himself homeless during a stint in Atlanta, where he’d perform in clubs, but return to a motel or car for the night. “There were nights I slept on the train,” admits the artist. Richie’s determination has paid off tenfold, however, with the release of his album Lost in my Thoughts, which will make its debut on June 25

th, and is comprised of Don Richie’s life’s work in the culmination of a variety of unreleased tracks. “It’s about my whole transition, from Mississippi, to Michigan, to Atlanta, and then back home.” “Smile,” an upbeat positive track, is a reminder that even amidst trials and struggle it’s imperative to stay positive, which Richie says is one of the most important on the album. Another project, which will debut in the fall of 2016, will be a self-titled EP, #RichIsRare, which gets its name from Don Richie’s brand. A collection of eight original tracks, the album will reference the artist’s overarching philosophy that one should live their life rich in energy, spirit, and life, not necessarily in money. “Money don’t make you rich,” says Richie. The EP is called #RichIsRare, because it’s rare to be rich in Grenada, Mississippi, and that’s what Don Richie strives to be.

Positivity, focus, and determination have brought Don Richie from darkness to light, giving him a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become the star he’s always meant to be.

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