Monday, April 25, 2016

Spotlight on CJ Tate

If you don’t know who CJ Tate is you’re about to very soon. He’s about to explode onto the music scene with his first major EP.

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“It’s been a very interesting journey to get to where I am now, so I’m excited about it,” stated CJ. “I’ve been really pouring my heart and soul into this upcoming EP. The title for it is still in the works.”

While in Memphis, Tennessee CJ released his debut single “Send Her On To Me” which became the #3 worldwide trending topic of Twitter. Since moving to Los Angeles from Memphis, Tennessee three and a half years ago, the talented singer has already made a big name for himself.

In fact, his social media following is quite impressive. Just on Twitter alone, he has more than 438,000 followers—which is more than some big-named celebrities.

“Coming to California has really just been a leap of faith. My mentor, Troy Taylor, told me God wouldn’t bring me this far to leave me. I truly believe that and I’m very blessed to have made it this far. I’ve been working hard, writing and making music,” stated CJ. “I believe all the hard work is about to pay off.”

The talented singer, shares a similar styles of music to Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. CJ is set to release his soon-to-be-titled debut EP in mid-June. The project has been three years in the making.

“It’s going to have six songs on it,” stated CJ. “With the project, I’m really trying to create a story line similar to Usher’s ‘Confessions. For the fans that have been following me along the way, this is my passion and life which has been quite a journey.”

This first single from the EP is currently in the works. According to CJ, the EP tells of his journey to California in the midst of a promising relationship that soon fizzles after his arrival to ‘The Golden State.’

The upcoming EP will also be full of surprises, featuring guest artists who are already doing big things in the music industry. According to CJ, his upcoming EP promises not to disappoint.

I’m very well connected. There will be a few influential people featured on the project,” teased CJ. “My fans are going to love what they hear. Once it’s released, I’m hoping to go on tour.” Be sure to check out his latest song Body ID currently available for download on SoundCloud.

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