Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spotlight on Harold Jamez (@HaroldJamez)

Performing professionally for eight years now, rapper Harold Jamez is gearing up for another exciting year. In the early part of 2016, he dropped a new promo track titled “Extra! Extra!” available for FREE on his website.

“The inspiration for the track was to show the listeners who’s new to my brand and has never heard of me before that I’m a true lyricist,” explained Jamez. “It’s a really good record with a catchy hook.”

According to Jamez, the track samples two unlikely pairings—the legendary Curtis Mayfield and the Super Mario Brothers.

“Music right now is so dumbed down in terms of what’s coming out,” I wanted to do something not only different but lyrical, too.”

His latest single, which is for sale, is a tracked called “Late Night.” It features a talented artist by the name of Wil Guice. It was recently released in 239 countries.

“That track is for the ladies and the guys who are looking for a ‘late night.’ I wrote that record to show my versatility. I can go from being lyrical to providing you with something is both smooth and laid back,” he stated.

Influenced by such artists as OutKast, Tupac and Wu Tang Clan—Jamez says that both released tracks will be featured on his upcoming EP titled “V.O.T.E.” or “Voice Of The Emcee.”

“I’m a new emcee, and what I’m campaigning for is the ears of the listener,” stated Jamez. “I’m just being me. I know that’s probably the blandest answer. However, I’m not the gangsta. I’m not the pimp. I’m not the mack daddy. I’m not the back packer. I’m not the trap god.”

Born in the projects of Lake Charles, Louisiana, and a survivor of the streets, Jamez stated he’s not trying to be like anyone. He’s perfectly happy with just being him.

“I call it ‘my life music,’” stated Jamez. “I’ve dealt with the drug scene, but now I own my own business. I’m working on a book and I’m a public speaker. My style is all about being the best person I can be—and not trying to copy anyone else.”

When people listen to Jamez’s music, he says he hopes they feel the realness in his voice and sincerity in his soul.

“My sound is hip hop influenced with a southern, west coast twist,” stated Jamez. “When people hear my songs, I want them to have a good time. I also hope that my music empowers them. I want them to know that even if they feel like the underdog, they can still thrive and become that person they want to be.”

To learn more about Jamez, visit him on Twitter, Facebook and haroldjamez.com.

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