Wednesday, July 22, 2015

[Single] D. Boy G (@AKADBOYG) ft Playboi C - NBA​

D BOY G (@AkaDBoyG) has been on a consistent grind with his music. He's dropped his project physically and now we embark on a digital journey. Check out one of his breakout records "NBA" featuring Playboi C.

Contact: Twitter: @AKADBOYG Instagram: AKADBOYG

[Video] Nessacary (@Nessacary) - Cake

Checkout Nessacary (@Nessacary) "Cake" promo video, one of many tracks that will be featured on her upcoming mixtape.
Be on the lookout for #ByAnyMeansNessaCaryReloaded #Mixtape hosted by @BiggaRankin00 @DJMsHypnotique and @TampaMystic Coming Aug 11th

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

[Single] DJ Chose (@DJChose) ft MC Beezy - Everywhere I Go

Think Its A Game alongside Team Bigga Rankin release "Everywhere I Go" by DJ Chose ft MC Beezy. All support is appreciated, as well as feedback.

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[Single] Young Goldie (@IamYoungGoldie) - Checks via @IamTonyNeal

Young Goldie (@IamYoungGoldie), a teenage star-in-the-making, is looking to put a new shine on the city and make the world think differently about the place he calls home.

Whether it's in fictional dramas like The Wire or real life news coverage from CNN, the city of Baltimore, Maryland is usually shown to be overcast with clouds of gloom. But now, those clouds may finally have a silver lining. Or better yet, a golden one.

Known as the crab capital of the world, Goldie faced crabs in a figurative sense as he struggled to get out of the barrel that is Baltimore's West side. Witnessing first hand the ills of drugs, poverty and even seeing people die right in front of him, Goldie decided at a young age that he wanted his story to be different.

"The struggle was my motivation to do better," says the rapper who learned much of his discipline from boxing in his spare time. "I want to be somewhere in life."

Rapping since the age of four, Young Goldie realized that music could be his ticket out of the 'hood when he met fellow Baltimore-natives singer/songwriter Mario and rapper King Los. Hearing encouraging words from artists who emerged from the same streets he was looking to escape from motivated him to follow in their footsteps and eventually leave his own.

"After meeting them, I started making my own videos, flyers and throwing parties to promote myself and my music," he says. "No one helped me but my mother."

His mother's helping hand led to his music catching the ear of music industry veteran Tony Austin. After she played some music for Austin, a former Def Jam A&R, who has made it his priority to grow Baltimore's presence in Hip Hop, he jumped at the chance to sign Goldie to his Austin Music Group imprint.

"He has that 'it' factor," says Austin who has worked with the likes of DMX and Russell Simmons. "When I seen the kid, I knew he was superstar. I feel like Quincy Jones when he discovered Michael Jackson. I feel like this kid is amazing. We haven't seen an artist do what he does in a very long time."

AustinMusicGroup, BreezySays, CRDJS, Checks, CoreDjs, PromoVatican, Single, TeamBiggaRankin, TonyNeal, YoungGoldie Citing Meek Mill and Chris Brown as some of his main influences, Goldie offers a combination of reality rap and charisma that has seen him featured on and CNN. His current single "No Problems" is rapidly becoming a city-wide anthem that has him on his way to becoming everything that his name represents.

"The name comes from kingdom thinking," he says. "I think I'm the best at what I do."

Connect w/ Young Goldie
IG @younggoldie
Twitter @iamyounggoldie

Spotlight on V.A.I.N. (@itsvain) by @IamTonyNeal

Core Djs introduces emerging artist "V.A.I.N"


Emerging Hip – Hop artist, V.A.I.N. did not miss a beat as he grew up with the intimate musical influences of his parents who were both members of bands back in the 80’s. V.A.I.N. recalls as a kid, his mother would make him perform Slick Rick songs at all family functions. After graduating high school in Queens, New York where V.A.I.N. was born and raised, he began working full time while continuing to aggressively pursue his music career.

In 2004, V.A.I.N’s father passed away and due to the loss, he channeled and refocused his energy into his music and has since been aggressively pursuing his musical career. Inspired heavily by Hip-Hop music of the late 80’s and 90’s, V.A.I.N. admires artists such as NAS, Mobb Deep, Nature, and A Tribe Called Quest. In order to master his craft as a well-rounded artist, V.A.I.N. extensively immersed himself into developing his craft by listening to diverse records and pushing the envelope as an innovative writer. V.A.I.N. has mastered the lyrical balance of lethal fierce word play, witty social commentary, and poetic story telling. As he recollects, “eventually, I got nice and my first record touched radio in 2005. It was a joint called, ’Toss Da Paper’.” Describing his own
musical style, V.A.I.N. stated, “I believe I come from an educated yet street point of view, where I’m giving people insight into life. What I desire to
accomplish through my music is to educate, inspire as well as entertain. I think I write from the heart first and then the mind. There is nothing in the entire world quite like performing and I simply can’t get enough of the euphoric musical high!” It is perfectly summarized in V.A.I.N’s favorite quote, “music is an audio vibration of a person’s soul. ” V.A.I.N has opened for Hip-Hop artists including DMX, Fabolous, Foxy Brown, Corrupt and the Clips. He has worked with some of Hip-Hop’s most sought after producers including Teflon, P.F.Cuttin, Terrence Dudley, Jelly Roll and Fingers.

Checkout V.A.I.N's latest track "Bottles In The Air" and bonus track "Ain't No Nigga Like Me"


Checkout V.A.I.N.'s "Money On My Mind" video


[Single] Jey H (@therealjeyh) - I Love It via @IamTonyNeal

Who is Jey H (@therealjeyh): From neighborhood corner stores to billion dollar conglomerates, money rules the world, and at the core of every successful venture, regardless of how big or small, is the HUSTLER, an individual with an appetite for life’s finer things and the tenacity, intelligence and fire to make it happen. The music game was built on the backs of hustlers who took the wisdom and struggles of life, set it against music, and made the world take notice. A Washington, DC native, Jey H (born Jeffrey Harrison) grew up juggling two educations, one in the public school system, and the other on the unforgiving streets of northeast DC. The result is a chameleon who understands the codes and politics of both words and can thrive effortlessly in either. As a breakout athlete in both middle and high school, Jey could have pursued a career in sports, but having grown up watching the neighborhood players get it and flaunt it, he developed a strong entrepreneurial mindset and knack for making things happen. Playing on a team would never have been enough. In his own words “I want to own the team, the stadium and the network airing the game.” Never one to sit around, Jey got started on his dream of starting a business right after high school and never looked back. By the time he was 21, Jey was already experiencing success as a small businessman, but wanted more. Without any fear or reservation, Jey wrote a few songs, hired local producers to put the tracks together and hit the studio, recording seven songs in a single weekend. The results were clear and almost shocking. This wasn’t a case of ambition but no talent. Jey displayed REAL skill and presence on the mic. When friends, family and business associates heard the material, most didn’t even know it was Jey. It was polished and seasoned with no telltale signs of a new MC. Jey’s command and presence jumped off the tracks. It was like he’d rapping his whole life. With the final questioned answered, Grind Money Music was born.

Connect w/ Jey H Twitter: @therealjeyh Instagram: @therealjeyh

Sunday, July 19, 2015

[Single] Six9 (@officialsix9) - Stove

Six9 Studio Photograph

Six9 is a South Carolina native who has been rapping frequently throughout his life. In and out of jail and prison Six9 finally made his mind up to pursue his music career. When asked whats harder to accomplish music or hustling , he said music. "This is one of the roughest grinds I have ever faced in my life" , he replied. His collaboration with Lil Wayne is one of his biggest accomplishments and dreams in the making.

[Listen Here]

Ok World get ready to meet a real live G and check out his Newest Solo Single "Stove" definitely Atown Hotlist material!
[Listen Here]

Connect w/ Six9

Twitter: (@officialsix9)
Instagram: @843Six9
Youtube: Official Six 9

[Single] Ralo (@ralofamgoon) ft Future - Can't Lie

Ralo (@ralofamgoon) drops "I Can't Lie" ft Future...Catch Ralo on the Street & Greet tour w/ Bigga Rankin.

Contact: Twitter: @ralofamgoon Instagram: ralofamgoon

Friday, July 17, 2015

Who is Beezy De'Mayo (@GoLyfeStyle)

As Atlanta heats up for 3rd quarter, the music scene has had an explosion of new artist, sounds, dances, and more. Just when you thought "real n*ggas" was taking a break a Georgia native comes on & shows us that's not the case. Beezy De'Mayo, an Eastsider hailing from Conley, Ga rite outside of East Atlanta is a seasoned "D Boy" and "Freshman" rapper. Teaming up with heavy hitters like "Zaytoven" and "Durrty Boyz" he has PROPERLY hit the scene with a couple bangers! Surprisingly enough, this guy is NO social character. Calling him a "Real Street N*gga" would be an understatement. I personally ha to force him to start a twitter page. He is truely one of those artist who is living the life that most rap about. Keep your ear to the streetz with me and check out this new single from Beezy that the ladies are loving "STAR" FREE DOWNLOAD!

Click [Here] To Stream/Download

Follow Beezy Everywhere! Twitter & Instagram: @GoLyfeStyle

Spotlight on Flowsicka (@FlowSicka)

Flowsicka (@Flowsicka) is female emcee from Lynchburg, Virginia. She has be rapping since she was 8 and recording since the age of 16! She has worked with many artist such as; T.ben, Starr-Nyce, Rise Rashid, K-dub, and Throwed Boy Rambo just to name a few. She has also opened up for the likes of Freeway, Project Pat, & Fat Trel as well. A lyrical monster on the mic not waiting her turn but ready to kick the door in! Get familiar with a great artist.

Connect w/ FlowSicka Twitter: Facebook: Soundcloud: Youtube:

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Spotlight on Draaco

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND—Things are looking real good these days for Georgia native Draaco Aventura. He’s presently putting the finishing touches on his highly anticipated album scheduled to drop in late 2015. “The inspiration for this album comes from my passion for dance. I love just going to clubs and dancing,” stated Draaco. “I find that a lot of times when I go to clubs nowadays there aren’t too many people that actually dance, so I wanted to produce music that is going to focus on dancing.” Considered a world class Latin and ballroom dancer, Draaco has spent several months perfecting his sound which promises not to disappoint. “I produced the music, wrote the songs, and performed them. I intend for each of the tracks to be noticeably different. My sound is ‘genre bending.’ I consider myself a multi-lingual multi-cultural ‘Music Fusion Artist,’” explained Draaco. Already, the single, ‘GoGo Twerk,’ has received well over 10,000 plays on SoundCloud since its recent release. “’GoGo Twerk’ and ‘Meneame’ were written for the man that stands there watching a beautiful woman dancing and needs motivation to ask her to dance,” explained Draaco. “If you have every found yourself staring at a gorgeous woman while she dances, this song is for you.” This talented artist is presently working on a music video to accompany ‘GoGo Twerk.’ Other music videos also planned in the near future. “When people hear my songs I want them to be excited and get ready to start dancing,” explained Draaco. “I really put a lot of work in the lyrics. I write a lot of things guys think, but won’t say. The feedback that I’m getting from women is that they love it and think it’s sexy. They say it makes them feel good. Men enjoy the songs too. They understand what I’m trying to achieve with the lyrics.” Born and raised in Valdosta, Georgia, music has always played an integral part in Draaco’s life. At 17, he joined the United States Army and spent four years serving in Iraq. “Music got me through my childhood and guided me through my adulthood in a healthy way. It helped me ground myself and stay focused. When I was angry or fearful in combat, music was the comforting solution,” stated Draaco. He gained international exposures when he was transferred from Iraq in the military to the United Kingdom. “I continued while I was in the army to do talent shows. While I was over there, I entertained soldiers by singing Gospel and R&B songs,” he explained. Presently, Draaco’s MTV profile routinely ranks within the top 20 most visited and engaged MTV artist. “A lot of people go there to draw inspiration from my bio. There are anywhere from 300 to over 1,000 visits to my MTV artist profile daily,” stated Draaco. “I am unique because my music/brand can appeal to Millennials, younger generations, as well as mature generations. I have a song that will appeal to nearly anyone regardless of their musical taste or background.” Along with singing, Draaco is also an actor. He just completed filming an independent film called "Achilles." He’s also provided voiceovers for six episodes of National Geographic‘s ‘Alerta Aeropuerto!’ The program is due to start airing in the UK in August. In the next five years, Draaco plans to drop two platinum selling full length albums that he produces along with a major record label.

Press [Here] To Listen and Download

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

[Single] Trae Tha Truth (@traeabn) ft Future & Boosie - Tricken Every Car I Get

New record from Trae Tha Truth (@traeabn) ft Future & Boosie "Tricken Every Car I Get" must have on playlists, mixshows, and mixtapes. Team Bigga Rankin approved; listen, download, and support.

Contact Trae Tha Truth:
Twitter: @traeabn Instagram: traeabn Facebook:

[Single] Rickie Blow (@1Rickieblow) - Ball

Rickie Blow (@1Rickieblow) is a music artist based out of Atlanta, born in the Midwest, Milwaukee to be exact. Originally growing up in the streets, Rickie Blow has taken a giant step toward the music industry. In 2014 Blow released, “Trapper Turned Rapper” on LiveMixtapes under Traps N’ Trunks. The first single, self-entitled was introduced as a video on World Star Hip Hop. The second single surely spread like wildfire. “Place Your Order”, the video, was released and in only 24 hours had gained a quarter of a million views. His goal is to show the world how deep music pulses through his veins. He is a creature of creativity. His new single, “Ball” is a new summer anthem for 2015. Blow’s music can be found on iTunes, LiveMixtapes, YouTube, Soundcloud, MTV Artists and many more. He will never forget the days of his life in the streets. They are what made him who he is today. His drive has evolved him into a bigger and brighter artist. Don’t blink and don’t sleep, Rickie Blow is coming for his spot in the music game.

Connect w/ Rickie Blow

IG: @Rickieblow | Twitter: @1Rickieblow | Soundcloud: Rickie Blow | YouTube: Rickie Blow

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

[Video] Jaydott (@Only1JayDott) - Lofting

Jaydott is an Atlanta-based Hip-Hop artist crafting and creating music that often explores themes of heartbreak and love. He takes a minute to share his new visual for his single "Lofting" which is featured on his No Love Lost __EP currently on iTunes now. Check Out The Video Below!
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[Video] J. Haskin – Going All Out

Music video by J. Haskin performing “Going All Out.” Shot & Edited by Krayzie Wave Ent.
Instagram: jhaskin26 Twitter: @j_hask

[Single] Triga Montana Ft. Royce Rizzy – Amazing

Royce Rizzy features on Triga Montana’s new single “Amazing.” Listen and download below:

DOWNLOAD: Triga Montana Ft. Royce Rizzy – Amazing Instagram: THEREAL_TRIGAMONTANA | RoyceRizzy Twitter: @TrigaMontana @RoyceRizzy Facebook: Triga slfmade Montana

[Single] Mista Rogers Ft. Ray JR and Stalley – Ever Since

“Ever Since” featuring Ray JR & Stalley is set to appear on Mista Roger’s upcoming mixtape Dying 2 Live hosted DJ Drama, due out this month. Listen to the track on Soundcloud and download on iTunes below:

Download Here

Spotlight on Sophia Mojo (@SophiaMojo)

Sophia MoJo is a rising star powerhouse R&B/Pop, EDM Soul singer, songwriter, and producer from Los Angeles, CA. Born into a musically multi-talented family, Sophia MoJo found her own voice at age six when she began songwriting and later developed her distinguished smoky soulful vocal tone. Sophia honed her songwriting and vocal arrangement abilities while singing in female vocal groups. She began producing her own music in 2013, which began the journey of musical creativity leading to her solo music career. After being diagnosed with Endometriosis causing serious pain and illness in early 2014, Sophia MoJo has been motivated to relentlessly pursue her dreams promoting a message of love, redemption and empowerment. Grounded in faith and driven to make her mark in the music industry, MoJo currently performs originals and covers of today’s newest hits and old school classics with a show stopping band on various stages in southern California. MoJo’s debut EP is scheduled to be released August 15, 2015, and is sure to excite and inspire.

Connect w/ Sophia Mojo Instagram, Facebook And Twitter search: Sophia MoJo

Monday, July 13, 2015

[Single] Ieshia (@ieshiameshyll) ft Snoop Dogg - Jam

Ieshia states "The road map to my future is not etched in stone, but I am open to all the possibilities."

Connect w/ Ieshia Artist website:

[Mixtape] Pure Profit - All About A Profit

Pure Profit links up with the Streets A&R Bigga Rankin and the hottest dj out of North Carolina Lynx Legacy to release one of the hottest mixtapes out of North Carolina. Press Play and Support "All About A Profit".

[Single] Yung Blayze (@yung_blayze) - Double Digits

Yung Blayze (@yung_blayze) teams up Bigga Rankin for his upcoming mixtape "Leader of the New Nation"...we are dropping his latest track "Double Digits" prod by Zaytoven. Listen, Support, and Download.


[Single] Nessacary (@nessacary) - Fiyah

Nessacary (@nessacary) releases the latest track off her forthcoming mixtape, which will be hosted by Bigga Rankin. Please Support and contact us for ALL versions.

Contact: Website: Twitter: @nessacary Instagram: nessacary

[Video] Brotha Meech (@BrothaMeech) - Sick

ATLANTA, GA—Brotha Meech is following a different path than most of today’s hip hop artists—and trust us, that’s a good thing. According to Meech, he’s here to put a positive spin on a genre of music that’s notorious for lyrics promoting violence, crime and disrespect toward women. “I decided early on that I wasn’t going to be negative and that I was going to make good music. That’s just who I am. My music reflects me as a person. I am a positive person. I’m always smiling. I’m always optimistic,” explained Meech. The group’s latest project is titled ‘#unplug’. Meech describes his overall sound as old school combined with a new age vibe. “It’s got that throwback 90s sound,” explained Meech. “I hope when people listen to my music, they get inspired. I hope it makes them think. I do have a couple of party tunes and slow jams as well.” Meech first started rapping in the early 1990s, drawing inspiration from just hip hop artists like Nas, De La Soul, LL Cool J and a Tribe Called Quest. After taking a break from the industry for several years, he jumped back in the game with full force. “With the lack of talent and the state that rap music is in now, it just fueled my fire to get back into the studio. Andre 3000 said it best: ‘We can’t just sit and complain about the music, complain about the state of rap. You have to get out there and do something about it,’” stated Meech. And that’s what Meech is determined to do: change the state of the industry for the better. “Even though I am a rapper and we’re known for having big mouths and big heads, I come from another aspect of it. I’m a humble MC,” stated Meech. “I’m nothing like the rappers that are out there today. My music has a more positive vibe. It’s not disrespectful. It’s more lyrically driven. I did that on purpose because I knew I wanted to have a band backing me.” Meech’s newest track is titled ‘Sick,’ a song that tackles the current state of hip hop music. “It’s got an old De La Soul and Dionne Warwick sample in it. It’s just pretty much talking about the rappers of today and how they’re influencing the young people and society in a negative way. It’s definitely an anti-industry song. But it’s still positive at the same time. If you want a taste of Brotha Meech, ‘Sick’ is the song,” he stated. Connect w/ Brotha Meech Twitter handle: @BrothaMeech Facebook page: Soundcloud: YouTube: Brotha Meech

Sunday, July 12, 2015

[Mixtape] Substance (@IllGordon @Datbizness1) - Its Nothing

via @StackOrStarvDjs New project from producer SC's group Substance, which shows the their lyrical dexterity over production from SC. They want to show fans and critics alike, that making good hip hop music is nothing for them to do. Substance has been know to be of the best hip hop groups around the city and this project is a direct reflection of that. All joints produced by SC. Check it out on livemixtapes below!

[Video] A. Jones (@whoisajones) ft 50 Tyson - Illusion Green

A. Jones releases new video "Illusion Green" featuring 50 Tyson. Pres play and watch!!!

[Video] Firewater Redstarr (@RIDAHMOVEMENT) - Pressure

#OfficialVideo Directed by: @MR_STLOULOU @Dabest_Bmagic

Friday, July 10, 2015

[Single] Big Cheeze (@BossBigCheeze) ft Vidal Garcia - Bad Behavior

Mega Million Music has teamed up with the Core Djs to bring the latest track from Big Cheeze ft Vidal Garcia title "Bad Behavior". This track brings out a dope track produced by The Legion, which fits perfectly for the clubs, mixshows, and mixtapes. The track flows easy and is sure to get the crowd moving with the lyrics that switches up the traditional role of "Bad Behavior" in a relationship. Press Play, download, and support this standout track.

Connect w/ Big Cheeze Connect w/ Vidal: Vidal Garcia Twitter/IG @VdalGarcia Connect w/ The Legion Twitter/IG: @thisisthelegion

[Single] Verse Simmonds (@VerseSimmonds) ft. @Jeremih - All I Want

VVS Society releases another hot single from VERSE SIMMONDS featuring Jeremih titled "ALL I WANT" produced by J Hill from the Sextape Chronicles III project.

Connect w/ Verse Simmonds: Business Inquires:

[Mixtape] Issa (@IssaIam) - This Summer

Legendary DJ Bigga Rankin co-signs Issa aka “the young veteran” and states “he is the closest thing to a star that I’ve seen since Jeezy, 2Chainz, and T.I.”, whom he also helped break into the music industry over 10 years ago. Issa is now back with his 4th mixtape entitled “This Summer”, hosted by Bigga Rankin, DJ Keem, DJ Omezy, DJ Key, and DJ Plugg; but this time around Issa brings the streets with him. Issa continues to work with some of the biggest DJs and artists in the industry and has been grinding since a very young age, which is why he is dubbed as “the young veteran”. Malik Yusef, 5-time Grammy winner states “I’ve never witnessed someone as gifted as Issa at this level in his career”. Issa is quoted saying “I appreciate all the love and support I’ve received from my peers, at the end of the day though I’d like to be mentioned as one of the greatest and I’m not going to stop working until it’s done.” Today, Good Life Music Group is proud to release “This Summer”, Issa’s latest body of work and we ask that you press play, download, and share; because even if you not been a part of it, get in on the ground floor, and witness Issa’s journey into greatness.

Connect w/ Issa: @IssaIam IssaIam

[Video] YDN Prof!t (@PROFIT_ydn) - Ya Right

YDN Prof!t (@PROFIT_ydn) releases new video "Ya Right" Prod. Madoe (@itsMadoe) Dir. @CharltonVisuals presented by @416TeamNoSleep

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Spotlight on Big Greg (@biggregplk)

As the Hip Hop Culture continues to give birth to new talent, few up and comers have the lyrical capabilities and delivery that Big Greg possesses. Drawing comparisons to artist such as Kid Cudi, Drake and Greg started playing the drums at a young age but Hip Hop became his passion. Attending college, Greg would participate in college freestyle sessions and come up with the best punch lines. Greg incorporates memorable lyrics with a laid back flow and dope hooks. Opening for acts such as Rico Barrino, Dondria Nicole and DMX. Big Greg has performed 50+ live shows in front of 20,000+ people while touring in the North & South regions. Check out my new single "Like A Stripper" which was released on on Wednesday, June 16, 2015 on Itunes, Google Play, Spotify and many other digital markets.

Connect w/ Big Greg on Social Sites: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube Channel: SoundCloud: MySpace: Reverbnation: Purchase Links: Itunes Purchase Link: Google Play Purchase Link:

[Video] Nessacary (@Nessacary) - Winner

Checkout Nessacary (@Nessacary) "Winner" video, one of many tracks that will be featured on her upcoming mixtape.
Be on the lookout for #ByAnyMeansNessaCaryReloaded #Mixtape hosted by @BiggaRankin00 @DJMsHypnotique and @TampaMystic Coming Aug 11th

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

[Mixtape] MoorE (@MasterMind1COB) - The Dawn Of A New Era

PA Emcee (MoorE) is back with another mixtape called The Dawn Of A New Era Hosted by Kxng Crooked from Slaughterhouse on Shady Records. The mixtape has features like Kenny from HorseShoeGang, Token, Earthquake, FoxaZBeats an many more!! Go check it out if you like real hip hop!!

Download it here >>> Contact MoorE here:

Friday, July 3, 2015

Spotlight on Frederick Dare

Frederick Dare’s music captures the human experience. His message focuses on having a relationship with God, yourself, family and friends, and music. During the human experience there is going to be heartache, death, happiness, joy, pain and the list could go on and on. No one is exempt from any of these emotions. His latest album God, Music, and Therapy incorporates all his relationship with God, the power of therapy in changing negative cognitions, and music as a mood enhancer.

God, Music, and Therapy and all other songs by Frederick Dare can be purchase on or email for more information. Find more at