Tuesday, May 31, 2016

[Single] Beadz (@Beadz1st) - Gotta Bag

One of Chicago's Ranking Rap artist Beadz aka Beadz Jones has been pushing the limits for several years coming off his hit song "Get Home" feat Layzie Bone. His latest tracks are pointing to turnt up summer with songs "I Swear" feat Florida's Jimi Nu and "Gotta Bag" which was leaked to the Chitown Djs and is already on Radio Mix Shows.

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Spotlight on Crizzy The King

Crizzy the King, born Donnie Watson, of Greensboro, NC grew up in a broken home. With both parents on drugs and neglecting to raise any of their children, he was passed from home to home until settling in with his great grand mother at the age of 7. Lacking focus, discipline, motivation and a positive role model, trouble was no stranger to Crizzy. At the age of 11 he was on the verge of being submitted back to the system when he found his purpose in art and music. Filled with such emotions and thoughts, Crizzy would express himself by writing them in rhymes on anything he could get his hands on and post them on the wall along with drawings he drew and posters of artist in the industry he admired. Crizzy started recording in 2012 and with his hunger and grind has made a name for himself in Greensboro, NC and the surrounding cities. After many features and a few singles released, Crizzy has recorded and released his first EP Troubled Man Cold Hearted which features his singles Go get it and Been Ready feat Monte Ray. This is just the beginning! Look for more to come from this young independent artist in the year to come.

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Connect on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Crizzy-The-King-783331881710208

[Video] Rushbilli (@Ristakerbully) ft 93 & XFyle - Put On A Show + MP3 Download

Rushbilli releases follow-up to "I'm That Guy", this time catering to the ladies. "Put on a Show" is prod & fts XFyle and artist 93 rounds out this banger. Support and Feedback appreciated. Click [Here] To Download Contact: Buried Treasures LLC Rushbilli humiditysolutionsinc@gmail.com Links: Official Site: http://www.rushbilli.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RUSHBILLI Twitter: https://twitter.com/RistakerBully Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rushbilli SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/Rushbilli

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Spotlight on Eileen Berger (@EileenBerger_)

NEW JERSEY – It started at age 6.

Eileen Berger joined her mother on a trip to the Dominican Republican – the country of her mother’s birth – to visit some relatives. While in country, Eileen saw something that affected her deeply – other children her age running around without any shoes. It left such a lasting impact on her that for three years she bugged her mom to start a nonprofit organization that would raise money and collect shoes for underprivileged children in the Dominican Republic. Today, that organization is called Happy Feet, and already hundreds of shoes have been passed on to children in that third world country.

As if that weren’t enough to illustrate how impressive this 10-year-old girl from New Jersey is, Eileen also is a credited actress, musician and model. She’s performed in half a dozen films, recorded a handful of songs and has started to explore her voice through writing.

Her mother, Nazaret Medina, said she’s always known that her daughter – the middle of three children – was talented, but it wasn’t until age 7 that she really saw how much potential Eileen had. That was the year she auditioned for a play on Broadway and made it to the final five … without any formal acting training.

“When that happened, I was amazed,” Nazaret said. “So I started getting her some training – acting classes and practicing piano. Over the last three years she’s really turned it into a career. She’s passionate about it. If she thinks about it, she goes and does it.

As a musician, Eileen performs under the artist name Eileen B. She’s recorded four singles,

including the most recent track “Heaven’s Phone.” She says it’s a song she was inspired to co-write with her producer by watching the world around her and seeing how relationships work.

“Ultimately it’s a song about loss,” Eileen said. “Everybody has lost someone that they loved. In the music video we’re creating I’m losing my father, and it’s very touching to me because it’s an emotion that almost everybody can relate to.”

Eileen said she loves to wow people with what she can do at her young age because she knows it will inspire other young people to do big things. She points to Selena Gomez as one of her biggest inspirations, and wants to have a career similar to hers – being successful in both music and acting.

Her single “Wine Up” is on YouTube and continues to get a lot of hits. She said she’s working on a music video for the new single, “Heaven’s Phone,” which she will also release on YouTube at the end of June.

In the meantime, Happy Feet continues to grow. Nazaret said last year Eileen used some of the money she’d received for Christmas to purchase about 200 pairs of shoes on her own, which she distributed to children in the Dominican Republic. The organization hopes to collect as many as 2,000 pairs of shoes this year.

Those seeking more information about Happy Feet, or who want to hear the music of Eileen B, can visit www.eileenberger.com. She also has her own YouTube channel, and is active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Spotlight on Blizzy (@youngblizack)

Young new artist uses music to inspire others

Some musicians make music for themselves, others make music to make money.

Blizzy is the kind of up-and-coming new artist who make music for others. It’s his life’s ambition, in fact, to create music that inspires others to realize their dreams.

A self-described “young, hard-working entrepreneur,” Blizzy is a 22-year-old artist who has just released a new EP on iTunes and is beginning to book some shows throughout New York. He says his music is a reflection of his attitude toward life: “Just trying to live a good life.”

“You only live life once, and I’m just trying to live it as best as I can,” he said. “I feel like I can impact people’s lives if I can be heard. Not a lot of people have had the chance to hear me yet, but those who have tell me I sound like a super star.”

That unique sound is something Blizzy has been intentional about. He says his mixture of hip-hop and rap is versatile and different than most of what’s out there. Though he’s inspired by other artists such as Future, Montana 300 and Drake, he works hard to create a sound that’s individual and unique to him, with one specific goal: “to touch a lot of people’s hearts.”

Blizzy first got started with music in seventh and eighth grade when he and some friends began creating sounds and experimenting as DJs. He became serious about it during his junior year of high school and says that’s when he really fell in love with music.

“I really love the way you can express yourself and show who you are through music,” he said.“In a lot of ways I want to be the new future in music.” His new EP took about two months to put together and includes a number of tracks that he’s created over the past five years. One of his favorite singles is “Audio Bars,” which he said references everything he’s done with rap music and compares it to drugs – and though that initially might sound negative, the song itself has a positive spin and an inspirational message.

“Everyone who knew me when I was little thought I’d grow up and sell drugs,” he said. “But instead of selling drugs I’ve grown up and I’m making music. I’m selling inspiration, not drugs, and it’s all through music. It’s me and it’s just so different.” Another favorite single is “Self Made,” which he said celebrates people who have done things on their own despite the challenges they might face.

“It doesn’t matter where you’re from – the ghetto or the projects,” he said. “If you keep chasing for a goal or a dream, one day you will achieve it.” In addition to the EP on iTunes, Blizzy also has a website – www.everythingblackk.com – that features a lot of his music. He’s also active on social media, with the Twitter handle @youngblizack – a spin off of a single he created a few years back that has inspired his current artist name. Blizzy also stays connected with his fans on Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud and YouTube.

[Video] JutsMusic ft Casual Jamar - Different Kinda Love

Viva Entertainment Artist JutsMusic Official Music Video Bodega Vapes : BSE : The25er : Matrix Blitz Media(matrixblitzmedia.com) Presents #DKL - Different Kinda Love ft. Casual Jamar Prod by G Cue Prod. Follow JutsMusic.com on his adventure with AidVigo as they explore Los Angeles California meeting from Tribal Cafe in LA. From China town to Venice Beach, JutsMusic takes AidVigo all around L.A. then to Glendale 103 Lounge to party it up with Casual Jamar to show her that #DKL! For more information please go to JutsMusic.com Manager: Richard Mendoza - The25er.Richard@gmail.com Director: Wolfgang Lloyd (Lloyd Johnson) Producer: Hector Escobar - matrixblitzmedia.com Production Manager: Aubrey Valle Magalang, Alfredo Hernandez Lighting Director: Jimmy Duong Editor: Wolfgang Lloyd Lead Actress: Aida Alonso - aidvigo.com Supportive Actress: Ruthie Raja - ruthieraja.com Tribal Cafe:tribalcafe.com 103 Lounge - Glendale CA 2013 Dodge Charger Owned By JutsMusic

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Spotlight on P-Nemesis (@pnemesis24)

Portland, OR Randy Anukam (otherwise known as P-Nemesis) has been entrenched in music since a young age, his love for rap sprouting as a school-age child, and eventually resulting in the pursuit of a career in the industry. “I observed the hip hop game and thought I could be one of the best,” says the rapper. Randy began taking his musical aspirations seriously in college, and the now 28-year-old artist is en route to success with the release of his single, “Higher.”

The song, which features John Legend, is a collaboration between the singer, Legend, and rapper, Randy who carefully crafted lyrics to go with the chorus Legend wrote. The song is about elevation. “Whatever you’re doing, it’s taking it one step higher,” explains Anukam, “It could mean ‘higher’ in different contexts.” Legend and Anukam went back and forth, to create the perfect synergy between the two artists’ styles.

Anukam takes lyricism incredibly seriously, and his current project is no different. The song underwent a variety of drafts until it met a level of satisfaction for the artist. The song, now available on iTunes, has met good response, which grows daily. “I’m hoping the longer it’s out, the better it will do.”

Randy Anukam is a serious songwriter, and views rap as poetry. “Nowadays, you can make a catchy hit, and it will be popular,” the artist laments, “Some rappers aren’t putting much thought into their words.” Quite the contrary with Anukam, Randy’s words are carefully chosen, with a lot of consideration behind the meaning of his songs. “I really take time putting words together.”

His advice to others? “If you’re serious about music, the most important thing is to believe in yourself.”

Listen to his music on SoundCloud.

Follow Randy on Facebook and Twitter.

Purchase "Higher" on iTunes

Spotlight on FranC Grime$ (@GRiMES_ReDDPiLL)

CHINO, CA. – FranC Grime$ knows all about hard work. He lives and breathes it every day, and he believes that it’s the one thing that sets apart the good from the great.

His music is a reflection of that message … and it’s a message that he hopes to pass on to others who want to realize big dreams.

“The emotions I want to elicit out of other people from my music is motivation,” he said. “never give up, never stop – whatever you’re pursuing in life. What usually stops people is the limitations they put on themselves with issues of self-worth and self-confidence. The society we live in tends to make us stunt our growth because we doubt ourselves. My music is about helping people overcome that.”

His new song “Check Up” (feat. Earlly Mac) is a nod to that life philosophy. He said the song talks about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and the lyrics emphasize the work that it takes to become successful.

“It’s about investing in yourself,” FranC Grime$ said. “Do whatever it takes to get your bread up. You’re less like to find that people will give you a chance on a whim. But they’re more likely to give you a chance if they see the financial benefit on their end down the line, and you’re only going to convince them of that if you show that you’re investing in yourself.”

FranC Grime$ said he comes up with the lyrics for his songs as he’s driving through the L.A. region every day as a senior technician for a cable company – putting in the hard work it takes to provide for his wife and two children. Because he’s required to drive around a lot for his profession, he said he has time to be creative and try out new lyrics and beats. He also sees a lot of things on the road that inspires him, and he uses those inspirational things to “write songs in my head.”

“I can come up with three songs while I’m driving over about three weeks,” he said. “I have them memorized by that point, and I can just walk into the studio and just rip out those songs.”

That’s exactly what he’s done with the new project he’s set to release this summer – of which “Check Up” is the first single. He said this first project will include seven original songs, and that anyone who wants to discover his sound can listen to “Check Up” on iTunes. FranC Grime$ also keeps in touch with his fans via social media. Anyone who wants to know more about his music can follow him on Instagram, Twitter or Soundcloud.

Friday, May 20, 2016

[Single] Big Mota (@BigMota8) - Hulk Hogan

Big Mota is on his "Hulk Hogan" finesse, check out his breakout record from the Mr. 100 Rounds mixtape available on all mixtape sites.

Connect w/ Big Mota: Twitter: @BigMota8 Instagram: BigMota8

Thursday, May 19, 2016

[Single] Ripparachie (@Ripparachie) - Sip Sip

ATLANTA, GEORGIA—The one and only, Ripparachie, has just released the party anthem of the summer, a feel-good track titled “Sip, Sip.”

“It’s a song that you can turn up to, drink and have fun whether it’s with a cup you got in your hands or bottle. Just enjoy life. That’s what it’s all about,” the young, talented rapper explained.

Already available on iTunes, the song will also be featured on his upcoming EP titled “No Shade.” The project is a follow up to his last one titled “Gifted and Young” or “G.A.Y.”

No Shade is a term used in the LGBT community. It’s a song about shade in the music industry,” explained Ripparachie. “I’m an openly gay rapper who actually has bars that anybody can relate to and music anybody can relate to whether you’re gay, straight or don’t know what you are.”

For this rising star in the making, he wants to make music people simply can have fun to. He admits that wasn’t always the case, though. There was a time when he was busy rapping about life in “the streets.”

At age 19, I came out. A lot of the music before that I performed was negative. Then I switched over and started talking about having fun, enjoying life and acceptance of one another,” he stated.

Music is in the rapper’s blood. Growing up, his father was a producer, so he says he’s always been around music. At age 13, he got his own microphone and started opening for artists who came to his town in Indiana. As a solo artist, he’s now on a mission to change the perception of hip hop.

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I bring swag to the table. While I am openly gay, most of my fans are straight. That’s where I get my support from,” he stated. “In terms of the hip hop industry, I feel like we have a long way to go for full acceptance. I would like to collaborate with a whole bunch of straight rappers, but this moment I don’t know that it’s going to happen until I get up there a little bit more.

According to Ripparachie, his favorite song from his sophomore project is a track called “The Shade Room.” He says it’s a song that pretty much sums up the whole soon-to-be-released EP.

It’s basically saying that so many people are discriminating against a gay rapper even before they get to hear me. The song goes hard. It’s something everybody can listen to,” he explained. “I stand for equality, and that’s what I want to see in the world. I think through my music I’ll be able to do that. I want to be able to help a lot of people be happy with who they are.

To learn more about this talented artist, check him out on Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud.com. You can also visit him on his website at: www.ripparachie.com.

[Video] A.Mayo - Blunt Money

A.Mayo - Blunt Money (Official Video) Download Blunt Money on iTunes : itun.es/us/fi2U8 Shot and Chopped by: @DollarsignDz Follow Amayo @A.mayo.A.Mayo Co - Directed by : @EmeWeTeamGo (TheLook)

[Promo Vid] Hollywood Smooth ft. KID SWAJJUR - THE PACK

Big Smooth ft Kid Swajjur-The Pack (promo video) New Single "The Pack" Prod. by Mr Vault Forever About Money Records filmed by Cali Films-follow @bosslandent The Pack Is Now Available On Itunes (Click Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pac...)

[Audio] FLY - $inner

$inner new song (Lex Caesar on the beat) from "$inner" EP. EP Hosted by DJ Complex available on Mymixtapez, Datpiff, Spinrilla and Coast2Coastmixtapes. SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/theofficialfly Instagram: https://instagram.com/theofficialfly/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theofficialfly Twitter: ​ https://twitter.com/theofficialfly FlyMusicGroup/FMG

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

[Single] Rayface (@RayFaceSMM) ft @MasterPMiller - Bout It Remix

Rayface links up with Master P and together they bring us a banging new track "Bout It Remix", with the push of Team Bigga Rankin we know this is going far. Support and Feedback is appreciated.

Connect w/ Rayface: Website: RayFaceMusic.com Twitter: @RayFaceSMM Instagram: RayFaceSMM

[Mixtape] Karizma (@Karizma62b) - Still Turnt

Hailing from Memphis, Karizma is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop. His music is challenging and socially conscious, particularly focusing on themes such as the struggle of urban America's real life. The intense charge of his rhymes is all about connecting with listeners through high-energy, uplifting melodies, and a personal blend of thought-provoking lyrical flow.

Connect w/ Karizma: Twitter https://twitter.com/Karizma62b Instagram https://www.instagram.com/Karizma62b/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/karizma62b

Monday, May 16, 2016

[Mixtape] Big Mota (@bigmota8) - Mr 100 Rounds 2

Big Mota reppin South Memphis, out of Clearaborn Homes, has been gaining notoriety for his music and movement. In 2015 he linked up with the one and only streets A&R Bigga Rankin and DJ Hypemancrunk to release "Mr. 100 Rounds", which took him to another level. Recently he got with Trapahplics and the result is a massive mixtape titled "Mr. 100 Rounds 2". Check it out, listen, share, and support a artist on the rise.

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Connect w/ Big Mota: Twitter: @BigMota8 Instagram: BigMota8

[Single] Dee Boi (@deeboiyff) ft Raheem DeVaughn - Mama

Dee Boi releases new single in honor of Mother's Day rightfully titled "Mama". This awesome tribute to mothers features Raheem DeVaughn and is produced by The Colleagues via 448 Music Group and YFF. Check out the track and Support Dee Boi:

Click [Here] To Stream

Connect w/ The Team Instagram: @448MusicGroup @deeboiyff @mojoyff @stakkhouse_d @lotforty7 Twitter: @448musicgroup @deeboiyff @stakkhouse_d Contact: 4forty8musicgroup@gmail.com

[Mixtape] Casino Mel (@IamCasinoMel) - Casino My Religion

Growing up in Abbeville, South Carolina Casino Mel was determined to live the life that rappers had. He eventually got caught up in the streets, which was the closest thing to the lifestyle he wanted that eventually landed him in prison for three years. After going through that experience Casino Mel became totally focused on music. He saw music as a positive way to follow his dreams and also help those around him. His first deal would come about in a spontaneous way. While waiting for a bus to get to his college classes he ended up having a conversation with two guys. They found out he rapped, so he freestyled on the spot, two weeks later he received his first deal. Talent and drive have always been on his side. Now through local shows he built a good name for himself that he is continuing to expand on. Currently Casino Mel has a deal with Five Star Empire and he is known for his storytelling abilities. He uses music to paint clear pictures that even someone who hasn’t walked in his shoes can still understand. Casino Mel feels he has to make it for his entire city and his son. With all of that pressure he uses it to go harder with his craft. He has plans to build businesses in Abbeville, giving other people a chance to make an honest living. “Make it 80” is what Casino Mel lives by. With everything he does he raises the bar. Just like in a high steak poker game he puts it all on the line; in the studio, stage, and in life. More than an artist, he is an example of changing your life by simply following your dream.

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Connect w/ Casino: Twitter: @IamCasinoMel Instagram: CasinoMel Facebook: facebook.com/jarmel1

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spotlight on Carl Martin (@CarlMartin360)

LOS ANGELES, CA Carl Martin is a welcomed breath of fresh, candid air. In an industry rife with artists focused on fame and glory, his focus is on perfecting his craft and reaching people with his music. The artists music is simultaneously relatable, catchy, and thought provoking. Martins quest for professional musical greatness began at the young age of nineteen while in college at Howard University, when he realized songwriting and producing was his calling. He inevitably formed his first band and recorded his first hit with the group Shai, touring the world and reaching people with his talent and carefully crafted words.

Unlike many indie songmakers, Carl has already worked with some of the most influential names in the music business. Take a look and notice thatIf I Ever Fall in Love, the latest single from Pentatonix (featuring Jason Derulo) was written by Carl Martin. You will also see his name next to Jeremihs current hit Ouiand has worked with veteran stars like Madonna and Toni Braxton. Chances are, youve already heard Martins words or influence on your radio.

His latest project, however, is a creation that is entirely his own. Drawing inspiration from what he jokes as his expansive relationship experience, Martin wrote the single Save Myselfin a mere 45 minutes. Im a notorious perfectionist. I agonize over every beat, lyric, melody, eq and effect. This one was different. Emotion erupts from Save Myself, which the artist calls a purge of frustration.The song tells a story of two people whose relationship is doomed to fail, yet they remain fully unable to walk away a situation that is all too familiar with audiences.

Martins writing is vulnerable and honest, and grabs the listener because of its relatable themes. Personal connection and touching audiences with his words are at the crux of Martins musical pursuits. Im looking to tell personal stories that reach mass common ground,explains Martin, I know Ive done my job when Ive touched that corethat someone else can feel that. It doesnt matter how its musically packaged when it reaches someone.

Though Martin has rubbed elbows and performed with superstars, fame has never been his motivation. Fame is confining,admits the artist. He realizes, however, that some degree of recognition is important in spreading his message. To have impact, some things have to be sacrificed. I understand that recognition provides more opportunity. I will need to grab enough of that attention to get my sound out to the world.

Save Myselfwill be released May 20th.

Follow along on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Listen to Carl Martin on Soundcloud.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Spotlight on AOS (@AceofSpades1245)

FREDRICKSBURG, VA When tragedy struck artist Ace of Spade’s life, the world was turned on its head. Like the saying goes, “When it rains, it pours,” and a storm came over the artist’s life when the death of his grandfather in 2008 was shortly followed by the death of his father in 2009. Thus began a series of heartbreak and disappointments; a downward spiral that would tear him up from the inside out. The clouds cleared, however, and with death came new life for Ace of Spades. Prompted by an invitation to his uncle’s studio in Pennsylvania, the artist discovered a way out of the rabbit hole of depression and hurt and began his pursuit of his very own American dream: He was to become his very own genre of hip hop. With that, Ace of Spades set out to change the music industry – and the world – forever.

Ace of Spade’s debut album is titled III, as a tribute to his deceased family members. While you’ll know him in the studio and on stage as “Ace of Spades,” his given name is Kenneth Everett Medford III, a name he shared with his beloved grandfather and father. The album is catharsis; Ace of Spades released his anger, pain, and hurt into the lyrics and the project became an avenue of therapy for the aching artist. Slowly, track by track, Ace realized his dreams and began the pursuit of his real passion in the studio. “I’ve kind of been in the recovery period,” says the artist. “When it comes to this music thing, a lot of people look at music as therapy, and I can attest to that. My uncle invited me to the studio as a positive way to move forward. A lot of what’s going into this album was inspired by that pain.”

One of the biggest struggles Ace of Spades has had to overcome is the feeling of abandonment amidst the loss of his family. In a time when he desperately needed the support and encouragement of friends, they were absent, leaving the artist to grapple with his feelings entirely on his own. Out on his own for the first time in his first apartment, he suffered fallouts with friends who couldn’t understand his hardships. “Nobody,” a track that features Ace of Spade’s brother, conveys the story of isolationism. “It’s a therapeutic release of the anger that developed while I tried to maturely deal with those situations,” explains Ace, “My brother was also dealing with a different set of issues he was going through. My problem was feeling a lack of support.”

When Ace of Spades turned to music as his ultimate career, many of the people in his life scorned and mocked him for his ambitions. While they took standard, 9 to 5 jobs, Ace rejected the idea that he should do anything other than what he was made to do, which is music. His track, “Doing Me,” is likewise a vent about the people in Ace’s life who failed to support and encourage him. The artist calls it a “bridge between mainstream rap and speaking on what effects me personally.” The song is a testimony of passion, and Ace’s commitment to living life exactly as he chooses. “Throughout the track, I make mention of people who looked down on me for musical pursuits, whereas they’re forcing themselves to do things they don’t like.”

The artist didn’t come to the decision to make music professionally lightly. After holding many jobs, from management, to insurance sales, to a stint at GameStop, Ace of Spades discovered that he didn’t just want to pursue other passions, he needed to succeed at music. “It’s cool to work in a video game store until you work in a video game store. I knew I needed to get out. It took life drop-kicking me in the chest to inspire me to do something else,” says the artist. Now, the pressure is on for the talented performer who is determined to make a place for himself in the hip hop industry. “If this doesn’t work, I have no idea what I’m going to do. This is everything for me,” admits Ace.

Ace of Spades is concerned with more than just making great music. The artist is also determined to uphold the integrity of hip hop culture, and the state of the music industry and how it effects people on a grander scale. “I want to be an example to people,” he explains, and I want them to see it’s about more than the chains and women and cars. It’s a huge part of the black experience. It’s a huge part of the American experience.” Ace laments the fact that the songs that make the radio are generally socially detrimental; they encourage racial disparity, promote violence and hatred, and give the young people listening the wrong idea about healthy relationships and priorities. “I don’t think people take music as seriously as it should be. In everything you do, there’s sound; there’s music. If you’re a kid and all you do is listen to the ‘black station’ and all you hear is guns, money, women, cars, that’s all you’re going to think about. That’s all you’re going to pursue. We need more conscious artists on the radio.”

Chances are, you’ve never met a musician or person – like Ace of Spades. A

bonafide foodie and at-home chef, devout fan of Korean and Japanese culture, and self-taught wordsmith, the artist is unlike any other. “I am what the mainstream media does not represent. I am multidimensional. I am diversity personified. I am that person that has the ability to appeal to my man with the Tims and the hoodies on the corner, and my man who is chilling playing Pokemon with his friends. I could not imagine being anyone else.”

For more information, visit http://www.1245music.com/aos.html

Follow along with Ace of Spades on Twitter and Instagram.

Spotlight on UniversalDaGod (@universaldagod)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – UniversalDaGod is a free-spirited, laid-back guy who loves to have a good time … and it shows in his music.

The Charlotte, N.C. native has been doing music for more than 20 years, and has a distinct sound born of an eclectic taste in music and inspiration that comes from every genre of music imaginable.

“I represent a diverse culture,” UniversalDaGod said. “I don’t want to just be labeled by rap or hip-hop. I do rock. I play drums. I love reggae. I even love country music and opera. A lot of times when I’m writing I’m experimenting with sounds, and I love listening to old records and being inspired. I’ve always been drawn to a lot of older artists – like Otis Redding or Sam Cook. I just love the energy that comes off of them. I also like to sit down and listen to Prince or Michael Jackson. I even listen to the Beatles and the Eagles. The list is endless – but it’s on purpose. It gives me a universal sound, and that’s really what I’m all about.”

In fact, that’s how the name UniversalDaGod came about. Getting his start in music as a freestyle cipher artist, he says he got a lot of early feedback from fans telling him they really liked the music he was creating. He said his music has always been about the message that God is universal – though each person is individual, God is universal … and therefore God is music.

“That’s part of why I gravitated to music,” he said. “It’s a form of expression. I’m very open-minded and free, and I want to pass along to people that we’re all the same. I don’t put myself on a pedestal. I want to give my fans a different experience. I want them to collaborate with me and tell me if it sounds good. Ultimately, I just want people to be able to be free. That’s what I’m really trying to get across – it’s OK to be you, however you come. It’s a universal thing.”

UniversalDaGod has opened for some big names – including the Notorious B.I.G. – and is getting ready to return to the GMSH Tour this summer. Starting July 21, UniversalDaGod will go on tour, with his first performance in Queens, NY.

In March he released two new singles on iTunes – “I Love Music Get the Memo” and “Genie in a Bottle,” which landed No. 95 on the iTunes Top 100 R&B charts. He’s also in the studio working on a new project. And as he experiments with new sounds and styles, he invites his fans to come along for the ride and join him in creating his next record. The new website http://www.universaldagodmusic.com. will launch at the end of May and give fans a first taste of the new album he’s creating.

Check out more of UniversalDaGod’s music no Twitter at www.twitter.com/universaldagod and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/therealuniversaldagod.