Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spotlight on Carl Martin (@CarlMartin360)

LOS ANGELES, CA Carl Martin is a welcomed breath of fresh, candid air. In an industry rife with artists focused on fame and glory, his focus is on perfecting his craft and reaching people with his music. The artists music is simultaneously relatable, catchy, and thought provoking. Martins quest for professional musical greatness began at the young age of nineteen while in college at Howard University, when he realized songwriting and producing was his calling. He inevitably formed his first band and recorded his first hit with the group Shai, touring the world and reaching people with his talent and carefully crafted words.

Unlike many indie songmakers, Carl has already worked with some of the most influential names in the music business. Take a look and notice thatIf I Ever Fall in Love, the latest single from Pentatonix (featuring Jason Derulo) was written by Carl Martin. You will also see his name next to Jeremihs current hit Ouiand has worked with veteran stars like Madonna and Toni Braxton. Chances are, youve already heard Martins words or influence on your radio.

His latest project, however, is a creation that is entirely his own. Drawing inspiration from what he jokes as his expansive relationship experience, Martin wrote the single Save Myselfin a mere 45 minutes. Im a notorious perfectionist. I agonize over every beat, lyric, melody, eq and effect. This one was different. Emotion erupts from Save Myself, which the artist calls a purge of frustration.The song tells a story of two people whose relationship is doomed to fail, yet they remain fully unable to walk away a situation that is all too familiar with audiences.

Martins writing is vulnerable and honest, and grabs the listener because of its relatable themes. Personal connection and touching audiences with his words are at the crux of Martins musical pursuits. Im looking to tell personal stories that reach mass common ground,explains Martin, I know Ive done my job when Ive touched that corethat someone else can feel that. It doesnt matter how its musically packaged when it reaches someone.

Though Martin has rubbed elbows and performed with superstars, fame has never been his motivation. Fame is confining,admits the artist. He realizes, however, that some degree of recognition is important in spreading his message. To have impact, some things have to be sacrificed. I understand that recognition provides more opportunity. I will need to grab enough of that attention to get my sound out to the world.

Save Myselfwill be released May 20th.

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