Friday, May 13, 2016

[Mixtape] KB 100 (@kaybee_100) - My Vision

Jackson, MS – 27 year old artist KB 100 found music via his older brother, who would often record and mix his own music. A role model to the up and coming artist, KB followed in his older brother’s footsteps and set out to create a music career for himself. Years later, the artist and performer is creating a name for himself on the music scene with the debut of his premier album.

My Vision, which was released in early March, 2016, is the culmination of years of work by KB 100, finally ready to introduce his music to the masses. Inspired by the sounds and vibe of classic artists like Tupac and modern rappers like Drake, KB 100 considers himself a diverse rapper, interested in all kinds of music from hip hop, to soul, and beyond. His music is a blend of southern trap, motivational lyrics, and catchy hooks.

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Though the rapper has been in the game for over seven years, it took a great deal of tenacity and perseverance for him to get where he is today. His dedication to his craft and his determination to succeed is the inspiration behind much of his music. The album is a “coming of age” for KB 100 as an artist. “I want to motivate the youth, and people, to do things that others say they can’t; to go against the grain.” When KB first set out on his musical journey, people scoffed at his aspirations, but those doubts only pushed the artist to work harder and prove everyone who doubted him wrong. What’s next for KB 100? Keep a watchful eye on this upcoming artist, who will be releasing other projects this summer.

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