Saturday, August 29, 2020

Tizo - "House On The Floor"

Born and raised in the brick city Newark, NJ, up and coming artist Tizoe drops his debut single"House On The Floor" produced by King Mezzy. Landing him a spot on Jadakiss' mixtape "Back to The Streets Vol 2" which recently dropped. With an upcoming mixtape entitled "Neckbreakers" , a collab with artist Young A.D. and hosted by platinum selling, award winning artist Jadakiss dropping Aug. 30th Tizo (tizoe) soon will solidify his seat at the high table.

So if you know like I know, you'll stay tuned in. In the meantime enjoy the visuals of "House On The Floor" by Tizo

*Official video*


Space Hog Tha Boss "Keep It 1000 With Me" Video

Space Hog Tha Boss, The Las Vegas, veteran back on the grind with a new visual to "Keep It 1000 With Me" shot and edited by @gemineyevisionfilms.

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Friday, August 28, 2020

Yola Black Dee Haitian Hippie "Runaway" Video

Yola Black Dee Haitian Hippie brings his fun, diverse style to the screen for his new song RunAway! We never know what we will get from Yola, but the Haitian Hippie never disappoints. Check out Yola’s new visual art.

Connect w/ Yola Black Dee Haitian Hippie:

YouTube: Yola Black Dee Haitian Hippie

Instagram: yola_black_dee_haitian_hippie

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Oedirac "New York City"

A tribute to the city I love. Lets remember yesterday and move forward into tomorrow embracing our diversity with the love and understanding that has made this city such a special place in the world. Peace & Love

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Hod Qua ft iPod Da DJ "Bars Like Soap

Hod Qua drops "Bars Like Soap" prod by Yung Dza. It's a new sound from The South full of energy with Bars.


Connect w/ The Team:
Instagram: @Hod_Quavo
Facebook: hod_Qua
Snapchat: qua_bracey
iPod da DJ: Instagram >> ipodthedj3x

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Dyamond Doll "Money Make Me Wet" | @DyamondDoll24

Dyamond Doll’s latest single “Money Make Me Wet” from her debut EP project “Dyamond in the Rough” finds the curvy vixen giving us the raw truth as she tells us all about her biggest turn on money. By the way she’s stacking it and by the looks of it Dyamond Doll’s in for a really good time! “Dyamond In the Rough” was released on August 14 and the EP contains 7 tracks; including features with Jackboy, R&B sensation DaniLeigh, veteran Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez and of course the rap banger “Money Make Me Wet”.

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Make sure to tap in and check back often as Dyamond Doll continues to heat up the streets. You don’t want to miss a moment of this!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

ST Spittin "BOOM! 2" Single | @stspittin

The Oakland, California native MC, “ S -T, ST Spittin To Be Exact! “ , is back at it again for the highly anticipated “ BOOM! Part 2” Mixtape. The first mixtape dropped right before ST’s speaking cameo in the 2018 blockbuster hit “ BLINDSPOTTING” and contained the 106.1 KMEL radio bay pick of the week “ I’m Gucci “. ST is back with jaw dropping punchlines, crafty word play and perfect production for this prestigious, cohesive body of work. Enjoy! Definitely a project you can play I over and over again “ ST Spittin’s “ BOOM! Part 2 “.

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MekaMeek "50 Shades" Video

Young independent female artist MekaMeek drops new video "50 Shades", check it out below.

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Facebook: Meka Meek Hendrix
Instagram: mekameek_hendrix

Ron Huelskamp - Vote Joe Biden Song (Joe Biden / Dump Trump Song ( Country Rock ) Parody

Political News / Politics / Newsworthy / Political Songs./Campaign Song

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Dyamond Doll x Trina "DWade" Official Video | @DyamondDoll24

Hop on this yacht as we hit the waters of Miami with the beautiful Dyamond Doll for her official video release to the fan favorite record "Dwade", which features the Queen of Miami, Trina. "Dwade" is brought to us by Dark Boys Records. Press play and watch; then hit the links to download/stream the single; out now EVERYWHERE.

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Make sure to tap in and check back often as Dyamond Doll prepares for her full project, coming soon.

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Monday, August 17, 2020

Only1Skoota "Weight Up" Album | @Only1Skoota

Easy Street Family Presents Atlanta, GA. rapper and recording artist Only1Skoota. Fresh off a successful release for "Really Rich" the "Westside" native is back with another full length project to keep you vining through the summer. 11 Tracks of non-stop bangers this project is sure to deliver on that hot sound you've come to expect from this rising superstar. Taking over the Atlanta HipHop scene was easy, no it's time for the world to get their "Weight Up" available on all streaming platforms.

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Follow The Movement and Stay Tuned for More Releases

EPK | Email | Social l "Weight Up" l "Weight Up" Explicit l Edited l Direct Download Link: Explicit l Edited

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Really Rich: All Sites l Soundcloud l Audiomack l Dj Service Pack Clean, Dirty, 8Bar Intro Clean, 8Bar Intro Dirty mp3 + wav l Video

OG THA6 Releases New Album "LIFE OF AN OG" out Now!

Waynesboro, Mississippi; Aspiring artist Thad b.k.a OG Tha6 releases new project "Life OF AN OG"...check it out below.

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Instagram: Itsogtha6wtf
Twitter: OGTHA61

Sunday, August 16, 2020

3X Grammy Nominated Billboard Charting Artist James Worthy Releases New Music

3x Grammy-Nominated Artist, Songwriter, and Producer James Worthy is releasing a new single titled “Goldmine” featuring R&B Singer, J. Holiday. The single is slated to be released on August 8, 2020, and will be available on all major music streaming platforms. The single features the smooth vocals of R&B singer J. Holiday, who is best known for his chart-topping song “Bed.” James has collaborated with noteworthy artists such as Justin Bieber, T. Pain, Fetty Wap, Cee- Lo Green, Bobby Brown, and many more. Worthy has managed to transition his creativity and talent into television, with appearances on shows including Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, BET’s From The Bottom Up, Chrisley Knows Best, and Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta. Both behind the soundboard and the mic, Worthy is truly a creative force to be reckoned with.
Coming off of the recent success of his sophomore EP, “Kaleidoscopes”, Co-Executive Produced by the legendary artist PM Dawn, Worthy brings us “Goldmine”. The sexy and seductive vocals heard in “Goldmine” are sure to captivate real R&B lovers, telling the story of the treasure found in a love interest. The anticipation of the release of this single has created an early buzz in the music industry via social media from artists such as West Coast rapper Kurupt, stating “the song is a classic.”

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As his career continues to reach new levels, Worthy remains humble and steadfast in perfecting his craft and bringing his fans an authentic sound. “I got a job to do. I got something that I have to prove to the world. I’m inspiring people around the world to follow their dream, so that’s my responsibility.”
About 6x Entertainment 6x Entertainment is a multifaceted music and entertainment management firm that represents talent in film, television, music, and sports.
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8BitJ "Dreamland" | @8bitj_

Dreamland is the debut Album and coherent thoughts of Bay Area Rapper 8BitJ, a dive into the psyche of a man dealing with issues of depression and all of his vices but also accepting his mind and Understanding his reality, Coming to grips with his problems and expressing them through Lofi and soul, Leaving no stone unturned and nothing hidden.

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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Dyamond Doll x Trina "DWade" | @DyamondDoll24

Dark Boys Records presents Miami, FL born and raised rapper and recording artist Dyamond Doll. Her latest offering "DWade" ft the Baddest Bh Trina is a fan favorite and has quickly risen to the top of the charts.

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Make sure to tap in and check back often as Dyamond Doll prepares for her full project, coming soon.

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Jashi Bands Exclusive 1 on 1 w/ BreezySays | @jashitheyetti

Jashi Bands is just your friendly neighborhood Puerto Rican rapper from the Bronx. His music mostly touches on mental health including his own and those around him. He failed out of college senior year and moved back home to find what he wanted to do with his life.

Welcome to Mollie's World (The Breezy Says Hot Seat), Jashi Bands

BS: What’s your name and tell us a little bit about yourself. JB: My name is Joshua Toledo. Just your friendly neighborhood Puerto Rican from Bronx, NY born and raised. I’m a big big nerd when it comes to anime, comics and other cartoons. Raised by my mom, grandmother and step dad. I have two little sisters.
BS: Where are you from? And what affect does that have on your music? JB: I’m from NYC which is a huge influence on my writing style, my motivation for the music, the type of sound my music has and the experiences I choose write about.
BS: What was highest and lowest point in your career? JB: I don’t have either of those yet since I’m still building the foundation for everything. The journey feels like climbing a mountain at this point. Every new accomplishment, such as a music video, new merch product, and song everyone loves is another ledge for me to grab onto to climb.
BS: How do you separate your personal life from your music life and how does how does the music industry affect your personal life? JB: Right now in my career the two go hand in hand. I’m a newer act so it’s my responsibility to create content to engage with fans and make them feel like they’re a part of the process. So they will want to see me in the studio, at the concert, and/or giving my opinion on something. Since I’m an independent and building my fanbase, the only thing I can say about the music industry is that it’s definitely weird for someone like me, whose a private person around strangers, to be sharing all this personal content that isn’t the music. I find trouble crossing the line between keeping things private and putting on IG live for all to see. These are weird times.
BS: What project/track means the most to and which project/track are you proudest of? JB: I think it changes with every song I make. Some tracks I really love but I know the public won’t ever hear. So I may love it but it’s not something I can put out and say “Yeah I put my all into that track. I’m proud of the way it came out.” A lot of people like "Smile" off my first mixtape and I have some tracks in the truck for my upcoming album.
BS: Let's talk about your latest record/visual " If You Disagree" BLM...what made you take a stand and show your support? JB: The answer is simple, I have empathy for my people. Anyone with any resemblance of empathy and a brain can see the racial tension and injustice built up over YEARS. I was in 2nd grade when Sean Bell was shot 51 one times. The newspaper was taped up to our closets and I remember thinking, “that’s a lot of bullets for someone on his way to his wedding.” I was six. A big problem with today is the numbness we as a collective in this country choose to take part when racial or socioeconomic injustice occurs. Most of us continue with our day with “thoughts and prayers”. We go to work, take care of our kids, hang out with friends etc. We talk about these incidents, debate even, but until recently, not much radical action was being taken and this isn't to put blame on anyone (except capitalism.) I decided to write “If You Disagree” because an anger would build inside of me when I would debate with an ignorant individual about the BLM matters. Because anger built inside of me from seeing the actions of policemen/women against my people. Tear gas, beating people senseless on camera and even the saboteurs who loot to give the protestors a bad name. It also inspired me to see
BS: There is a general consensus that Latinos don't support the Black struggle, where do you think that comes from? JB: To be honest, I think it goes both ways. Both the Latino and Black communities seek support from each other because we all have Black blood in our veins and racists see us the same anyway. The disconnect happens when ignorant Latino’s, for lack of a better term, act up. Some Latino’s believe they aren’t black and then carry that ignorance with pride. In my opinion those ignorant Latino’s are few and far between. Every Hispanic friend or family member I know supports the movement and acknowledges the black struggle. However, there Latino’s that feel the Black community doesn’t reciprocate support we give them in times like these. There was no rioting or protestors for the Hispanic kids ICE detention. There’s no protests for the kids that went missing under ICE custody. I’ve had Latino friends and family members express that when something like a George Floyd or Trayvon Martin happens, the Latino community is right there to back them up; however when something tragic is happening/happens to us there's mass tweets about it, but there’s no protests etc. You also have to take into account that the Hispanics who aren’t born here or didn’t go to school in America aren’t taught about the Black plight in their schools, so they might be ignorant to it when they move over here.



BS: What type of feedback have you been getting since the release of this project? JB: A lot of people loved it. They loved the message and the visuals from the protests. Several of my friends who went to the protests and dealt with being maced and tear gassed all loved the song.
BS: How do you plan to keep supporting the movement? JB: Keep signing petitions and donating to bail out those who’ve been arrested at protests. I would go to the protests myself but if I catch covid and bring it home, my family might NOT be able to fight it and I can’t take that risk.
BS: What is the hardest part of the music industry? JB: Getting into it. It’s definitely a grind as an unsigned talent who’s trying to make their own way in the game. You have to find your sound, build your fan base, learn new flows, pay for studio time, pay for videos, and pay for promotion etc. All while trying to live your normal life. As a creative in general it always feels like you’re balancing plates on sticks, like in the cartoons.
BS: What are your thoughts on how the rap game has changed? JB: A lot of it has changed for the good because now there's more money in it, it’s easier to put music out, and a lot easier to build your fan base thanks to social media etc. Unfortunately, those same reasons changed the game for the worse. Since it’s so easy to start a music career, there is a plethora of artists who sound the same, and don’t really do it for the love of the process or the game. Since there is more money involved it brings anyone and everyone with a mic and auto tune. The Music Industry is just one of those situations where you have to take the good with the bad.
BS: Who or what has the biggest impact on your career? JB: I would say my best friend who I grew up with since Kindergarten and my late grandmother. He’s my biggest supporter and critic. If my music doesn’t impress him then I have to go back to the lab. My grandmother was a such pillar of support, love and strength and when she passed my heart broke in 100 ways. All that pain is channeled into my lyrics.
BS: What can we look forward to seeing in the future from you? JB: I am working on an album with no title as of right now. I’m also working on new merchandise ideas and clothing to put out. To stay tuned follow me on all my socials.

Connect with Jashi Bands

Youtube | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook

Nario Da Don "Bottom Baby" Lyric Video | @NarioDaDonCBR

Connie Boy Records recently dropped the official video for the Syndrome produced record "Bottom Baby", by artist Nario Da Don. You can find "Bottom Baby"on the forthcoming mixtape "The Kid From Ebony Gardens" hosted by Think It's a Game A&R, Bigga Rankin. The visual is directed By Charlie Sky and Hollow and is already generating a major buzz, that being said, today we bring to you the lyric video, so you can rap along. Check it out and Follow the Movement.

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Make sure to stay tuned for more videos, music, pop-up shops, merch and more.

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[Single] Phoenix - Grown | @theonlyonephnx

Whether you have experienced a sexual relationship with an older man or aspire to, Phoenix’s Grown presents you with the perfect rendition. The Richmond natives soulful and immaculate lyrics paired with soothing melodies will put you in a sexy and bossy mood having you yearning for a sensual encounter your heart desires . “Grown” is about an intimate relationship with an older man that puts you on such a high that he changes your life in every aspect. After being exposed to this type of feeling, you become so smitten that you are not willing to share by any means. “Grown” wrings infatuation from a vivid portrayal of lust and reveals a penchant with her flirty-raunchy lyrics, intimate confessional, and bedroom ballad thats relatable and stinging details


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Thursday, August 13, 2020

NMS Dee "All Week" Official Video | @nms_dee

Watch the music video for "All Week" by NMS Dee

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Who is NMS DEE?

NMS Dee is a struggling street rapper who dreams of breaking in the rap industry by telling his story of family struggle and hopes to help people that are going through the same problems with his lyrics. NMS Dee also has future plans of getting into real estate, giving back to the youth and the projects. Check him out and follow the movement.
Follow NMS Dee Everywhere:
All Bout Profit Muzik LLC
Booking Email/Phone Number: 214-646-7267

Vic Blends is impacting hip hop culture one fade at a time

At only 21 years old, Vic Blends is younger than younger some of his hip hop clients, but his business savvy has proven light years ahead of the game. An authentic hip hop head, Blends has combined his love for cutting hair and his commitment to entrepreneurship and the result is a million-dollar business with legacy as the long-term goal.

CELEBRITY CLIENT LIST: Nelly, Trae Young, NLE Choppa, Polo G, Mozzy, Cam Reddish, Desi Banks, D’Angelo Russel, 2kBaby, Sonny Digital, Dennis Smith Jr, De’Andre Hunder, Brandin Cooks, Evan Turner, Bruno Fernando, Kostas Anteokounmpo, Xavier Wuff, Harry Giles III, Willie Hernangomez, Haha Davis, Dorien Finney Smith

Checkout our exclusive 1 on 1 with Vic Blends

What is special about the relationships with some of your celebrity clients? The best thing about my relationships with my A-List clients is the privacy and genuine relationship I build.
Do you have any advice on how to build relationships with your clients? I think this is extremely important for building relationships, especially someone you look forward to growing with. You never know who is going through what, mental health is extremely important so I advise everybody to take some time out their day if they can’t just to call someone you care about!
Are you a hip hop fan? Yes, hip hop is a huge part of my life. I just turned 21 so my first favorite childhood artist was Lil Wayne and first concert was Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz.
Do you want to focus on hip hop artists with your talent? Do you feel like you're part of the culture by cutting hair for some of today's hottest artists? I wouldn't say that would be my only focus, but I think we go hand in hand because its something i'm already passionate about and love to be around.
What do you think about then new procedures that show men adding hair after going bald? I think they're amazing! I’m all for anything that adds confidence in the client.

Why is a fresh cut so important? What does it do for a mans confidence? There's not many things on this earth a man will love more, than a fresh haircut! That has to be the #1 confidence booster we can get. So ladies, please take notes, if you want to treat your man to something nice, pay for his haircut every once in a while, I promise there's nothing we love more!
Connect w/ Vic Blends:
Instagram: vicblends
For more information or for interviews please contact: Christal Jordan |Enchanted Branding & Public Relations | 678-499-0297 |

Jung Speedbat "S.S.R.I." Video

New music video for rapper-producer duo Jung Speedbat! Our music is from our hearts, we put it all out there and hope to find those who feel the same. This is a music video for out three song project S.S.R.I. shot by Jack Slattery. Tune in and share!

Connect w/ Jung Speedbat:

Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Vacancy by Speedway Forgiato really showcases the raw upcoming talent of New York at its finest. Watch the music video now to be the first to hear.

Connect on Youtube: Music Promotion Channel "Cultivision"

The Music Business Road to Success! Presenting 'For The Record' | A Must Read and Course by Debbie Egel, Esq

A lot of independent artists are “struggling”.  They spend their time, energy, and creativity making music but not profiting from their work.  Artists work hard writing and recording music, making videos, posting on social media, and more.  However, that does not always translate into being a paid career, a big fan base or capturing the attention of music industry professionals.

Road to Success

Every artist reaches the point when they need to couple their creativity with an understanding of the music business in order to reap the rewards of their talent, dedication and the ability to be heard by the world. A successful music career depends on many factors. Debbie Egel, Esq teaches the core strategies for Indie Artists, labels and managers that provide a roadmap and have a huge impact on the Artists success.

Strategy #1: Successful Artists Define their Brand

Before we can even begin talking about how an artist can build a successful career, the artist has to be able to define who they are, what they believe in and what they want to relay to their fans.  Branding is a reflection of the artists’ vision of who they are, it expresses their personality and values, and tells the story of who they are; thru an image, name, logo and more which is incorporated into their overall image in the public.  Branding is vital for recording artists, so that they can stand out in a very competitive music industry and help connect you with your fan base emotionally and build fan loyalty.

Strategy #2:  Successful Artists & Music Production

Successful music begins and ends with creating GREAT music.  This takes time and hard work.  Successful artists are not afraid to work and are dedicated to creating great music.  This requires an artist to be consistently in the studio producing and creating music.  In order to make a “hit” record you may have to create a large body of music.  This will help you to find your sound and determine who and what your fan base likes.

Strategy #3 – Getting Paid – Protecting and Profiting from your Music Rights

The authors of the music (the songwriters) are afforded a copyright for the intellectual property they have created which is the Performing Arts (PA) copyright.  The performance  and production of a particular recording of the sounds is a Sound Recording (SR) copyright.  The owners of these particular copyrights are entitled to different income streams from the use of the music.

There are a variety of income streams afforded to the owners of these rights when their music is played on the radio, sold on digital platforms, webcast or streamed on interactive services, performed in public, sampled or synced.  Learn how the royalties are split between the songwriter, publisher and sound recording owner.  Find out about the 5 registrations needed in order to get paid.

Strategy #4: Launching your Release

Planning is the key to success. You have spent time, energy and money getting your music right. Don’t be in a rush, you will need time to promote the music before and after its release.  Plan ahead and do it right. You won’t be able to launch this song again.  You will probably need a minimum of 4 weeks or more to get ready for the release, especially if you want to pitch the song for playlisting to Spotify.

  Here are just some of the things you should consider promote your release:  

      • Social media/ blog promotion
      • How do you position your music to get on playlists?
      • Song premiere
      • Lyric video and/or music Video
      • Who will you use to distribute your music globally?
      • How are you going to attract listeners, encourage streams, and drive downloads and sharing
      • Will you release a single, EP or album
      • Video premieres
      • Press
      • Cover artwork
      • Promo tour
      • Playlist and radio promotion

Strategy #5: The Artists Team

Working as an Artist creating music and recording along with defining your brand, posting on social media and performing can be a full-time job.  However, you may have people around you who support your artistry and have skill sets conducive to the music business.  Remember, it takes a village to have sustained success and one of the benefits of building a team is the ability to scale up quickly and make money.  Learn about the core team who is involved 24/7 working with the Artist and involved in revenue sharing from the Artist.  Find out about the creatives who help bring the music to life, the marketing team that gets the music to the masses and the independent consultants who can be hired, as necessary, for a particular project.

Call to Action

Remember the long game this is about investing in yourself and more important investing wisely. “You can always replace money, but you cannot TIME.   I am personally inviting you to subscribe to my website @ where you can find the "For the Record"  E-Book and Audio Book.  You can also join me in September when I host a 5-6 week course where I teach and coach Indie Artists, labels and managers.  In addition, there are bonus videos and the opportunity to meet industry professionals who can change your life!!! 

FM Duke. CEO Capital Structure Ent. & CEO B.T.C. Entertainment stated after taking the course: 

This course is one of the best courses there is if you want to understand the music business. It introduces you to parts of the business that you never knew existed and no one ever tells you about. Also you learn about when, where and how to do business. Where the money comes from. And also how to register and represent yourself in those areas. But the hidden jewel of this course is how simplistic and easy Legal Egel uses her education in law to break down the legal descriptions, contracts, everyday operations and front office bureaucracy into laymans terms. Good job Debbie. And Thanks !!!


Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Blacc Cuzz "Rush" Official Video | @Blacc_Cuzzz

"Rush" is an Energizing, Joyful, Amusing is the latest offering from Dream Big Empire rapper and recording artist Blacc Cuzz. Hailing from Lincoln Ave. in Pittsburgh PA, Blacc Cuzz brings us along for a ride on his latest visual "Rush": directed by The Wizard and Produced by Lyons League. Check it out below.

Click Here to Stream / Download "Rush" on All Digital Formats

Click Here to Download "Rush" DJ Service Pack

Stay Tuned and follow Blacc Cuzz on his social media platforms for updates and giveaways.

Socials | RUSH | Audiomack | Virdiko | DJ Service Pack | Official Video

Click Here to Stream / Download "Rush" on All Digital Formats

New Release >> Jerry West - Who Is U [DJ Pack]

(Prod. by Kel24K)

Click Here to Download the "Who is U" DJ Service Pack


Instagram | Website

For bookings or features contact: or

Monday, August 10, 2020

Yung Wylin "Shoot My Shot" Audio Video prod by The Arkitechz

Isaiah Clark better known by his artist name (Yung Wylin) was born Dec. 9, 1998 in Chattanooga, TN and relocated to Miami, FL in 2013. He is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. His music draws from a range of genres, including Hip Hop, R&B, and Country. He has had a passion for singing and writing music since a young age. The music he creates is appropriate for all ages and he wants to spread a positive message through his music as he pursues a career as an Artist/Entertainer.

Make sure to stay tuned for more videos, music and more.

Mud Audio Voodoo "Stronger" Single

Taba Goog Music drops "Stronger" by Mud Audio Voodoo. Check it out below and support.

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Nario Da Don "Bottom Baby" Official Video | @NarioDaDonCBR

Connie Boy Records presents the official video for the Syndrome produced record "Bottom Baby", by artist Nario Da Don. "Bottom Baby" is off the mixtape "The Kid From Ebony Gardens" hosted by Living Legend, Bigga Rankin. The visual is directed By Charlie Sky and Hollow. Watch and Support.

Click Here to Stream/Support Nario Da Don "Bottom Baby"

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Make sure to stay tuned for more videos, music, pop-up shops, merch and more.

Socials | Email | All Music | Audiomack | Soundcloud | DJ Service Pack | Official Video

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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Yvng Hvnnid is Next Up out the Carolinas

Originally born in Peterson New Jersey, Yvng Hvnnid moved to South Carolina at a young age. After dropping his latest project 'Blacc Sheep of the Family' and gaining internet radio play for his latest single 'Keep Running Up', Yvng Hvnnid continues to work hard in silence. Yvng Hvnnid has also been frequently linking up with Carolina producers DTM Life and Steve Broadus as he continues to work towards perfecting his sound. After partnering up with UpFront Recordings and reciving a co-sign from Atlanta rapper Euro GotIt, Yvng Hvnnid has caught a huge buzz and is considered to be next up out of the Carolinas. Check out his latest video now and be sure to stay tuned for music.

Follow Yvng Hvnnid on Instagram: @yvnghvnnid

Miss Chay Bella - WAP (Remix)

Check out new release "WAP (Remix)" by Miss Chay Bella prod by Dices.

Click Here to Stream via Soundcloud

Connect w/ Miss Chay Bella: | @MissChayBella

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Trap Ceaser Glo #IDontThinkYouKnow (Official Music Video)

Guerilla Warfare Entertainment Presents New Major Single #IDontThinkYouKnow Officially Out Via Stream. Song By Upcoming #SouthAfrican Artist: #TrapCeaserGlo Single For Soon Coming '#VoiceOfTheStreets EP'' Mixtape. Stay Updated!! Subscribe

Connect via Social Media: Twitter: @CeaserTheGloMan | Instagram: TrapCeaserGlo

Friday, August 7, 2020

Check Out The New Single 'Lean Rock' By Sky Buku

Atlanta's artist Sky Buku has released a new single called 'Lean Rock' that has the industry buzzing. This melodic hip hop song was released under Sony Music and is available on all digital platforms. Sky Buku is currently working on the music video for the song which will be released soon.

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Connect w/ Sky Buku:

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Nik "C.T.T." Video | @nikhartfield

Mookamilli Entertainment releases new visual "C.T.T" by artist NIK. A dope song that brings a stand out video. Check it out below.

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Blacc Cuzz "Rush" | @Blacc_Cuzzz

Dream Big Empire presents Blacc Cuzz "Rush" the latest offering from the rapper and recording artist hailing from Lincoln Ave. in Pittsburgh PA. Taking you along for a ride on his latest musical journey "Rush" directed by The Wizard and Produced by Lyons League is a radio ready, street banger that is sure to keep his new fans and established fans alike craving more.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Tony Terry "Born Ta Luv Ya"

Longtime music legend and R&B crooner, Tony Terry, who has brought you timeless hits like ‘Everlasting Love’ and ‘With You’ makes his highly anticipated return to the mainstream music market with the new single ‘Born Ta Luv Ya’. A hit that industry critics say is a sure bet and a guaranteed banger.

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Blakk Juu - "The Intro"

Born in Newport News, Va and moved to Dallas Texas at a very young age, I never knew I would end up diving into music the way I am now at age 23, given my past was mostly about sports. I started doing music seriously around 2016 after losing my scholarship while in college. I coped with the loss of playing sports and all my trials and tribulations with writing poetry, which eventually led to me wanting to put my words with beats. Over the years i continuously worked, and still working on perfecting my craft. I’m always trying to create something even better than what my fans would consider my best, because I don’t like to put limits on my creativity. My music is very diverse and versatile and you can hear it with each track you listen to. With that being said, I’m excited to say that I have my first project I just released "The Intro" on July 4th available on all platforms under my label Keepit1hundredint shout to Dee. To all my fans I love you guys and I appreciate you for listening #StayTuned #Usagainsthem


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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Big Homie Esounds - "Where's The Money"

E-sounds was formally e-lumni was started in 2011 with group members s.b,Yung jey,nino poppy. The group put out three mixtapes e-lumni test one e-luzionz and empire before dissolving in 2013 but nino aka Mr old school continue to make music started the hip hop brand E-SOUNDS then went on to recruit young Jay now known as big homie they started dropping singles and dropped there first mixtape together called never ending thoughts then big homie recently dropped his mixtape nothing is promise out now e-sounds has collaborated with many unsigned artist point blank ent CEO Jesse James and many more song rapstar has been featured in
We released our video rapstar early in November our sound is a blend of old school and new school over trap beats and smooth hip hop beats the only hip hop brand with such an diversity in there sound never a stale moment or boring sound from E-sounds Mr old school leader of E-sounds song was charted on the drt charts the song lit stayed 8 weeks on the drt charts they also have accumulated a lot of play on soundcloud but there real goal is to provide real smooth hip hop to the masses e-sounds wants to deliver a new wave of real hip hop for your listening pleasure starting out as just a vision has now become a full blown reality of hard work and dedication to the hip hop game E-sound is not a hip hop group it’s a movement Mr old school and big homie are here to stay.

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[New Music] Foreign Skrilla - Play Around & Die Like That

Foreign Skrilla is a American rapper from Los Angeles, with a passion and love for music that puts her above her competition. She’s got a handful of upcoming projects and is releasing new music this Summer. “Play Around" her most recent music video is capturing her fans attention along with her recently dropped single: "Die Like That” features major artists, Xian Bell and Siya. Be on the lookout for Foreign Skrilla and expect to see her name in mainstream media!

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Mngt: Rob @rob_guwop_roth | | @ugmthelabel | PR @juelsofrome

-written by Mia J. @app0_o @ratalentent

Monday, August 3, 2020

Artist/Producer Ace Drucci Releases New Song 'Bimma' Charts #1 In Belgium and #10 In Canada.

Ace Drucci is an artist/producer in Atlanta who previously had a hit with the song 'Run It Up' featuring Rick Ross has released a new single called 'Bimma' under new contract with Tuff Gong/Universal Music Group. The song has a good start this week by charting overseas in Belgium at number 1 and in Canada at number 10. An executive at the label stated that the music video is coming soon and will capitalize of the growing buzz.

Tuff Gong is the brand name associated with a number of businesses started by Bob Marley and the Marley family. The Tuff Gong label is distributed by Universal Music through Island Records and is the official Caribbean distributor of Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group.

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Interview >> Bigmoneybrezzy Exclusive 1 on 1 w. Breezy Says + his Single "TikTok"

Bigmoneybrezzy is on a million dollar stroll on the road to riches, with hit after hit and the time has come for a new visual and so we bring to you "TikTok". This is for the clubbers and will most definitely be in your top ten summer anthems. From being on indie Spotify and some major hitter playlists, it was only right the visual be released. Check out the interview and visual below.

Welcome to Mollie's World (The Breezy Says Hot Seat), Bigmoneybrezzy

BS: What’s your name and tell us a little bit about yourself.

BMB: I go by Bigmoneybreezy, I started rapping at the age of 12, then around the of 16, I went in the studio and laid down my first song, then after that it was history with tons of mixtapes, singles, and albums being released.

BS: Where are you from? And what affect does that have on your music?

BMB: I'm from Austin, Texas the capital of Texas, also its the music capital of the world with one of the largest music festivals such as SXSW and ACL. But I think Austin is mainly known for like Rock or Country music, I feel there hasn't been any rappers to really put it on the map like that.

BS: What was highest and lowest point in your career?

BMB: I have had many high points in career such as getting verified on many platforms and I still have some more to go, but this is all indie, no label or investors backing me up. Also, I really haven't had any low points in my career, everything has been blessing on blessings for me.

BS: How do you separate your personal life from your music life and how does how does the music industry affect your personal life?

BMB: There's always a time for everything, but I basically just juggle everything in a day’s schedule from work, to family time to music, I have too many jobs in life, I don't get tired.

BS: What project/track means the most to and which project/track are you proudest of?

BMB: One of my favorite tracks ever, I would have to say Hide N Seek, because the thought process behind it was just crazy and that’s what I was going through at the time, so it all came together just right with the lyrics, the song, and the visuals. Well the track I'm the proudest about would have to be one of my latest singled called "Tik Tok" and that's also a fan favorite. Everyone that hears the song gravitate to love me for my style and all.

BS: Please tell us about your current project "TikTok"?

BMB: "Tik Tok" is that song where you just want to elaborate on all your accomplishments and just flex on your haters and naysayers who didn't believe in you, but you still making noise and staying in their face at the same time. More like a flexing type song or even a club banger I would say.

BS: Being that there is a huge social media platform with the same name, how has social media changed your journey as a music artist?

BMB: I love social media and all it does, because it basically gives you a platform to be independent in this music world and as long as you have everything set up, the rest will just land in your lap. It is so much you can do with social media these days, from going viral to marketing yourself and making yourself a global name all from the comfort of your home, I mean it don't get no better than that.


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BS: How do you separate yourself from other artist?

BMB: I'm quite different from many artists because most rappers these days sound the same on every track, I might wake up one day and want to sing something. The next day I might want to do a club banger, so I just feel I'm one of a kind and very versatile with my art.

BS: Who do you feel is your biggest competitor?

BMB: I would have to say Ty Dolla Sign...I feel I'm mainstream but haven't reached the level there on, but that's who I compete with.

BS: What is the hardest part of the music industry?

BMB: Managing everything and doing all the marketing/promo all indie no help, that's one of my biggest obstacles.

BS: What are your thoughts on how the rap game has changed?

BMB: It's changed a lot, everybody now really sounds like Young Thug with a little spice to them, if you asked me, I really miss the Mase Harlem world, Dipset, Lil Wayne's Carter Series and a few earlier 2000's music.

BS: Who or what has the biggest impact on your career?

BMB: My family, I'm going to make this happen for my family.

BS: What can we look forward to seeing in the future from you?

BMB: You can catch a whole bunch of Brezzyness coming your way. I'm dropping n EP by the end of this year, which was going to be called "Jesus Carter", but decided to change the name to "Saucy Money Carter". Then you can catch some more great visuals on the way, and you might catch an album ya diggggg.

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Snapchat: Bigmoneybrezzy

Nario Da Don "Bottom Baby" | @NarioDaDonCBR

Connie Boy Records presents Tallahassee, FL. based rapper and recording artist Nario Da Don. "Bottom Baby" a hard hitting ode to the streets produced by Syndrome for Connie Boy Records. Any self respecting southerner knows how sweet the come up is when you come from the "Bottom", Nario Da Don drops off another feature track from the stellar mixtape "The Kid From Ebony Gardens hosted by Living Legend, Bigga Rankin. "Bottom Baby" Directed By Charlie Sky and Hollow is available on all streaming platforms.

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Yung Stakks "What You Feel Like" Single | @yungstakks_

Chine Music presents Chicago, IL. based rapper and recording artist Yung Stakks. His latest offering "What You Feel Like" is an ode to Living the Lavish lifestyle. Join Yung Stakks as he digs deep in his bag to give you a glimpse into the mind of a young rising superstar.

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