Thursday, May 31, 2018

New Video > That Boy Poppa - Nightmare on Elm Street

Team Bigga Rankin Music Group releases new video for hit single "Nightmare on Elm St" from artist Lil Poppa / That Boy Poppa. Poppa latest EP "Evergreen Wildchild" is now available on all digital platforms. Stay tuned for more from this Teen Sensation.

Connect w/ That Boy Poppa:
Twitter: @ThatBoyPoppa
Instagram: ThatBoyPoppa
For Features and Bookings: | 770-363-0748

New Video >> Zoe Diddie - Ann Ale + Mp3 Download

Platinum House Ent releases hit single "Ann Ale" by Artist Zoe Diddie. Zoe Diddie was inspired to record Ann Ale after listening to one of Meek Mills intros. "I decided to recreate something that made me feel the way that intro did, but basically about my life," says Zoe Diddie. The video is available via YouTube. Song is available for download on Zoe Diddies last Mixtape #Lavi on #MyMixtapez.

Click [Here] To Download Mp3
Connect w/ Zoe Diddie:
Twitter: @ZoeDiddie
Instagram: ZoeDiddie

Monday, May 28, 2018

[Video] Riverman - Belifian - Something This Way Comes Promo 2018

Formed sometime during 2017, Riverman plays folkish and dark rock music. The band hails from the darker and colder parts of the globe (Finland) which inevitably shows in their music. Riverman is a combination of musical beauty and ugliness. Humble yet proud. Simple but meaningful. The band members all have a strong background in metal music (in bands like D Creation, Edgebound and Karmaking). Riverman is no stranger to heavier elements, though the main focus is in the more raw, emotional and fragile side of things. Riverman welcomes all, if you are down for some nice and melancholic rock music!

Band members:
Heidi Wahl: Vocals, Keys, Piano Jesse Jukuri: Guitars, Background stuff Jan Jokinen: Cello, Background vocals
Connect w/ The Band:

Saturday, May 26, 2018

New Music >> Lito - No Love

High Rollerz Ent releases new single from artist Lito “No Love” produced by Drum Dummy / Rod Makes Hits. Single is off artist upcoming mixtape “Pain Before Greatness” hosted by OG Bigga Rankin. Stay tuned for more from artist Lito.

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Connect w/ Lito:
Twitter: @Lito_hr
Instagram: Lito_hr
Label Instagram: highrollerzent

Friday, May 25, 2018

[Album] PJ Gifted - Bubble Off A Single

I Am My Own Team presents PJ Gifted, Louisville hottest artist is back with another mixtape offering with street bangers for days. Make sure to support the campaign and follow the movement.

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Twitter: @pjgifted
Instagram: pjgifted

[Mixtape] Jboi YBP - G.A.B.O.S. hosted by Ferrari Simmons

YBP and The Promo Vatican present Jboiybp "GABOS". hosted by Ferrari Simmons. make sure to support the campaign and follow the movement. Thanks in advance for your support.

Click [Here] To Stream/Download

Connect w/ JBoi YBP:
Twitter: @jboiybp
Instagram: jboiybp

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

[Video] Hoggy D ft Payroll Giovanni - Smooth Niggas

Smooth Niggas Hoggy D ft Payroll Giovanni directed by Vado Films.

[Video] Big Benji - Fendi Benji

Bank Bros presents Big Benji "Fendi Benji" music video shot n chopped by Koo ShotYa!

[Single] Trevon Payne - Stories Of Payne

From Doodles To Poetry

"I always knew I wanted to be an artist... I just never knew that God's gift to me would evolve from doodles to poetry. With this gift I will tell my story... my "Stories of Payne"
The latest release out of the Midwest known as #topcity Topeka, Ks this young hot spitter drops off his inaugural studio release called Stories Of Payne. Fresh off of a press run from his latest single doing respectable numbers and a video guest appearance with a hometown legend Roger Ortega whom is a registered voting member of The Recording Academy officially voting for the grammys.
Stories of Payne is a thirteen song project that weaves us through a dynamic ride of emotion and glory. Each song lends to each other creating a story giving you insight from a young ambitious soul living in the midwest.
The wait is over for those already knowing what this young artist is capable of and for those that are on the look out for new vibes this project will certainly deliver some playlistable material. ~G Webb

Click [Here] To Stream via Soundcloud!

Connect w/ Trevon Payne:
Instagram: trevonpayne
Twitter: @trevon_payne

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Leading UK Producer, LX Xander is Looking to Collaborate

Production Credits: Future | Wiz Khalifa | Snoop Dogg | Gucci Mane | Hopsin | Royce Da 5'9 | KXNG Crooked | Hi-Rez

Dark Urban Music Producer

Emerging from the catacombs of the UK, spooky producer LX Xander is as mysterious as he is unique; with a swiftly growing social media empire, he is founder & CEO of production company & record label Ghostcraft.
With other producers already imitating his original style (just tap 'LX Xander Type Beat' into a YouTube search and see for yourself), LX is carving out his own spooky niche.
After producing Iowa rapper HighRise's 'The Red Room' featuring Hopsin & Yaydo (which got over 200,000 Spotify streams in less a month and now sits at over 1 million across major distribution platforms), he swiftly followed up with Yaydo's trap single ‘Insurgents’ featuring Future; he then produced two records on D. Lynch’s album ‘1985’, featuring Wiz Khalifa and Royce Da 5’9 respectively. He also produced 'Kxng -vs- Queen (Homewrecker Remix)' for hip hop veteran KXNG Crooked (Crooked I, of Slaughterhouse), that appeared on the album 'The Hoodlum Ball', a rap masterclass that also features Riff Raff, Chino XL, Lil Windex and CyHi The Prynce. May 2018 saw the release of 'Spark It Up', featuring Gucci Mane, which LX co-produced with Dizzie Dayze. There was also the ill-fated 2017 single 'Afterlife' featuring none other than Snoop Dogg, which was unfortunately lost in a flurry of legal issues with the label; however, if you search hard enough for it online, you may just be able to track down a couple of (very complimentary) press articles about it and even a streaming link...
LX Xander has also recently released his very own music software: SPOOKER VST, a plugin designed specifically for creating dark trap music. With SPOOKER, budding producers can incorporate elements of LX's signature sound into their own productions. It's available for purchase at reputable music production megastore Modern Producers.
In addition to his musical achievements, LX Xander has a deep and powerful connection with his followers. Many fans have had the dark lord's symbol (or 'sigil' as he often refers to it) tattooed onto their bodies, with one especially dedicated artist (@lil7god) actually having it permanently etched onto his cheek for everybody to see. LX Xander's relationship with his fans extends further than just an appreciation for his music - he has taken the role of a 'cult leader', with the values he represents (turning inner darkness into a powerful ally) resonating deeply with many. This 'cult' following extends all across the globe, as far as South Africa.
LX's current main project is Instagram superstar Angela Mazzanti; already a hugely successful model & public figure in Los Angeles, LX is now helping her to transition into a bona fide hip hop artist. Having been a rapper on the low for years, Angela can more than keep up with the majority of her peers on the mic. With a cocky lyrical style, LX's dark production and upcoming records featuring not only Cash Money's Caskey but also trap legend Rick Ross, Angela Mazzanti is about to explode onto the scene... y'all ain't ready!
Having already been featured in HuffPost, The Source, Hype Magazine & RESPECT Magazine, LX's signature dark trap style is set to become the new sound of 2018.
Jump on board... offer your soul.


The Source Feature: interview:

LX Xander Dark Urban Producer

[Mixtape] Karizma (@Karizma62b) - #TheReUp

Hailing from Memphis, Karizma is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop.
His music is challenging and socially conscious, particularly focusing on themes such as the struggle of urban America's real life.

Click [Here] To Stream/Download via Spinrilla.

Connect w/ Karizma: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

[Single] Wreck The Rebel - The Teenage Lady Killer

Words have a hard time coming together to describe just how amazing the new single “The Teenage Lady Killer” (prod. by Johnny G) by Wreck The Rebel is. The lyrics are solid and the writing style alone is worth accolades but the music is so well composed and the entirety of these elements, so well put together, that if you don’t hear this a few times, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The way the song expresses its story-line will keep you entranced for the whole run time. Co-Founder of KonQuest Now – Producer and Recording artist, Wreck The Rebel, has been featured on various collaborations and mixtapes throughout the Bay Area, Kansas, LA and Arizona. His quick wit, contagious personality and genuine personality has sparked various Media and Internet interviews and networking opportunities.
Not being tied to any mainstream label, Wreck The Rebel genuinely uses his creative freedom to create the fantastic, and on “The Teenage Lady Killer” he succeeds, with a peak, a stand-alone track. There really is no doubt that this is an ambitious project.
The psychedelic production, the tribute-styled writing about the importance of our loved ones, coincide to create a smooth but emotional listening experience for hip-hop fans. To listen to the music is to submerge yourself in an actual stream of consciousness, with no thought left unsaid.
Provocation is built into the lyrics’ openness, and it understandably becomes the defining element. Analysis and scrutiny is unleashed in the hope of better understanding our instinctive priorities.
Here Wreck The Rebel achieves a new level of romantic comprehension and it’s a marvel how coy he is about that discovery. The writing here is extensive and forthright, full of honest exclamations, straightforward language, and outright statements.
Wreck The Rebel’s production has always been steady and confident, but here it’s more pointed, compacted into a shifty composition that contracts and expands in tight sequence with the vocals.
This record is less about rejecting or accepting a given situation, and more about living and loving through self-expression. And here Wreck The Rebel finds the right words to articulate and express his convictions, as the track concerns itself with relationships in interesting ways – how we find them, how we keep them, and ultimately how we lose them. Presumably his handing out just as much warnings as he is accolades.
Overall, “The Teenage Lady Killer” (prod. by Johnny G) is an impressive single that sees an artist who has always done things on his own terms, continue to do so. Wreck The Rebel once again shows on this track that he’s an important player in the underground hip-hop industry.

Click [Here] To Stream via Soundcloud!

Connect w/ Konquest:

New Video > Paidro Goodie - Scared Money

Columbia, SC; “A yo where’s Paidro” … From sun up to sun down that’s the chant most often heard be it Seattle, Washington where he was born, Newberry South Carolina where he was raised, the gamecock capital of Columbia where he’s made his second home down to Mexico City where he currently resident… If you’re looking for the turn up its… “Goodie Mane.” The true personification of an underground king if there even was one is most evident in “Paidro Goodie’s” status as South Carolina’s first bonifide urban legend. International trapper, 365 macker, always dapper and oh yeah, your new favorite rapper… the incomparable… “Paidro Goodie.” Born Evian Duquay Jeter aka “Paidro Goodie” two military parents’ is what afforded several of the most trending cities in America. Sadly, it would be his excessive moving that would birth the international player that is… “Paidro Goodie.” A lover of music since a small lad who planned his first rap song at the modest age of “13” unfortunately took a backseat to his unyielding thirst for “fast money, fancy clothes, expensive cars, violence along with everything else associated with the “D-Boy” lifestyle. Crediting music with saving his life “Paidro” is no stranger to run ins with law enforcement, however with a mind blowing “495” show performances and counting already that includes sharing the stage with a pleather of Hip Hop superstars to include: Young Jeezy, Lil Boosie, Young Dolph, Yo Gotti and Gucci Mane. Inspired by the greats of rap “Paidro” musical influences have come courtesy of arguably Hip Hop’s Mount Rush More made up of: Scarface, Jay-Z, T.I., and the late great Tupac Shakur & Notorious B.I.G… A walking trendsetter “Paidro” is usually escorted by the lovely Goodie Girls made up of “Smoke & Drank” who addition to carrying his customary “Mary Jane and Hennessy” can often be observed placing rose pedals at his feet upon entering or exiting a venue. Signed to one of the most talked record labels in the industry Five Star Empire headed by veteran music executive Jervonta “Jefe” Walker is the label and visionary entrusted with turning “Paidro Goodie” into a global brand.

Click [Here] Tp Download the Track via iTunes
Connect w/ Paidro Goodie:
Twitter: @stunnerslife
Instagram: 810paperchamp
Label Instagram:
Facebook: Evian Jeter
For Features and Bookings Contact Russian at 803-398-6191

Monday, May 21, 2018

New Music >> Alexcia Monique ft Bigga Rankin - They Know

Big Pint Records releases new single from artist Alexcia Monique "They Know" featuring OG Bigga Rankin. Song is produced by hit maker T Black. Video is underway. Single is available every where on digital platforms.
For booking or more information about Alexcia Monique email

Click [Here] To Download the DJ Service Pack!

Connect w/ Alexcia Monique:
Twitter: @osolovelylexcia
Instagram: alexciamonique

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[Vide] Dirty O Freestyle (Cypher Beat)

Dirty O goes crazy over classic cypher beat to display his lyrical ability and witty metaphors. Funkmaster Flex Ready. Somebody tell Flex we need some bombs on this fire.

[Video] Maven - Fiarrea

Sponsored by: ActriteLosAngeles
"FIARREA" is a word you that you've likely never heard of, yet, you probably know what it means. At the simplest level, it's just some hot sh*t. As Chicago-bred emcee, Maven, prepares to drop a load of new music, he offers a fire flow straight from the gut to prepare listeners for what's to come.

Sponsored By: Actrite Maven-Fiarrea (prod. Audible Doctor) Emcee: @thelastmaven (IG) Director: @victharuler (IG) Asst Director: @geneiuspm (IG) Cinematographer: @lowkey_hope (IG)

[Video] Khaotic Jackson - Party After Party

Music video for Party After Party performed by Khaotic Jackson.

Follow Khaotic Jackson on instagram Follow Khaotic Jackson on twitter: Follow Khaotic Jackson's facebook: Follow Khaotic Jackson on Soundcloud: BUY ON AMAZON: BUY ON ITUNES: STREAM ON SPOTIFY: STREAM ON TIDAL: Copyright (C) 2017 fredrick jackson. --- Powered by

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Ace Drucci Releases His New Debut Album 'The Hustle'

Hip Hop Artist/Producer Ace Drucci releases his debut album 'The Hustle' on Friday May 18th on all download and streaming sites. The new album includes the hit singles 'Instagram Model' ft Yung Fatt and the new radio hit 'Work It' ft Marlayee Z which has been getting national radio play on top ten stations like Wash, DC's WPGC 95.5. The album is released through Universal Music Group in the US and Warner Music overseas. The album features artists Dash Calzado (Warner Music), Makavis Wulf, Xora Lou and Black Woodson. This album's sound is sure to help this album do real numbers. You can now download the album on iTunes and Amazon and stream it on Apple, Tidal, Deezer, Spotify and more.

Click [Here] To Stream via Spotify!

Connect w/ Ace Drucci:
Twitter: @AceDrucci
IG: @acedrucci
Official Website:
Request The New Single 'Work It' Online On WPGC 95.5!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Team Bigga Rankin Presents Priority Artist Florida Boy - Wetman

Florida Boy is a growing sensation, buzzing amongst pre-teen, teenage, and young adults alike. Once exposed to the music and his infectious persona, many are instant fans. It was the same as a toddler and young child. He was a hit at family gatherings and wowed his family members with his singing and dancing talents. Having an uncanny ability to sing songs on the radio in sync with the stars, and eventually making up his own songs, it became evident that entertainment was his calling.
Born in the state of Florida, he spent the earlier part of his young life there until a family decision was made to transplant to Atlanta and pursue avenues to showcase his talents and ambition for the stage. He lists the likes of TI, BOB, Drake, and even Usher as some of his musical influences. His talents have evolved and now at the young age of 12 years old, Florida Boy is a rapper, singer, songwriter, actor and developing producer, whose abilities continue to grow. These budding talents can be seen on his debut single “WetMan”, which is being well received by radio programmers, DJs, and consumers.

Click [Here] To Download the DJ Service Pack!
Connect w/ Florida Boy:
Twitter: @floridaboybg
Instagram: floridaboybg
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New Music >> Young Dro - Big Mad

Atlanta; GA; Young Dro out of Grand Hustle is no rookie when it comes to dropping major records. After having a huge impact w/ Grand Hustle's collaborative label release "Friends" Young Dro went on a promotional run doing shows and press stops. In the end of 2017 he successfully dropped his own tape titled "Day 3" and today we bring to you the Cheeze Beatz & 30 Roc produced record "Big Mad", which for anyone with Young Dro's consistency and track record it becomes easy to have more than a few people walking around "Big Mad”. Teaming up with the Streets A&R, Bigga Rankin we are proud to service this record to you today. Support and feedback is appreciated.

Click [Here] To Download the DJ Service Pack!

Connect w/ Young Dro:
Twitter: @DroPolo
Instagram: DroPolo

Tuesday, May 15, 2018



Connect w/ YungBoi Fresh:
For Features:
Please contact YungBoi Fresh
For Business/Booking Inquiries :
Please contact Meela Bandhu (Manager)

[Single] Eddie Vegas - Linkin [Prod. Gold]

Eddie Vegas is Back with a Grime Single!

Connect w/ Eddie Vegas:
Twitter: @itsEddieVegas
Snapchat: itsEddieVegas


Tallybaby was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida. He was raised in South City projects and Holton Street projects where both of his grand parents lived at early in his childhood. Tally fell in love with music at the young age. He listened to a lot of R&B music and by the age of 14 he had a boom box and could record himself. His music career started from there. Later on he found out he had a child on the way so he let music go for some years. Then, the struggles of manhood made him begin writing again and the rest is history. Check out his new single and video entitled “Run It Back”. #ricothechamp

Connect w/ Tallybaby:
Twitter: @Tallybaby8fifty
Instagram: tallybaby850
Facebook: Roderick Tallybaby Mcknight
SoundCloud: tallybaby

Checkout the New Track "Inside Out" by FULTON COUNTY, Mr.Flamboyant, Kilo ALI, Ebony Camille

Checkout the New Track by FULTON COUNTY, Mr.Flamboyant, Kilo ALI, Ebony Camille: Stream it today via Spotify!

Click [Here] To Stream

Saturday, May 12, 2018

[Video] Slick Casino - Walk Thru + DJ Service Pack

Recording Artist Slick Casino is hitting us with a summertime banger. This “Feel Good” Single has a vibe that is perfect for letting loose and having fun. With its relatable lyrics & undeniable sound, this track is sure to be on the top of everyone’s summer play list. Hit play and take that dope “Walk Thru” to another level.

Click [Here] To Download the DJ Service Pack!
Connect w/ Slick Casino:
Twitter: @SlickCasino
Instagram: SlickCasino
Click [Here] To Support the Track via iTunes!

[Single] Video 4.0 - Run It Up

Video is an Artist/Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Rapper/Writer. He was born in Rochester, New York; Raised in Miami. Although Miami is his home, he is now based in Orlando, Florida; Where he is now shaping himself up to be the most verbal flamboyant artist in the game!

Click [Here] To Stream via Spotify!

Connect w/ Video 4.0:
Instagram: Video4.0
Twitter: @VIDEO4_0

[Video] Ronnie Walka - This is for the ladies (TIFTL)

Who is Roniie Walka?
Ronnie Walka was born on August 1st in Brooklyn, New York. The oldest of four children, he had to face difficult times in the mean streets of Brooklyn. Each corner had its own story of abuse to those who would fall victim to the streets or join a gang. Before he became a dead statistic, Ronnie was able to leave the streets and the gang life behind. His early years was spent at the Boys and Girls High School where he was introduced to photography. He soon transferred schools and went to the Eotivation. Eastern District where he took his first cinematography class. This is where he learned the basics of filming and writing. His amazing creative ability allowed him to merge photography and cinematography so well that he has become very much in demand.
While building his dream team, he worked for independent companies, worked on films, designed media pieces, performed at events with his smooth vocal style, photographed so many major events and finally earned enough money to buy a few items of highly professional photography/video equipment. Through his journey, Ronnie never lost focus despite the many failures and broken promises he endured. Ronnie never lost faith in what God had planned for him. This is still his driving motivation.
Checkout his latest video, dedicated to the women in his life.

Connect w/ Ronnie Walka:
contact DJ SINCERE 917 767 2893
Twitter: @iamronniewalka
Instagram: iamronniewalka

[Lyric Video] Kelly Rowland - Unity (Stay With Me)

Unity (Stay With Me) by Kelly Rowland - new lyric video 2018. Song available on Kelly's greatest hits album Work: The Best of Kelly Rowland as well as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play.

[Single] Trevon Payne - Gimme My Check

A Small Town With Big Talent.

We have now entered an era where the hip hop genre has come full circle. Hip Hop is back in a Space where if you come from a Major Market you are almost handed success and arguably without the required talent the game has been so accustomed to seeing for years prior.
Seemingly out of nowhere (no pun intended) a young sensation out of the very middle of the Map Topeka, Kansas has crashed his local scene as an internet and local sensation with respectable numbers. His rapid fire delivery and real life subject matter is reminiscent of a Midwest the industry was once fully behind. This level of high end talent brought him some national Co-sign by The CG'z (appeared in "The Grid") and Bizzy (featured in Tech 9's smash "Everybody but me". Trevon Lead Off The Spring with his First single titled "Born 2 Be" and has just dropped off this hot single called "gimme my check".
Which has been a staff favorite around these parts. If this song is any indication what this Album will be we are in for one hot summer. Be on the Look out for "Stories Of Payne" Available in Stores Very soon. Connect with Trevon Payne below and Stream his latest single "Gimme My Check".
~G Webb.

Click [Here] To Stream

Connect w/ Trevon Payne:
Twitter: @trevon_payne

[Video] J Hyfe - Move That Shit

Relentless Hustler Ent Presents J Hyfe's new Freestyle Remix of MoveThatShit directed by Steve Clenor, Chin, and Kelichi Ijoma. Hyfe makes every syllable count with his rhythmic flow. Sure to keep the audience moving and entertained.
Be on the lookout for the newly released single "In The Jeep" by J Hyfe Available for download wherever music is sold!!!

Check us out: @j_hyfe #Leechie_Lee @relentlesshustler #hustlehardRHE

[Video] WestsideTay - UP NEXT ft WolfySODMG

WestsideTay new SINGLE "UP NEXT" with his bro Wolfy from SODMG take the streets by storm with this one coming full speed letting everyone know they're up next.

Connect w/ Artists via Twitter:

Thursday, May 10, 2018

New Music: "The Re-Up" by King Swavay x ME8ighty x Scotty ATL

Rap Duo King Swavay & ME8ighty team up w Scotty ATL

For new artists, sometimes the only thing standing in between their old fans and new fans is the right feature. But that’s easier said than done for new artists.
Without a major budget, new artists often have to rely on connections and good relationships to land a feature. But a good feature can boost you from a local talent to a mainstream sensation.
Just look at how Drake’s feature made Makonnen’s ‘Tuesday’ the hit it was.

Atlanta has a good reputation in the industry as far as working relationships go. Unlike New York artists for example, Atlanta artists are known for working with each other instead of competing.
That love isn’t only for Atlanta artists though; you’ll find many Atl artists linking with artists from all over.
In the case of Saginaw Michigan artists King Swavay & ME8ighty, the love for Mary Jane is what led Scotty Atl __to hop on the track. Even though 420 has passed, every day is 4/20 for the true cheifers of the culture.
In a recent interview ME8ighty reveals he wrote the song for, “anyone who's running low, on their last and trying to stretch until payday, or even someone who doesn't smoke at all but mess with a girl that does and they have to buy some for her in hopes of getting to Vickie's secret”. Can y’all relate? Ever needed Mary to get to Vickie’s?

Well whether the answer is yes or no, this new track will have you ready to roll up and enjoy vibes. Michigan is already 420 friendly and after the recent law passed, Atlanta is a little more friendly. What’s most exciting about this song is that there hasn’t been a lot of Michigan-Georgia collabs even though they both have a strong history in the music industry.
In the 60s artists were flooding to Detroit to be apart of the new music wave, now Atlanta is the music powerhouse. Check out the new track surely to prove King Swavay & ME8ighty wont be limited to Saginaw, Michigan for long!

DJs Download Below!

Connect w/ Them Both!

King Swavay:

Click [Here] To Check out "The Re-Up" via SOUNDCLOUD.

Monday, May 7, 2018

[Video] Whymen Grindin ft Lil Scrappy & MP Crown - My Favorite + Mp3 Download

EXCLUSIVE! New speaker Beating single by Whymen Grindin featuring Lil Scrappy & Mp Crown titled "MY FAVORITE". DJ Service pack included.... production is also by Whymen Grindin. DJ Feedback Requested & Appreciated. #MyFavorite

To download/Listen/stream "My Favorite" go to >>>
Connect w/ Whymen:
Twitter: @WhymenGrindin
Instagram: Whymen_Grindin
For Business Inquires Contact: Management @

Sunday, May 6, 2018

[Video] SK - 1K Str8 Facts

Tallahassee, Florida’s own SK gives the people nothing but the truth in his debut single “1K Str8 Facts” . This “boss anthem” is the first song off of his current mixtape “#RespectDaPlug”. With a mission to take the game by storm, SK is someone you should not count out in 2018. His new Mixtape “#RespectDaPlug” can be found on YouTube and SoundCloud now !!!! Coming soon to ITunes and Apple Music. #ricothechamp

Connect w/ SK:
Twitter: @sk_dahardhitter
Instagram: Sk_Da_Hardhitter
Snapchat: CampLife101
Facebook: SK DaHardhitter and #RespectDaPlug page
SoundCloud: SK DaHardhitter
YouTube Channel: SK Music

[Single] Row - Complicated

The Record Complicated is a Song With a Deep And Powerful Message By Hip-Hop Recording Artist Row aka Jamaal Kennedy Inspired by Tj Vida Aka Tara Gibson's Son Who Has Refractory Epilepsy Also Complicated Was Created To Spread Awareness For Epilepsy Worldwide.

Click [Here] To Stream via Soundcloud!

Connect w/ Row:
Instagram: row_stackz or diverse_gravity
Facebook: rowstackz

[Audio] Sunset Sherb - Come 2 My Hood

Fostering a lifelong passion for music,​ ​Sunset Sherb wants​ ​to use his art as a way to change​ ​the​ ​way​ ​people​ ​view​ ​the​ ​world​ ​and​ ​their​ ​place​ ​in​ ​it.​ ​From an early age, he recognized music’s ability to connect us, not only with each other, but with our own truth. He’s hungry for change, and won’t stop until he’s transformed the face of the industry.​ ​ ​Inspired​ ​by​ ​the​ struggles that shaped him, ​Sherb’s unique​ ​sound​ shakes listeners up, challenges the status quo, and won’t take no for an answer.
Sherb knows that in an increasingly connected world, presence is everything. He stays on his grind to ensure each song and production reflects his passion. His music is crafted to show his listeners the world through his eyes. He prides himself on resilience, turning every obstacle into an opportunity, and growing from rejection.
Recently released independently, Sherb’s latest album, “Free Agent,” pops off with the hits and pulls no punches. With his unique sound and drive to succeed, he’s poised to leave his permanent mark on the music world.

Connect w/ Sunset Sherb:
social media:
Snapchat: sunsetsherb
Instagram: sunsetsherb
Twitter: @sunsetsherb

A Slick Story - Wish I Could Go Back In Time AYE

SlickMick got hit by a car had a bleed on his brain and lost his MEMORY??? CHECK HIM OUT!!!

Connect w/ SlickMick:
Twitter: @Slickeest

Kilo M.O.E's "Rambo" Video Delivers On Its Long Awaited Build Up

After Going Almost 3 years without a visual Kilo M.O.E finally delivers the goods with a dual punch from his latest Single Rambo. As the first official preview of the Shoot- Which Also Featured M.O.E's Debut Single to the Feddy Andretti project 'Braggin' produced by Twanbeatmaker, Kilo M.O.E's "Go To" for Production.
"I am The Sh**; And ain nobody out here like us", M.O.E Taunts as He flexes his muscle in the South Florida Back drop. The track’s accompanying music video sees Kilo M.O.E Spitting his bars by himself in various locations where he coincidentially Started is rapidly growing Record Label O.M.G Entertainment, inc.
M.O.E who recently dropped several Projects from his successful imprint this year is looking to close the summer with an array of projects from various artists repping 'Tha Grizz'.
"I Hold work n** no fraud" Kilo M.O.E Delivers on this statement On The Heavy Hitting Atlanta Producer ChinaMan Hustle's Track as he Walks through SouthWest Florida's Unique Auto Spa Dapping his Team. Listen To Rambo and Watch The Video Below. ~G. Webb

Connect w/ Kilo M.O.E:

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Meet ComSatTV and Enjoy Life, Freedom and Surfing

Visit us here See you on the inside and total TV Freedom and Happiness. The most powerful IPTV Set-Top Box on the market.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

New Music >> Mike Smiff - Now

Miami, FL- The South Florida rising Hip Hop star, Mike Smiff, samples the classic Tevin Campbell, “Can We Talk,” with his new release called “Now” Produced by Wisemen Music Group. Smiff motivates his fans by showing his story from struggling to currently living out his dreams. Smiff is currently gearing up to release his highly anticipated mixtape All Gas No Brakes Vol. 3, led by the single “Now.”
After grinding for years and remaining consistent with his music, one day Mike Smiff was called by his mentor, Trick Daddy, to let him know that Slip N Slide Records was interested in speaking to him. He thought, “Slip N Slide Records who gave the world Trick Daddy, Trina, Rick Ross and Plies?” He grew interest and met with the label’s CEO Ted Lucas which led to a meeting that ended in the two of them reaching an amicable agreement. He recently released his project, “Chase Dis Money,” which received over 1 Million streams and views.
The storytelling lyricist is making his mark, collaborating with rap legends Trina and Trick Daddy on their single, “Paradise” which the trio performed on the Love & Hip-Hop Miami season 1 reunion and at sold out shows across the southern region.
Adversity causes some men to break— and others to break records. With his gift to paint vivid pictures with lyrics and his undeniable talent, Smiff says, watch out for him, he is well on his way.
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[Video] Sniff Dis X ToolymfT (Blac Youngster x Tissue Remix)

ToolyMfT was born in Tallahassee, FL and raised in the small town of Monticello, FL. After high school he was a multi-sport athlete at a college in Kentucky. He also started rapping and taking music seriously around this time. He dropped his single Sniff Dis in March 2017 and it took off gaining 35k plays on SoundCloud. The single also got an additional 2k views on YouTube in the first week, before it was deleted. His new project “NoLs” is a collaboration tape with him and an artist named Saint. This album dropped April 2018 and is available on most online music outlets. Check out his video for the single Sniff Dis. #ricothechamp

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Twitter: @tankk_c
SoundCloud: toolymft

[EP] Eddie Vegas - Last Of The Real

Eddie Vegas Drops Hus Debut EP Last Of The Real

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