Thursday, September 28, 2023

John Alex Gatsby "Therapy"

Bringing the vibes to your bedroom is Brooklyn-bred breakout star, John Alex Gatsby. The trailblazing talent is heating up R&B music with his series of new singles. Ready to rave through the industry with his refined and distinctive sound, J.A. Gatsby takes listeners on a deep dive into his artistry with his latest offerings. In doing so, the raved records will have you replaying on repeat following the enticing ear-worm that’s created after one listen. His signature sound sets the tone for the standout star’s musical style. Furthermore, Gatsby utilized his trendy talents as a storytelling star to tell his story to listeners in a bold, fresh rhythmic style. John Alex Gatsby brings that nostalgic 90’s R&B reminiscent feel while molding modern-day production. His new refined sound and artistic approach reveal the versatility to his creativity.
John Alex Gatsby returns to his first love, music, with the same tenacity that he had before, this time with a stunning new sound; Creating collaborative classics, this musician has delivered a series of musical masterpieces to the masses, and this is only the beginning.

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Record Inspiration: I was in the process of parting ways with a former manager and in the course of the conversation, she weaponized therapy against me by saying "I think you need some serious therapy" I found this very interesting considering in our entire time working together, this dire need for therapy had never been mentioned before. I immediately knew that this was a tactic used to try to inflict mental anguish and pain on me by making me think that something must be wrong with me, when in fact the problem all along was really her. My response was, "I got issues, we all got problems.." I fired her at the end of that same phone conversation and went into the studio and made "Therapy" that next Monday, the rest is history.
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Spotlight on Leo W3st

Authentic, laid back and self –assured are just a few words that embody independent artist Leo w3ST. This proud Chicago WestSider is on his way to making his mark on the independent hip hop music scene as proven with his over 60 show performances including his riveting performances at the House of Blues and Hip Hop in Chinatown. w3ST uses the influence of music of today and the past to give rhythm, lyricism, feeling and melodic tunes. Opening for artists such as King Louie and Dave B, w3ST continues to set a trail of his own.

Leo is currently promoting new release "Euro"

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More background on Leo W3st:
Leo has been continuing to make strides in Chicago and surrounding areas. His most recent performances include: a promo tour that was named after his latest project; “ Just HML”. Featured acts on the tour were El Hitta and Mario Canon. He also performed at BlerdCon (Black Nerd) convention in Washington DC and 1865 Juneteenth Fest in Garfield Park. Following his previous album debut “Just HML '' and wrap up of his promo tour, Leo recently launched a mini series called “On The Loos3” that highlights all his unreleased music put into small videos for instagram. The series name "On The Loos3 '' comes from the tracks being labeled as "loosies" and him only recording the series when in another state. To coincide with the new vlog series, Leo w3ST released a new music video for the song “Been A Min.” The talented rapper has received major media coverage in sites including Whats the WordTV, Hip Hop On Deck, DirtyGloveBastard and more. Leo latest album “Just Hit My Line” features production from DommOrelse and features with Mosaic and Benji.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Spotlight on LiyahChanel

LiyahChanel is a rising star in the music industry, hailing from the city of Odessa, Texas. From a young age, music has always been a big part of her life, as her parents were heavily involved in the music scene. Growing up, LiyahChanel performed ballet, which further fueled her love for music. As she entered adulthood, she found that making music was her therapy and a way to express herself creatively.

LiyahChanel's music style is best described as versatile, with influences from Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggae. She does not limit herself to a particular genre and believes in exploring different sounds to create music that is unique and authentic. Her music is an expression of her life experiences, and she hopes that her lyrics will resonate with her fans. Since her first performance in Lubbock in 2019, LiyahChanel has opened for some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Megan Thee Stallion, Moneybagg Yo, Slim Jimmy (Rae Sremmurd), Rod Wave, Da Baby, Lil Durk, and Yella Bezzy. Her performances have garnered a significant following, and her fans eagerly anticipate her next show. LiyahChanel has released several singles that have reached over 100,000 streams, including "Don Dada," "Summer Love," "Up So High," and "Icy Down." Her music embodies her belief in enjoying life, ballin’ out while living her life, and not worrying about the opinions of others. As she continues to make music, LiyahChanel’s great energy and unique style will become one of the most exciting new artists to watch out for. She hopes that her music will be remembered for years to come for its authenticity and honesty, and she would like for her fans to find solace and inspiration in her lyrics.

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Terrace Martin & Alex Isley "Paradise" Video

Los Angeles born and raised decedents of music royalty from the Jazz and R&B worlds connect on “I Left My Heart In Ladera”, multiple Grammy Award nominee Terrace Martin and Alex Isley’s love letter to the Ladera and Crenshaw neighborhoods of LA. Alex, a literal student of music, displays classic R&B influenced vocals on the first single & video “Paradise”, a cover of Sade’s classic hit and pairs perfectly with Terrace who adds his eclectic musicianship to create a R&B/Jazz hybrid album sure be a timeless staple.

The highly stylized “Paradise” music video is directed by Grammy nominated Child (Doja Cat, Wizkid, Chris Brown, Post Malone, H.E.R.)

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Monday, September 18, 2023

Spotlight on Christian Keyes

Christian Keyes was born in Detroit, and grew up in Flint, Mi. He is an actor and writer, who got his start in theater. Christian has done more than 40 stage productions, more than 1,200 theatrical shows and has performed live in front of more than 3 million people while touring the country with several national stage plays and musicals. Christian wrote every song on the brand new album, coming out summer 2023. His new song “UNDER THAT VEIL” is sure to make some noise in R&B.
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Christian recently stars on “IN CONTEMPT”, a hot, legal drama on BET. He has also heavily recurred recently on 911 on Fox, THE ROOKIE on ABC, SUPERNATURAL and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW on the CW network, as well as recurring on THE BOYS on Amazon Prime. Christian was also one of the leads on SAINTS AND SINNERS, for six seasons, on the Bounce network. “Reasonable Doubt” on Hulu, as well as “All Rise” on OWN and Hulu.

Christian also recently sold his first “scripted” TV show, he created and wrote the TV show “All The Queen’s Men”, based on his first novel “Ladies Night”. The show was optioned and purchased by Tyler Perry Studios. Season 3 has already been shot and will be coming out in 2023 on BET PLUS. Forty-six episodes of this show so far.
Christian has recently graced the covers of several national and online magazines, and has been featured in many others. He has had several national ads in GQ, Elle, Men’s Journal, Vogue and other publications over the years. He is also the lead in Ashanti’s video “The Way That I Love You”, for Ledisi “In The Morning” and for Keri Hilson “Energy” and has starred in videos for Brittany Spears, Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes, Nelly, Mary J Blige, Nicki Minaj, and many others.
Christian has been writing since age 12 and has a national publishing deal. His first novel LADIES NIGHT came out in 2014 and made the top ten best-seller list on Itunes for urban books. DR. FEELGOOD, his second novel came out Feb. 2016. It sold and is still selling very well. There will be a third book in 2023 and two more to follow in the next two years.
More than 1 Million followers on social media. Twitter: @ChristianKeyes Approx: 65K Followers Instagram: @ChristianKeyes : 7000K Followers Facebook: Approx: 350K followers TikTok: @ActorChristianKeyes 85k Followers Facebook Personal page Approx 20K followers More than 1 MILLION social media impressions weekly

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Spotlight on MSB KWEIGH

MSB KWEIGH, Up & coming artist out of Pensacola,Fl. Born & raised on the West side of Pensacola, where hardships and poverty made it challenging to make it out. Being a hustler became second nature for MSB KWEIGH. Where he’s from, you had to do what you had to do to make ends meet. Looking back on how far he has came and the challenges he has overcame, makes going back a fading image in his mind. MSB KWEIGH hustler mentality came from being one of two kids raised in his single parent house hold with less resources, so he knows how it feels to go without. He accepted the good with the bad times and channeled his energy in a more positive light by finding a passion for music. Being inspired by friends and family MSB KWEIGH began taking rapping more serious. They were able gift even tho he was blinded by his hardships. He still find it hard to take it as seriously as he feels he should but he’s definitely way more focused than ever. The newly discovered passion definitely has him viewing the world and his life in a different light. Constantly working on new music, he’s currently pushing his single “Drug House” in which he has gotten positive feedback from multiple major DJs across the country also streaming exceptionally well on platforms like Spotify and more. He has been getting a lot of traction the UK and various other places which shows him the work he’s putting in isn’t going unnoticed. MSB KWEIGH is gearing up to release a debut “EP” and is steadily building his catalog of music. Follow MSB KWEIGH on all platforms for more undated and new content.

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Monday, September 4, 2023

Teflon Don "Black Folk Brown Folk" Video ft. Chilly Bill

Soul Star Entertainment Inc., a leading music production company, is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of their impactful new single, "Black Folk Brown Folk." This inspiring song aims to promote unity among black and brown communities, symbolizing a nation of individuals who have endured historical and present-day injustices. The release is accompanied by the introduction of a unique flag that represents a shared identity and resilience against oppression.

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Saturday, September 2, 2023

Sky Buku Releases New Single ‘Boomerang’ Under New Deal!

Rapper Sky Buku known for his single ‘All In My Bag’ secures a new deal with Universal Music Group and releases a new single called ‘Boomerang’. This new single has a unique style with a fresh sound. We are looking forward to hearing more music from this Atlanta artist. You can listen to his new single on all available streaming platforms.

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