Wednesday, July 30, 2014

[Mixtape] Brickman Shawty - I Am The Plug WRNR hosted by Bigga Rankin

Team Bigga Rankin & Bombsquad Music presents Brickman Shawty (@BrickmanShawty) with his mixtape "I AM THE PLUG". Brickman Shawty has been on a massive grind, not only releasing singles, but also videos and performing. This mixtape is full of certified bangers with features from some today's hottest artist; such as, but not limited to, Young Scooter and Rich Homie Quan. Download, Support, and Vote for this mixtape, Brickman Shawty and Bigga Rankin #FeedinTheStreets

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[Single] Miz Maf ft. Freeway - That White

North Philadelphia rapper and Street Spittas artist Miz MAF (@MizMaf) [Money And Family] presents "That White", his new Rizzo-produced single featuring Freeway, from his forthcoming album Behold A Pale Horse, set to feature production from 100 Miles (Freeway, The Roots, Jill Scott, Will I Am, Canibus, Allen Iverson) and Level 13 (French Montana, Maino, Tony Yayo, Kool G Rap, Chino XL, Ras Kass). Miz has worked with Gillie Da Kid, E.Ness, Dout Gotcha, Mossburg and Rich Quick among others. "You hear the hook, that alone was the inspiration for the lyrics," Miz says of the new single. "Everything else was just recollections of my life which was easy! After I put my two verses on it I felt it needed another voice, style, sound change that people would feel and at this point and time who else but Mr. 1-900-Hustler himself... Freeway! When we was on tour with him recently we reached out, he obliged and the rest is history!"

Click [Here] to Watch the 'That White' Vlog

Website: ​Booking: James Dunn (310) 666-5336

Sunday, July 27, 2014

[Single] Quake - All Day

LaQuan Franklin b.k.a. Quake (@quakeyos) was born in Dothan, AL on the "West Side" bka "The Bottom". Quake talks about and represents his neighborhood through his lyrics. Today we get to experience his new track.

[Single] Brickman Shawty fr Rich The Kid & Offset - Rollie

Brickman Shawty (@BrickmanShawty) is gearing up for the release of his mixtape "I Am The Plug" WRNR hosted by Bigga Rankin on July 29th. "Rollie" is just one of the banging records on the project. Download and Support.

[Single] Nique - Hold Something (prod. Lil' Lyss)

With a beat from Bay Area producer Lil' Lyss that sounds like an instant party starter, it's a little surprising to hear Nique make it into a statement about being, well, broke. From being ridiculed by his peers to extensive thoughts of armed robbery, Houston rapper Nique navigates the upbeat instrumental with a flow that will keep the listener begging for more. The picture that he paints lyrically only serves to make his story that much more intriguing.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

[Single] Slim Fooleon - ReRuns

Today, (@foolishfooleon) residing in Palm Beach Florida, Balmy Joseph is better known as Slim Foolie Fooleon, he was dubbed slim from his life on the streets, he was always the skinniest. Fooleon means foolish, he calls himself an ‘all around fool.’ In one year he has accomplished dropping three mixtapes, all in which received a buzz in the indie music scene: Traptune1 Jan.1, Traptune2 Feb 14, and TrapTune3 May 9th. Slim is excited about his upcoming projects, one being a short film based around his song Circles. Slim brings the drive and power combined with an undeniable talent most young artists are lacking in the industry today. He has not decided when he is going to drop any of his new projects, but he is more than confident in the success they will bring.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

[Single] Yakki Divioshi - D.R.A.K.E.

Yakki Divioshi- D.R.A.K.E. Prod by TM88 and Tino

Complex rhyme patterns combined with thug’s passion have proven to be a winning, if not lethal, combination before. So, you should know that newcomer Yakki is packing what it takes to get to the next level. He has released various singles and is gearing up for the release of his mixtape "For Geekers Only" dropping August 21st, alongside Young Thug. Today we bring to you his latest single, D.R.A.K.E. which stands for Do Right And Kill Everything, not the rapper. LOL. Check out the single for yourself and stay tuned for more out of this soon to be household name, YAKKI.

Friday, July 18, 2014

[Single] Treal Lee & Prince - Mo Playa

After great success with their single Throwed Off, the duo Treal Lee and Prince (@TrealandPrince) teamed up with the streets A&R Bigga Rankin and super dj, Bay Bay for their latest mixtape "TakeOff Gang" which is available on Live Mixtapes. Now the duo releases their latest record Mo Playa. Listen, Download, Support, and Share.


[Video] Loose Bills ft Celina Lina - See The Future (prod by MGeezy)

“See The Future” feat. Celina Lina is the first official single to Loose Bills’ (@looseisdatdope) mixtape, 20 Mins ‘Til Arrival. The song is a detailed description of the success that Loose Bills sees himself obtaining in the near future. He delivers a sharp flow with futuristic rhymes about lavish living over an anthemic type beat provided by super-producer Mgeezy and a stadium status hook supplied by rising teen pop sensation Celina Lina.
Connect w/ Loose Bills:
Instagram @looseisdatope

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

[Single] Free Chris - Ventilation

C. Fre$h (@cfresh561) AKA Free Chris is easily dubbed as a rapper or hip hop artist, however one cannot forget his formal training in other more publicly accepted genres. This makes him appealing to fans across the board and what we can effortlessly say, a role model for today’s youth. He is quoted saying “What we as powerful artists say can be stronger than the words of a single preacher, captivating more ears, listeners, and followers.” Because of this belief, he is positive that he will be able to bring positivity and wisdom to his targeted audience, his peers, through his music. Free Chri$ has already began his mission, working with people like: SdotFire and William Mosely, who have worked with artists such as Kid Ink and Meek Mills, C. Fre$h’s proudest accomplishment currently are his own projects titled: 2P - C.Fre$h, released in September of 2012 and his current project, AA - Free Chri$, which is waiting for release. Currently he is represented by Snatch Entertainment's Record Label.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

[Single] S.I.N.A ft Roze - I'm Him + Freestyle Video

In today's hip-hop people are always looking for the next best thing. Sina's "I'm Him" record suggests that he is the next best thing. "I'm Him" is not a way of saying that Sina is a narcissist, rather he is an artist that will continue to give his all in his music. "Succumbing is not acceptable"...SINA

Freestyle Video: Sina "32 Bar Take Off" {Season 4} (D2R Filmz)

TWITTER: @sincitysre INSTAGRAM: sincitysre

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

[Video] Brickman Shawty ft Buttaman - Pots and Pans

Brickman Shawty (@BrickManShawty) is gearing up for his "I Am The Plug" WRNR mixtape release hosted by the streets A&R himself, Bigga Rankin. Brickman Shawty his already dropped various bangers off the mixtape and this video is nothing short of that. Today we present to you "Pots and Pans" which features Buttaman. Press Play, Share, and support.

[Single] Kitami Safiya - Rider

Kitami Safyia (@kitamisafiya_) is an independent, up and coming R&B pop singer from Queens, New York who has been singing and performing from a very young age. She wrote her first song "Time" at the age of 5 and was formerly part of an all-girl group which she founded called "Paradyce". As a solo artist, Kitami has released and EP called "The Funeral: Laying Love to Rest" which included the singles "Shady", "Love My Love" and "Come Around"; and a popular live mixtape called "Early Birds". Kitami just released her brand new single "Rider" as the lead track from her upcoming project, which is already creating major buzz. Kitami's style is described as modern R&B with a hip hop backdrop and a dash of pop, rock and jazz as well. Kitami is extremely passionate about her music; she goes hard and always gives more than 100%! Her work speaks for itself and her thrilling live performances are not to be missed.

Social Media Links:

Sunday, July 6, 2014

[Mixtape] Jr. Boss - F*ck A Rap Check WRNR

Jr Boss (@DGEJrBoss) teams up with the streets a&r Bigga Rankin for his debut mixtape. JR Boss was highly motivated by the loss of his dear friend, Doe B. Jr Boss credits Doe B with pushing him to take his craft seriously and for that he will not stop pushing. He is more ready to get to higher levels than before, because now more than ever, he wants to make Doe B proud. Download, Support, Share, and Listen.

[Single] B.o.B feat. Sevyn Streeter - Swing My Way

Exclusive!!! B.o.B (@BobATL) feat. Sevyn Streeter "Swing My Way"

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

[Artist Spotlight] Yung Gwapa (Music, Interview and More) via Miss Atown

I recently had a chance to kick it with my brotha from anotha mother this week so I got a Q&A session in. All the way from Chicago Yung Gwapa is in the south makin BIG moves! Flagrant with a natural vibe that demands attention he answered every question looking me straight in eyes.

MissAtown: Where you from and what brought you to the A! Gwapa: Southside of Chicago and I came to ATL to network. Its were the music at. MissAtown: Who would you consider competition? I ask this to gauge where artist see themselves. Gwapa: Competition? Where? MissAtown: Who do you look forward to working with? Gwapa: Whoever I work with. Everybody I want to work with is DEAD. MissAtown: Whats next for Gwapa?" Gwapa: What's next is HISTORY. MissAtown: How did you link with Miss Atown? Gwapa: I linked with miss atown in the streets grinding seeing her in all the clubs and studios

[Single] Yung Gwapa (@YungGwapa) ft Young Scooter - Tell On Me + Trailer

Contact: @YungGwapa (Instagram/Twitter)

Checkout the "I Am Yung Gwapa" Trailer

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

[Single] Money Sinclair - Maxxed Out

Money Sinclair's (@MoneySinclair) music tells a story, he describes himself as a writer and artist, not just a rapper. He plans to prove this with his album, Glory Road, which is due to release in August of 2014 and hosted by Dj Smallz personal tour, who is the DJ of rapper Yo Gotti. It has only one feature on it from a rapper, this is because as an artist Money Sinclair wanted to show he has the talent to create a buzz with little to no help. Money Sinclair believes that his music will bring a new sound to Florida and does not limit his audience, he makes music geared towards everyone. rnMoney Sinclair is currently signed on Snatch ENT, however he also has an entertainment company called MBM which is short for Money Before Music, he started this entertainment company alongside one of his oldest friends, Tray Gutter.rnTo date Money Sinclair has worked with artists such as; E40, 2 Chainz, Travis Porter, Future, Wacka Flocka, Bone Thugs and Harmony and Young Berg. Checkout his latest release "Maxxed Out", download, share, and play.

[Video] Paco - 4th Quarter

Canadian based DPC Movements Records presents their Filipino artist Paco with his latest video "4th Quarter". This release date is especially important because today (July 1st) is Canada Day. Join us in making this a special release and major movement for DPC by watching, sharing, and taking this release viral.
Directed by Fatty Soprano [Driven Paper Films] @FattySoprano on twitter Driven Paper Films on Facebook Contact Paco: Paco Postigo on Facebook Twitter:@paco_postigo IG: itspaco514 #MGMT/Booking/Interviews Info: Linkcon Prezzy Demetrius 514.712.3721 @LinkPrezzy on twitter/IG