Wednesday, July 2, 2014

[Artist Spotlight] Yung Gwapa (Music, Interview and More) via Miss Atown

I recently had a chance to kick it with my brotha from anotha mother this week so I got a Q&A session in. All the way from Chicago Yung Gwapa is in the south makin BIG moves! Flagrant with a natural vibe that demands attention he answered every question looking me straight in eyes.

MissAtown: Where you from and what brought you to the A! Gwapa: Southside of Chicago and I came to ATL to network. Its were the music at. MissAtown: Who would you consider competition? I ask this to gauge where artist see themselves. Gwapa: Competition? Where? MissAtown: Who do you look forward to working with? Gwapa: Whoever I work with. Everybody I want to work with is DEAD. MissAtown: Whats next for Gwapa?" Gwapa: What's next is HISTORY. MissAtown: How did you link with Miss Atown? Gwapa: I linked with miss atown in the streets grinding seeing her in all the clubs and studios

[Single] Yung Gwapa (@YungGwapa) ft Young Scooter - Tell On Me + Trailer

Contact: @YungGwapa (Instagram/Twitter)

Checkout the "I Am Yung Gwapa" Trailer

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