Monday, April 27, 2015

[Video] Kay Cola ft. French Montana - Not Ok

With musical roots flowing through her veins, Kay Cola was destined to live and breathe music. Kay Cola is the daughter of world renowned jazz & classical musician, Hubert Laws. Kay Cola has had her feet wet in the music industry as a songwriter, writing on projects for artists such as Dr. Dre, Eminem, The Game and Ne-Yo. After penning songs for some of music’s heavyweights, Kay Cola is ready to take her career in a different direction as a talented songstress. Kay Cola has performed world-wide, opening for Ne-Yo and touring with Eric Benet. She has worked with producers such as Boi1da (Drake) and RedOne (Lady Gaga). With her sweet angelic voice, Kay Cola is bound to make an impact in the music industry. She sets the vibe with her sensual and sultry tone that lures you into her dream world. With eclectic melodies over R&B, Electronic, and 808s, Kay Cola invites you into a fantasy world of lucid dreams. The singer songwriter is set to introduce you to her melodic world with the February 2015 release of her highly anticipated debut album "Lucid Dreams.” Her lyrics will unlock emotions felt in your wildest dreams...setting you free on a musical journey.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

[Album] CaP DoLLA (@CaPDoLLa) - L'Evated

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS—CaP DoLLa, whose real name is LaDarian Crosby, has been working extra hard to make his latest album even better than the last. Just when music critics thought his sound couldn’t get any better, the talented rapper continues to prove them wrong. “To me it’s important that people know I’m sincere in my music. I don’t do gangsta rap. I’m not a big club dude, that’s not really my thing. My range goes all over the place, though,” stated Crosby. “People usually look for comparisons of other artists. But I don’t really like to do that. I’m my own person.” With three songs already released, fans won’t be disappointed with his latest sure hits. His tracks combine that traditional hip hop sound, lots of bass and a hint of electronica for a unique beat that music lovers will listen to over and over again. “The first album was pretty much a learning experience. I learned a lot by funding the first project out of my own pocket,” explained Crosby. “I’m definitely a perfectionist when it comes to my music. Even though I’m still not where I want to be, where I am now is definitely above where I was.” From club tracks to songs about personal growth and development, no topic is off limits for this talented rapper. “It’s a pretty diverse album, and it’s based a lot on what’s going around the city of Chicago, especially with the crime,” stated Crosby. “I also have a song on here called ‘Last Stand’ that I wrote for my little girl. My daughter is 6-years-old and I have not seen her since she was six-months-old. God forbid, if she never sees me again, when she hears that song, she’ll know she was thought of. She’s the only child I have.” Raised by a single parent in one of Chicago’s most dangerous projects, Crosby draws inspiration from his past to create clever rhymes fans have grown to love and appreciate. “I want my music to grab your attention,” stated Crosby. “I also try to get out as much as possible. When I’m secluded, writing songs can be a challenge. Exposure to the outside world helps me come up with my lyrics.”

To learn more about CaP DoLLa, visit him on his website at

Saturday, April 25, 2015

[Mixtape] Bubble Eye (@_BubbleEye) - Mubu Kush God

New Mixtape From Mubu Gang Artist Bubble Eye (@_BubbleEye)! Hosted By Dj Shon (@DJShonChicago) & Dj 3 Stripes (@DJ3_Stripes)! Powered By Stack Or Starve Approved (@StackOrStarvDjs).

[Album] Ted Massena (@HGMco) - N2O

ORLANDO, FLORIDA—If you’re looking for a hip hop artist who’s different, then rapper Ted Massena is your guy. He considers himself the “black sheep” of hip hop. “I feel like I’m an outcast,” explained Massena. “I like to talk about weird topics. My style is definitely in its own category. I express myself differently from a lot of people I guess.” Rapping since the age of 18, Massena shows no signs of slowing down or giving up his unique style. In fact, he’s been in the studio for the last several months diligently working on his latest album titled ‘N2O.’ “It stands for nitrogen oxide. People who are into racing put that into their cars. So for anyone who listens to this upcoming new project, they’re taking a ride with me for a little bit while being entertained.” With musical inspirations ranging from Eminem to Kid Cudi, Massena promises his latest work of art won’t disappoint. If nothing more, fans will be eager to hear even more of his music available all over the internet. “I just want people to feel good and have fun when they listen to my music. Whether they’re in the club on chilling at home, I just want people to enjoy it,” explained Massena. However, don’t be surprised if Massena’s lyrics throw listeners off guard. He admits his music can be a bit trippy or even psychedelic at times—but that’s just part of the fun. “The way I put words together is kind of off,” he described. “I just talk a lot of sh*t in my songs. That’s just how I am. I describe my music as really ignorant.” Massena stays rather busy, too. When he’s not in the studio making rhymes, he’s running his company titled HGM. “I’m the leader and founder of the company. Basically, we are a group of directors, artists, etc. who collaborate together to make graphics or put together other creative projects for people,” he explained. His company has also worked with Massena on past musical projects. His latest album scheduled to drop later this month will include ten tracks with songs including “Outer Space,” “Ozone” and “Tokyo Driff.” “The song is really catchy. It’s loud, too.” Stated Massena.

To learn more about Massena, make sure you check him out on his website at

Thursday, April 23, 2015

[Single] Lorenzo Torez (@lorenzotorez) - That Guy (There's No Love)

CLEVELAND, OHIO—For Lorenzo Torez’s first single, “That Guy,” the 33-year-old is getting pretty candid when it comes to his own relationships. Past heartaches have definitely served as the inspiration for the relatable track that has already garnered five stars on iTunes and lots of positive reviews. “It’s definitely about me just being fed up with love, being hurt so many times and trying to be the good guy and be faithful in relationships, but I always end up getting burned,” explained Torez. “So in the end, I become ‘that guy.’ I become promiscuous, dating multiple people with no attachment. I’m looking for just fun. The song is about me exploring my options. I’m not trying to be tied down or looking for love.” A music video for the popular song on iTunes is in the works. It is the first single off the upcoming album titled “The Truth” slated to drop this summer. “There’s no holding back on this album. That’s what the album is about. I tell it how it is,” explained Torez. “So far, people are really responding well to the album’s first single because it’s real. It’s relatable. It’s definitely about my life. I’m not pleased with saying that I’m that guy and I’m not encouraging people to do the wrong thing—I’m just saying that this is my life. It’s my story for the time being.”

To learn more about Torez, check him out on Twitter and Facebook. You can also listen to his music on iTunes and Reverbnation.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

[Mixtape] Ijah Iba (@IjahIba) - Forever Blaze

One of the most exciting new talents to arise out of the conscious dancehall movement reggae scene, Ijah Iba (@IjahIba) began his career as one of the popular professional soccer players emerging out of Jamaica, given the opportunity and having the skills, he was being scouted to try out for the World Cup of 1998, as he was one of the top prospects coming up, known to many as “Tati” in the soccer world and in his high school days at Frome Technical High School, where he also began singing with fellow school mates, and is now progressing as one of Canada’s most astonishing performers, armed with a rich voice full of emotion, he is destined for international stardom. He stays true to his image and makes sure the quality of his music maintains a standard, considering the amount of recordings of songs he gets done, all the more impressive given the frequency with which he records his music. A versatile sing-jay style vocalist with a unique tone of voice, he is capable of both rapid-fire chanting as well as powerful , yet smooth, melodic singing.

[Mixtape] Ma Cuzz (@MA_Cuzz) - #InRealLife Hosted By Bigga Rankin

Ma Cuzz (@Ma_Cuzz), started out writing rhymes in the 5th grade,simple poems...He eventually took his pad and pen to the studio his senior year of highschool and has a been on an independent grind since. Memphis made and Texas raised, he considers his music "country rap tunes". With three solo mixtapes under his belt (Baccwud Slangin Vol 1-3) and features on a HipHop TXL Mixtape, Ticketmaster tape, King of Diamonds Memorial Day Mixtape, CTE DJ Farenheit mixtape, plus many more, he is now releasing his first mixtape (#INREALLIFE) hosted by Bigga Rankin and DJ DReal, under his own label, Dirty Mouf Piece Music. Just turning 23 Ma Cuzz has his eyes set at the stars. He currently resides in Dallas Tx and plans on taking over the country with his new singles "Triple D Bitch""Get It Doe"and "Been Thru Hell". He is now gaining more and more recognition of his different flows and versatility of rap throughout America after going on tour with Haystak through the Midwest in 2014. Most songs he enjoys making he calls "reality rap", songs about life in and out of Dallas and real experiences that aren't always about turning up. If you ask him who is Ma Cuzz, "Just a throwed ass country boy trying to make a living off of his craft and take care of his family, and just be real with himself and fans"...DirtyMoufPieceMusic

Contact Ma Cuzz:​​

[Mixtape] Lil St. Louis (@lilstl​​) - MDGDAMOB hosted by Bigga Rankin


MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE TEAM AND SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT @lilstl TWITTER & IG | /lilstlouis | Website: Bookings & Features : Call 314-635-8740

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

[Single] Brenda Jefferson ft Myron Butler - Dream

Scripture Music Group is the next label that will cause major breakthrough in the music industries Gospel demographic. Scripture Music Group was founded by Dr. Brenda Jefferson, but she is simply following the vision that God gave her. While on a flight to Africa, Dr. Brenda heard angels singing and God spoke to her letting her know that she was to minister through music. Being that Dr. Brenda does not take God’s directions lightly and she has a huge passion for music, stating that “It is my life’s desire to minister through song”, she transitioned and positioned herself into opening and spear-heading Scripture Music Group. Dr. Brenda states that “God and his word via scriptures are what influence all my records”, this is how the name for the label was created because regardless of what Dr. Brenda has learned and will learn, she still focuses on scripture to get her through by leading her down the path in which she needs to go.Today we release the latest single "Dream", which features Myron Butler. "Dream" is not a track for just supporters of Gospel music, this is a record for all people that dare to "Dream". Know that all your dreams are within your reach. Support this track today and continue to "DREAM".

Click [Here] To Stream

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Connect w/ Brenda Jefferson: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

[Single] August Alsina (@augustalsina) - Hip Hop

NNTME Muco/Def Jam Recordings presents exclusive new music by AUGUST ALSINA titled "HIP HOP" produced by Knucklehead & Korner Keyz. DJ Feedback Requested & Appreciated! #HipHop

Connect w/ August Alsina: Website: Twitter: @augustalsina Instagram: augustalsina

[Single] C-More Stacks (@CmoreStacks) - Wrapper

"You have heard Rappers turned Actors, Rappers turned Singers, now introducing Street Hustler turned Wrapper!!!" C-More Stacks is debuting his new hit song "Wrapper" (prod by DUB MAGIC ROE.

Contact w/ C-More Stacks: Instagram @_DaWrapper Twitter @CmoreStacks Website

[Single] Tone Tone (@ToneToneInHerre) ft @TooShort & @DroPolo - I Don't Love Her + Bonus Video

Artist from Detroit Tone Tone (@ToneToneInHerre) who just recently inked a deal with RICHGANG/ Bankroll Mafia debuts his new single "I Don't Love Her " ft Too $hort & Young Dro, look forward to hear more about this upcoming artist . He will be dropping his new mixtape "Just The Beginning" May 22nd.

Checkout Bonus Video "I Don't Know," directed by HD Filmz

The video takes you on a journey leading up to where Tone Tone is today. We see Tone interact with his loyal fan base, hang out on Detroit's east side and perform in front of huge crowds such as Detroit's Hot 105.9 Summer Jam. Connect w/ Tone Tone:

Sunday, April 19, 2015

[Single] Nessacary ft Rocko - Bosses Only

Breakout female artist Nessacary (@Nessacary) teams up w/ Rocko for Bosses Only. This track is being serviced by Team Bigga Rankin and all versions are available upon request. Support and feedback are appreciated.

Connect w/ Nessacary: Website: Twitter: @nessacary Instagram: nessacary

Saturday, April 18, 2015

[Video] Khaotic (@Khaotic305) - These Hoes For Errybody + Mp3

When it comes to Hip Hop, everyone’s always claiming the thrown for themselves. But let’s be clear the music industry is only for the unique, talented, brave and elite. With that being said allow me to introduce the future of Hip Hop, Str8Drop Recording Artist Khaotic. Known as the problem child of Overtown, he was born and raised in Miami-Dade County with a strong passion for the music from birth. In the mist of that, Khatoic has managed to reinvent himself as a force to be reckoned with on the Hip-hop scene of his city of Miami. With his many upcoming releases featuring his Boola Brand, he’ll be taking the city by storm. What makes Khaotic stand out as an artist is the creation and ever evolving sound of his music and artistry in the lane he’s created for himself, a sound he describes as a fusion of R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop. Khaotic states, “There is no traffic in the lane I’m in because it’s mine and I created it. When I’m within my own lane, I’m not concerned with anything else but what’s in front of me and the things I can control, which is the man in the mirror.” He keeps the music and energy fresh when he is creating by working by one rule. He lets the track tell him what’s supposed to be on it. Khaotic will quickly tell you that the effect his music has on people is what keeps his passion alive for it. His goal is to become a household name in this ever changing game of Hip-Hop, and to become one of the most sought after hit-makers of the music industry. So, get used to the name Khaotic, because he’s not going anywhere anytime soon, and will be flooding your airways for years to come. Today we present to you his latest track “These Hoes For Errybody” which has already made its way to radio, mixtapes, and various playlists.
Click [Here] To Download MP3
Connect w Khaotic: Twitter: @Khaotic305 Instagram: Khaotic305

[Video] Issa (@IssaIam) - Whips and Chains + Mp3

Good Life Music Group’s, Issa (@IssaIam) who has been called a young vet in the industry just released an eye opening visual to his latest record “Whips and Chains”, which he recorded over a year ago which was never released. When asked why Issa had not released it his response was "I didn't know if my fans were ready for it. Over the years, I've released several projects and on each one I put at least one song that expresses who I am and where I am headed with my music. I would like to move people in a new direction to open their minds. I want to advance my people. We shot the video few months back and my team allowed me to have creative control and I appreciate that". “Whips and Chains” was directed by none other than B pace and produced by Good Life Music Group’s very own T Black the Hitmaker. Issa also stated that “there are a lot of messages in the video that we purposely put there, but the craziest situation surrounding this video is that there are other messages that I had no idea were placed in there that God inserted. The message is we are no longer physical slaves, but yet some of us remain in mentally enslaved. WE ARE NOT SLAVES. I hope everyone enjoys it, learns from it and gets prepared for where I’m taking my generation.”
Click [Here] To Download Mp3
Connect w Issa:

Friday, April 17, 2015

[Single] Sauce Walka (@Sauce_Walka102) ft @ShyGlizzy and @TheRealYungSosa - Ring Around The Rosie

Sauce Walka teams up w/ Shy Glizzy and Sosaman for brand new track "Ring Around The Rosie"...submitted by DJ Jaybone and Team Bigga Rankin. Listen, Support, & Download today. Feedback is appreciated.

Contact: Sauce Walka Twitter: @Sauce_Walka102 Instagram: Sauce_Walka102 Shy Glizzy Twitter: @ShyGlizzy Instagram: ShyGlizzy Sosamann Twitter: @TheRealYungSosa Instagram: Sosamann

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

[Single] E40 (@E40) - Choices (Yup)

Hot New Track by E40 (@E40) titled "Choices (Yup" tearing up the charts. Download it now.

[Mixtape] M R$CH (@M_RIICH) - Kill Switch

[Hosted By Stack Or Starve] New Mixtape From St.Paul Minesotta Representer M R$CH! Hosted By Stack Or Starve Approved Stream & Download Below Also stay in tune with the Dollasign Now Movement!

CLICK [HERE] FOR DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK @StackOrStarvDjs @M_RIICH #KillSwitch #StackOrStarve Exclusive #DollaSignNow

Monday, April 13, 2015

Artist Spotlight on Bizzie Matthews (@BizzieMatthews)

Bizzie Matthews is an up and coming rap artist with a refreshing sound that gives homage to the Old School Pioneers, while also paves the way with an original New-School flavor. A Chicago native, Bizzie (Brandon Matthews) was born July 27th, 1988 and took and interest in music as an outlet after the death of his beloved Mother Jackie, when he was ten. Writing his first song at the age of thirteen, Bizzie used music as a way to say what was on his mind after such a tragic loss, and a big move North to his current home in Rockford, Illinois.

Bizzie's strength as a lyricist was beginning to show during his years as a high school student. With two of his friends he formed the group 'The Royal Family.' They would perform cyphers in the lunchroom and they would rap over instrumentals. After the group split amicably, Bizzie decided to pursue music seriously on his own. At the age of twenty-two, Bizzie started to perform live. Now, at the age of 26, after having numerous shows under his belt, Bizzie is gaining notoriety for his singles like 'Driving Down the Block' and 'One in a Million.' He was featured in Rude Boy Magazine's "Going Solo" section, and he will also be featured on three mix tapes this summer. Bizzie is currently working on his own Mixtape entitled 'Famous Without The Fame' and 'Being Bizzie' the LP. Bizzie Matthew's New Single 'One in A Million' is available now on Also "Like" Bizzie Matthews on Follow him on Twitter @BizzieMatthewsand Instagram @bizziematthews YouTube Channel: Bizzie Matthews 872-216-3419 (TEXT ONLY)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

[Video] Kaylah Blue (@Kaylah_Blue) - High School Luv's

“Kaylah Blue -- Soul, Power, Passion, Rhythm and Blues mixed with hard knocking beats fit for god MCs and laced with lush soulful harmonies melodically wrapped inside 4’8” of Vegas swag” BLV Music Group CEO Stephanie Hill says. Raised on the West side of Las Vegas, Kaylah Blue began honing her vocal talents singing in the choir of her grandfather’s church. Backed by the Revival Temple Sunshine Band, she sung her first solo at the young age of four. The tot quickly became known as the “little girl with the big voice.” By the time she was six she knew that singing was what she was born to do. “Music is the only thing I know. It is the ultimate source of joy for me. It makes my spirit smile. I know that I have been blessed with a gift from God and that I have to share this gift with the world.” This 19-year-old is making a name for herself on the local Vegas music scene as well as within the industry having released her first single “High School Luv’s”, featured with G.O.O.D Music Artist and the Word Smyth Malik Yusef, and collaborated with rising Hip Hop phenomenon Dizzy Wright. Although she is just starting, Kaylah has graced several industry mix tapes and was named “Breakthrough Artist” by Unsigned Hype World Magazine in 2014. If you want to catch up with Ms. Blue, you can find her in the studio perfecting tracks for her debut album.
Checkout Her Video "High School Luv's
center> Connect w/ Kaylah Blue Twitter ​​@Kaylah_Blue Instagram @kaylahblue

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

[Single] Rico Richie - Poppin

Hottest new joint "Poppin" from Atlanta Artist Rico Richie (@realricorichie).

Connect: Website: Twitter: @realricorichie IG: RealRicoRichie

[Mixtape] Boston George & Boo Rossini - Drug War 2

CTE's Boo Rossini (@Rossini1l) and AMG's Boston George (@BostonGeorgeAMG) whip up and deliver the second batch in their Drug War Mixtape series. The new tape features Yo Gotti, Scarface, Lil Boosie and Love and Hip Hop's Jhonni Blaze. Packed with beats from CTE hitmakers Lil Lody and T.A. The duo bring in the streets A&R, Bigga Rankin as the host. Listen, Download, and Support today.

[Press Release] Tara Jae (@Tara_Jae) "The Industry’s Classy Counselor"

Tara Jae is the new face of innovation in the industry. She has been respectfully noted as “The Industry's Classy Counselor" because of her undeniable knowledge and sexy professionalism. Tara Jae has helped to develop several well-known industry brands in entertainment and is now sharing the wealth of her success with the world. Along her journey, she has perpetually cultivated various key stitches in the fabric of the entertainment industry. Tara Jae's new course, “Industry Class with Class" is sure to enlighten artists & industry professionals worldwide. The Tara Jae brand has taken a sexy new approach with the launch of an exclusive designer Swimwear line “LC++”. Lookout for Tara Jae, CEO of TaraJIINC LLC. as she takes the industry by storm.

Connect w/ Tara Jae Email: Twitter/Instagram: @Tara_Jae Bookings:

Saturday, April 4, 2015

[Video] Macharo (@macharomusic) - Gossip

Macharo is most def an artist on the rise. The Memphis native by way of Chicago is a writer, ghost writer, and an independent original music contractor for a synch licensing agency and is now residing in Los Angeles. Macharo keeps himself submerged in music and is ready to take his shot at the top of the charts. Leading off with a scorching hot new single"Tattoo" & a visual to match. His newest single "Gossip" just dropped earlier this week and is already a scorcher.
Macharo signed to B&B Marketing/Management in 2015.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

[Mixtape] Wilo - 151 Heavy In The Streets

Miami, Fl. Wilo (@Wilo305), is back with a follow-up to his album "Homage". This time around he decided to release the project as a mixtape, instead of album, so that all fans have access to his music. Wilo teamed up with Miami-based, but very international, DJ Epps. "151 Heavy in The Streets" is a collection of street records, with audio imagery that Wilo has become known for. He's able to combine harsh realities with devastating truths, while still managing to uplift and bring out the bright side. Support this mixtape by downloading, voting for it, giving us some reviews, and sharing it with your friends.​

Connect w/ Wilo:

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

[Single] T-Raw ft Rocko - Let's Talk Cash

T-Raw (@dastategreat) is back with a follow-up to his standout single "Get It". This time around the College Hill Music Group signee brings in "Umma Do Me" rapper, Rocko Da Don. Do not be fooled, T-Raw was not just sitting back and waiting to release this record, his passion for music and overly active personality allowed him to take his talents on the road and create a bigger fan base via his travels, T-Raw states "I don't want to be another internet artist, I want fans in these streets...rocking the stage, shaking hands, and signing autographs is what I enjoy the most." T-Raw is also a perfectionist with everything he does and wanted to wait until everything was perfect to release "Let's Talk Cash". He brought in the super-hot Atlanta based production team Beat Attikz and the feature from artist Rocko took it over the top. This track shows growth not only with the artist himself, but in the overall sound he wants to showcase to the world. T-Raw drops his verse flawlessly, while Rocko compliments and completes the track, rounded out with hard-pounding bass, which is well-known to the south, this trio of artists and production brought Tampa and Atlanta together like never before.

Click [Here] to support track viaItunes Connect w/ T-Raw:

[Mixtape] Maxx Painn (@Maxx_Painn9) - The Marquis Larue Story

New Orleans based rapper Maxx Painn (@Maxx_Painn9), was born Maximillion Jackson, son of single mother Jo Ann Jackson. Maxx grew up in the rough streets of the lower 9th ward, infamously known as Cross the Canal. Like many others from Maxx’s neighborhood, he comes from a single parent home. His father, whom he never met, was murdered before Maxx was born. Even with life’s mishaps, Maxx still managed to live seemingly normal childhood. Early in life, Maxx became a huge fan of rap music. He found his inspiration from rappers such as, New Orleans based rap group The Hot Boys, Soulja Slim, Young Jeezy and several others. It was then that Max knew that rapping would become a passion for him; a way to get him through troubling times. Tragedy later struck MaxP when he was wrongfully incarcerated in August 2011. Maxx was then escorted to Orleans Parish Prison, notoriously known for housing some of New Orleans’ most dangerous criminals, its drug use as well as weapons in the possession of the inmates. While serving a 13 month sentence in Orleans Parish Prison, Maxx sat in cell everyday writing music and thinking about life to pass the time. Maxx had a conversation with his older brother who told him, “You have a gift from God that you can use to get your family out of the hood.” With those encouraging words, Maxx was determined to take the music world by storm. After receiving a positive feedback from people all over the city, he felt that it was a sign to keep moving forward. Now at the age of 23, which isn’t exactly old but when you’re growing up in the streets of New Orleans where most people don’t live to see 21, it’s both a blessing and privilege to make it this far. Maxx believes that true artists have the ability to let the fans know who they really are through the music. His message is simple to fans & critics alike, “If you ain’t rockin with MaxxP, you gotta be hating.” Teaming up with the streets A&R Maxx is bringing you all his latest mixtape effort titled "The Marquis Larue Story"...listen, download, and support.

Connect w/ Maxx Painn