Monday, April 13, 2015

Artist Spotlight on Bizzie Matthews (@BizzieMatthews)

Bizzie Matthews is an up and coming rap artist with a refreshing sound that gives homage to the Old School Pioneers, while also paves the way with an original New-School flavor. A Chicago native, Bizzie (Brandon Matthews) was born July 27th, 1988 and took and interest in music as an outlet after the death of his beloved Mother Jackie, when he was ten. Writing his first song at the age of thirteen, Bizzie used music as a way to say what was on his mind after such a tragic loss, and a big move North to his current home in Rockford, Illinois.

Bizzie's strength as a lyricist was beginning to show during his years as a high school student. With two of his friends he formed the group 'The Royal Family.' They would perform cyphers in the lunchroom and they would rap over instrumentals. After the group split amicably, Bizzie decided to pursue music seriously on his own. At the age of twenty-two, Bizzie started to perform live. Now, at the age of 26, after having numerous shows under his belt, Bizzie is gaining notoriety for his singles like 'Driving Down the Block' and 'One in a Million.' He was featured in Rude Boy Magazine's "Going Solo" section, and he will also be featured on three mix tapes this summer. Bizzie is currently working on his own Mixtape entitled 'Famous Without The Fame' and 'Being Bizzie' the LP. Bizzie Matthew's New Single 'One in A Million' is available now on Also "Like" Bizzie Matthews on Follow him on Twitter @BizzieMatthewsand Instagram @bizziematthews YouTube Channel: Bizzie Matthews 872-216-3419 (TEXT ONLY)

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