Thursday, April 23, 2015

[Single] Lorenzo Torez (@lorenzotorez) - That Guy (There's No Love)

CLEVELAND, OHIO—For Lorenzo Torez’s first single, “That Guy,” the 33-year-old is getting pretty candid when it comes to his own relationships. Past heartaches have definitely served as the inspiration for the relatable track that has already garnered five stars on iTunes and lots of positive reviews. “It’s definitely about me just being fed up with love, being hurt so many times and trying to be the good guy and be faithful in relationships, but I always end up getting burned,” explained Torez. “So in the end, I become ‘that guy.’ I become promiscuous, dating multiple people with no attachment. I’m looking for just fun. The song is about me exploring my options. I’m not trying to be tied down or looking for love.” A music video for the popular song on iTunes is in the works. It is the first single off the upcoming album titled “The Truth” slated to drop this summer. “There’s no holding back on this album. That’s what the album is about. I tell it how it is,” explained Torez. “So far, people are really responding well to the album’s first single because it’s real. It’s relatable. It’s definitely about my life. I’m not pleased with saying that I’m that guy and I’m not encouraging people to do the wrong thing—I’m just saying that this is my life. It’s my story for the time being.”

To learn more about Torez, check him out on Twitter and Facebook. You can also listen to his music on iTunes and Reverbnation.

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