Wednesday, January 27, 2016

[Video] L.H. (@LdotHdot) - I Do It

CHICAGO—For the past several years Chicago rapper, L.H., has been hard at work writing, recording and releasing tracks and mixtapes and playing local clubs. With a range of both old school and contemporary hip hop influences, L.H. mixes it all in with his own life experiences growing up on Chicago's south and west sides. He creates hooks, beats and rhymes that appeal to fans of real hip hop. L.H. doesn't mind working hard. That's what he does, but he'd like more people to hear the fruit of his labors in the studio. As L.H. continues to write and record and perform around Chicago and the Midwest, he has posted select tracks on-line so rap fans can get a feel for what he's all about. Lionheart is currently making these tracks available for free in a bid to increase his fan base. Follow L.H. Facebook: Facebook Fanpage: Instagram: LdotHdot SoundCloud: Twitter: Website: YouTube: google play: L.H.

[Mixtape] P.Skud (@PSkudhb43) & Capo (@hardbody2543) - Definition Of A 4

Minnesota based artist breaking through the north side streets to a hood near you. this is their first major release mixtape full of hard beats and lyrics! Now getting more direction to better their music through hard work, dedication and team Bigga Rankin/ Cool Runnings Djs there will be more in store for these guys.

Checkout the "Wild Out" Video by P.Skud ft T-Roy

Connect w/ P.Skud & Capo: Twitter: @PSkudhb43 & @hardbody2543 Instagram: Pskud_dat_nigga & capoe_gramz

[Video] Space Age Spud (@SpaceAgeSpudd) - On Da Cool

On Da Cool is based on something I use in my every day life my own philosophy of being just a cool ass ninja I use it as my own words to say On Da Cool I'm a Young fly talented intelligent ass artists that's from the break to the rap scene for 2016 On Da Cool I wrote this song just thinking about my every day life situation and I knew everybody could relate to the stuff I'm saying because it's real life shit ya dig I got a lot of people that I don't fuck wit On Da Cool and they don't fuck with me On Da Cool Goens out here that well put in work for da Big Lil Homie in last but not least On Da Cool I got two beautiful kids in which I'm not stuck with my baby mothers due to the fact that I have those kids by them by that being said its real life shit and I'm pretty sure everybody can relate to the circumstances.
Twitter: @SpaceAgeSpudd FaceBook: Space Age Spudd Instagram: SpaceAgeSpudd Snapchat - Space Age Spud

Bryson Knoel (@BrysonKnoel) - Backseat (Audio)

Just off his Sophomore EP titled “Titantic,” Baltimore-bred Bryson Knoel has also released two new singles currently gaining lots of traction on Audiomack and SoundCloud—the world’s leading social sound platforms. BALTIMORE, MARYLAND—2016 is already shaping up to be a busy one for Maryland native, Bryson Knoel. He’s presently working hard in the studio, gearing up for his first single of the New Year slated to drop by February “We are kind of focusing on singles this year as opposed to EPs and albums because we’ve done that in the past,” explained Knoel. “People’s attentions spans are a little shorter these days. I want to just play with it, and see how the fans take it. My upcoming single "Beware" is produced by BNJMN. It's a subtle step in a new direction for me, but definitely still has that Bryson Knoel sound.” Although fans will have to wait for the official song release, they can enjoy his latest singles, “Lucky” and “Scream” which hit the Internet by storm toward the end of last year. “’Lucky’ is based on a conversation I was having with one of my friends. She was going through some stuff with one of the guys she was dating. It was one of those things where she felt that he wasn’t being completely honest with her. She knew there was something going on with someone else, but he wouldn’t really admit that to her,” explained Knoel. “She was kind of at the point where she had been through so much with him, she was just over it. I think everybody can relate to that song.” While that single has more of an “urban feel” to it, “Scream” is just the opposite. It’s darker and more alternative. Knoel says it was actually inspired by a bad dream. “In the dream, I was being followed and cornered by someone who I thought was trying to hurt me and he had a gun. At the end of the dream, I ended up killing the guy,” explained Knoel. For Knoel, that dream, while certainly frightening, had symbolic meaning. He believed the music industry in its current state was causing him to lose his identity as an artist. “There was a time when I felt like I was being forced by the industry to do what everyone else was doing. I felt like I was being shoved in a corner and I felt like that’s what the dream represented for me,” stated Knoel. “The song was kind of weird, but it was fun to create. The hook is very in your face, loud and angry, but it simultaneously expresses deep regret” Influenced by such artists as Steve Wonder, Omarion, JoJo, and Christina Aguilera, Knoel describes his sound as vocal driven pop/R&B infused with alternative sounds. To learn about Knoel, visit his website at: or follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @BrysonKnoel

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

[Video] Ray iLLa (@RayiLLa) ft King Louie - J Down

Dir. Leon (@MudwingMedia) New visual from Next to blow artist hailing from Chicago, Ray iLLa featuring King Louie. Ray iLLa's newly released Ep "Situations' out now via iTunes: Follow @RayiLLa on all social media and visit:

Spotlight on Nichelle Colvin (@NichelleColvin)

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS—Just hot off her recent album titled “Evolving-RLM,” Nichelle Colvin is not slowing down anytime soon. She’s got big things in the works for the New Year. “I’m really pleased with my last album. The title track is really a spiritual song. As you grow older, things that used to upset you, don’t anymore. With having lost my father and my own brush with death, you learn that life is short. Don’t take the little things so seriously,” stressed Colvin. For “Evolving-RLM,” the album has catapulted her exposure on the World Wide Web to the tenth degree. In fact, it was this project that recently landed her on’s radar as well as on for her single “Getting Closer.” “I describe my sound as earthy realism. Whatever I’m feeling, I put it into my music. I’m always trying to re-invent myself,” she stressed. “Don’t be surprised if I even put out a country song sometime.” In the studio, she’s working on a new EP scheduled to drop on Valentine’s Day. The first single from this project will be a track titled “Valentine.” “The second song from the EP will be called ‘Divorce.’ I have a friend who went through a divorce around Valentine’s Day. Her story was inspired by that track. The third track will be called ‘Cougar Tale.’ It’s for all the cougars out there,” she laughed.

Click [Here] To Listen

[Single] Carl Thornton (@Carl_T_Music) - Keep Dancin

Through the good and the bad, this upcoming EDM artist hopes to inspire and motivate others through his uplifting beats. To kick off 2016, he has released the catchy track, “I Remember.” BROOKLYN, NEW YORK—Carl Thornton is currently working hard in the studio, preparing for his next great single that’s still a work in progress. In the meantime, he’s not leaving his fans hanging. He recently just debuted his fourth single from his latest mini-EP titled ‘I Remember,’ an urban/pop track. “That track is based on my based on dating life. I was in a relationship for seven years, and it ended via text. I was embarrassed and devastated. I didn’t even tell most of my family members,” explained Thornton. “I’m just living my truth about heartache through that song. “ Inspired by the musical mastermind of Stevie Wonder, Thornton says fans can expect great things from him musically in the near future. As he pumps out new upbeat tracks, he says his truth and passion speak through his music.

Click [Here] To Stream

Click [Here] To Stream

“I’m thrilled about what’s next. This is where I’m supposed to be. This is my calling. I’m so excited for the New Year,” stated Thornton. “I’m comfortable living my own truth and want to inspire others to do the same. I want people to believe that they can follow their dreams. If you don’t put yourself out there, how do you expect to achieve anything?” In the next few years, Thornton says he hopes to become a household name all over the globe. To learn more about Thornton and to follow his journey, check him out on Twitter and To read his bio, click here.

[Video] Mike Cavanaugh - John Lennon or Kurt Cobain

A captivating performer, musician, and true artist—Mike Cavanaugh shows no signs of slowing down in the New Year. Between touring and working on a new album, 2016 is shaping up to be quite a busy year. BOSTON, MASSACHUSSETTS—Mike Cavanaugh has had quite an amazing career in the entertainment industry for well more than a decade now. Always looking forward to his next project, the talented singer is currently working on a new album which he says will have some faith-based influences. “I recently became a Christian. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching for the longest time and I started to have some conversations with different people. I eventually got down on my knees and accepted Christ into my heart,” explained Cavanaugh. According to Cavanaugh, the album, which is yet to be titled, is still very much a work in progress but it will continue to show his growth as an artist. “I want my new music to be more purposeful in the lyrics that I sing, but I’m still trying to figure out what it’s going to look like,” stated Cavanaugh. “There’s going to be a change for sure. I’m excited and curious. I’m wondering what my fans will think.” Playing the piano since the age of five, and picking up the guitar not long after, Cavanaugh has always made it a point to be true to himself with each and every performance. At the end of the day, he doesn’t want to be compared to anyone else. “I try not to think about my musical influences too much because I don’t want to become them. I want to be my own artist,” stated Cavanaugh. His manager, Stephanie Cooper, can also attest to that. “For me, when I listen to Mike, the reason I got involved with his music is because of his authenticity. You can tell that it’s real, and that it’s coming from a real place, real life experiences. It makes you appreciate music on a greater level,” she stated. As for what’s next, Cavanaugh says he wants to keep doing what he enjoys best. “I want to keep writing and evolving. I also hope to be touring and playing more shows in different places,” stated Cavanaugh. To learn more about Mike Cavanaugh, visit

[Single] Jimii Hitmaker (@hendrix_jimii) - Game Time

For Jimii, an up-and-coming rapper, he’s had to deal with pain and heartache much sooner than most. Yet through those raw emotion, he’s been able to pour his heart and soul into his music, creating his most prolific project to date. SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA—James “Jimii” Carlisle is pleased to announce the releases of his first major project, an 11-song mixtape titled “Revelations,” his first major project released just in time for the New Year. “I called it ‘Revelations’ because I’m just telling my truths and talking about the hardships in my life,” explained Jimii. “For me, personally, it’s the best work that I’ve done. It’s all original work—straight from me and my production team.” So far, his first single off the project, “Got Me Thinking,” is doing well in the world of online media. On, the track has been listened to more than 10,000 times. On YouTube, the music video for the song has been watched more than 3,000 times in about a month. “I’m super proud of it. I can’t even put into words. The feedback I’ve gotten has been tremendous,” stated Jimii. Inspired by hip hop legends, Biggy Smalls, Tupac, Jay-Z and Naz, Jimii describes his style as versatile, laid back and highly lyrical. “I don’t want to be boxed or placed in a corner. I like to be diverse. I can hop onto and R&B track or a pop track,” explained Jimii. “I hope when people here my music they can understand what I’m going through and hopefully relate.” Just before the holidays, Jimii lost his mother to colon cancer. She was diagnosed four years ago and fought to the very end. She was only 52-years-old. For Jimii, the loss was indescribable but fueled his passion for his latest project.

Click [Here] To Stream

Click [Here] To Stream

“I actually started to rap not long after she got diagnosed. She loved what I did. She was my biggest supporter,” stated Jimii. “There was a point, however, like a week before she passed, I was depressed and ready to give it up. However, she told me ‘No, don’t do it. It’s your dream. It’s amazing. No matter what, don’t let nobody stop it.” Because of those words, Jimii is presently in the studio working on a new single titled “1992” that he plans to dedicate in honor of his mother. It also happens to be the year he was born. In the next couple of years, Jimmi hopes to be a platinum-selling recording artist with a few Grammies under his belt. To learn more about this rising star, visit him on,, and Twitter.

[EP] EJ (@EJFROMLIBERTY) - Nice 2 Meet U

18-year-old EJ Allen from Upstate New York is a musical prodigy in the making. A self-taught song writer, producer and beat maker—his music sounds nothing like the newcomer he truly is. LIBERTY, NEW YORK—EJ Allen, 18, has a lot to be proud of heading into the New Year. He recently released his first major project titled “Nice 2 Meet U” which is reminiscent of Kanye West infused with the sounds and beats of Drake. “It was a learning experience. I don’t have a studio. I have my bedroom instead. I had to teach myself everything. I learned a lot in that short amount of time—including how to mix my music,” explained Allen. “This particular mixtape contains stories of my life and my feelings. It also contains a lot of melodies, and it’s just me expressing myself through my music.” Allen created the music on this project in less than two weeks and while his father was on tour in Italy performing. For music lovers who didn’t know better, they’d think Allen’s music was produced in a world class studio—but, nope, those awesome beats came from the teen’s own bedroom. “I ended up making all the songs in four days. I just love music,” stated Allen. “I’m also pretty humble.” Allen has been dabbling with music since he was in the fourth grade. At the age of 10, he started playing the drums. When he turned 16-years-old, his dad gave him a beat machine. “I’ve been making music on it ever since. I just want people to hear my music and be inspired to do whatever they want to do,” stated Allen.

According to the teen, he owes much of his interest in music to his father, a Blues and Grammy nominated guitarist. In fact, one of his tracks on the mixtape, ‘42 Hundred,’ is dedicated to his old man. “That song is about him being away in Italy. I’m thankful for everything he’s done,” stated Allen. “Without him, I don’t think I’d have the passion I’ve always watched him. And I’ve always wanted to be like him.” As for the mixtape’s title track, he says that’s entirely about him. “’Nice 2 Meet U’ is about a kid who is in his room alone most of the time in his room and making music like nothing people have heard before,” stated Allen. As for what’s next, Allen is gearing up for his Sophomore project that he promises will be even bigger and better than the last. “It’s going to have more rapping on it. It’s going to bit more aggressive and a little more of me finding my voice,” stated Allen. “I’m really excited about it. I plan on doing big things with it.” To learn more about EJ, check him out on Twitter, Tumblr, and

[Video] Amanda Grace - Better Life

Along with gearing up for the release of her highly anticipated single, Grace recently reached #2 on the charts for’s “Emerging Artists” category for her song “Los Angeles” WINONA, MINNESOTA—According to this talented singer/songwriter, she’s looking forward to dropping her latest single in the New Year. It’s definitely a love song of sorts combined with a pop/rock feel mixed with rich vocals and thought-provoking lyrics. “I wrote it around my own relationship. I wished there was a better story behind it,” joked Grace. “I’ve been married for 13 years. I’m also a mom two kids, ages 10 and 6. Honestly, I wrote it in such a blur, but for people who’ve heard it, they loved it. The producer I worked with did a really good job capturing my voice. I can’t wait to see how other people react to the single.” Along with finishing her new single, she recently became a member of the Grammys. She also recently entered her very first musical competition at which landed her in the #2 spot for nearly a month in the “emerging artists” category for her single “Los Angeles.” “When I visited L.A., I was feeling what other people were feeling here. It’s such a busy, busy city. There are all these people trying to make it. It’s such a hope-filled city filled with disappointment at the same time,” explained Grace. “People are just trying to find the strength they need to keep pursuing their dreams. That’s what the song really is about. In fact when I went out to LA, I was dealing with the sudden news that my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. As our family had already been through some of this, I was very hesitant to go. However, if I wouldn't have gone the song might not of been written; as I wrote the lyrics just as I was about to board my plane in the airport in LA. Now three months later, we have received news that she is doing well with her cancer battle and it is currently undetectable. To say the least we party like its NYE every day; she's our living miracle.” During the competition, more than 15,000 people cast their votes for Grace’s song—a number she was humbled by. “It’s taken a number of years to build up that fan base. It was also inspiring to me to see how much people cared and to see how much support I have,” expressed Grace. As for her upcoming single, she says she hopes it is eventually part of a bigger project. But in the meantime, she hopes to continue inspiring people with her music. “When people hear my music, I hope people take away the message of hope. You do need music for dark days,” stated Grace. To learn more about Grace, visit her at

[Video] LC The General (@EyesNever_Lie) - Watch How I Turn Up

With thousands of YouTube subscribers and millions of views, this talented hip hop artist is back in the studio working on his latest video masterpiece. For LC The General, his music is inspired by real life. When he was 16, his grandmother passed away and his brother went to prison for a violation of probation. He was also raised by a single mother after his father was sent to prison for 14 years. Unlike his brother and dad, the rapper decided to go down a different path in life. “Shortly after my grandmother past and brother when to prison, I set up my own studio and just started rapping. I went to the Apollo Theater in Harlem to try out. I did a lot of things. I just never stopped. I kept going,” he said. “Music saved me, and my sound is genuine and real. When my brother went to prison, everyone thought I was next. However, I just want to touch people. I think that’s what I’m here for.” And so far, his music has reach millions of people on YouTube. For the last six years, he’s regularly posted new videos on his channel. Some of the videos have been viewed more than 300,000 times—something not easy to achieve for underground artists. To learn more about LC The General, check him out on Twitter and YouTube.

[Video] Influence - Sum Money

"SUM MONEY" (CV) from STRUGU FILMS™ on Vimeo.

All Videos Shot & Edited By STRUGUFILMS™

[Video] Daz Dillz (@DazDillz) - Alcohol

Daz Dillz new music video titled "Alcohol" off his debut mixtape TokyoFMB hosted by Dj Big Mike which is releasing soon. Follow @DazDillz on Twitter & Instagram.

Monday, January 25, 2016

[Video] Bandz Danero ft Notey Extra & B Steelz - When I Cook

Track 8 off that Bag Talk Mixtape DJ Big Mike & DJ Get It Rite

[Video] Fusha ft. Uzi, Blockopoly - Show Me How You Dance

Free download

[Audio video] YV Kels - Love Potion

Presented by Young Visionaries Produced by Ashland Summit/ Jake IG Yv_kels Twitter YV Kels Soundcloud YV Kels EP on datpiff,com "1 Step Closer"

[Video] Arlis Michaels (@Arlis_Michaels) - The Professional Chiller (Episode 1)

"I Get Paid To Chill Not Kill" Starring: @Arlis_Michaels / Directed By: @Definiteproduction

[Video] JP Saturday - Feel Alive

Listen to the mixtape on Download from DATPIFF For Booking:

[Single] Johnny Cinco (@1JohnnyCinco) - 2016

Johnny Cinco links up w. Bigga Rankin to release his latest record "2016". Listen and Support today!

Connect w/ Johnny Cinco: Twitter: @1JohnnyCinco Instagram: JohnPopi

[Single] Black Friday (@black_fridaync) - Positions

365 ENT. and Team Bigga Rankin bring "Positions" the new Chophouze produced record by Black Friday. Feedback and Support is appreciated.

Connect w/ Black Friday: twitter: @black_fridaync instagram: black_fridaync

Sunday, January 24, 2016

[Single] Billionaire Buck (@Comptonsbuck) - Karma

Every action has a reaction, everything ­has a consequence we all must answer for­. Compton, California native Billionaire­ Buck discussed his dealing with fate in­ his new song properly titled, "Karma". ­"Karma" is the 1st installment to the ­first vol. in a five vol. series to the ­Black Jew project. Similar to Torah , Bu­ck the (Moses to lost tribe of Block Bal­lers) will have five unreleased new rec­ords leading up to the print release. Ka­rma is produced by JTP, he is also respo­nsible for 50% of the production on Buck­'s next release. Billionaire Buck is set­ to hit the road in March on the Black J­ew tour, hitting up the West Coast, So i­n the mean time kick back and enjoy Karma!

Click [Here] To Listen

Click [Here] To Listen

Keep up with Buck, his movement and to find out when he's coming to your city
via Instagram: @Billionaire_buck
Twitter: @Comptonsbuck

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Recap of V.A.I.N (@itsVAIN) at Demp Week

V.A.I.N.(Verbal Assault Is Nasty ) is a rap recording artist who was born and raised in Queens, NYC. Vain grew up under the musical influences of his parents, who were lifelong musicians, and the rich hip hop environment of NYC In an effort to expand his fan base and overall exposure he has recently begun touring the south, ensuring that his presence is known.


VAIN has a catalog of over 500 Hip hop songs, and numerous mixtapes. He's had the privilege of collaborating with many other talented artists in the industry on songs/videos including: Lil Mo (Break Up 2 Make Up), Slim from 112 (All the Good Girls), Fabolous & Ryan Leslie (Good Lovin') Jim Jones (Show Off), Red Cafe (All Ghetto video NSFW) & DJ Jazzy Joyce (I Love It - which reached #87 on Urban Mediabase Top 100).

To start 2016 off in a major and promote his new single "Hello", V.A.I.N traveled to Tallahassee, FL to invade the 19th Annual Demp Week.

V.A.I.N & DJ Demp V.A.I.N & DJ Demp

For those unfamiliar with Demp Week. It is a week long birthday celebration of none other than the infamous DJ Demp. Legends such as The Nappy Roots, Lil’ Flip, Yo Gotti, Lil’ Jon & the East Side Boyz, 112, Twista, movie maven Lisa Raye, George Clinton, Trick Daddy, Juvenile, Field Mob, Rick Ross, the OG Bigga Rankin, So So Def, the FUBU owners have all come to T-town over the years to enjoy and participate in various events. This year V.A.I.N was able to make his mark and add his name to the list of legends.

Bigga Rankin & V.A.I.N

Bigga Rankin & V.A.I.N

This years festivities included a special advance screening of Ice Cube & Kevin Hart's new movie 'Ride Along 2' , Elora Mason brought her fabulous FESummit showcase back to Tallahassee, only this year as a part of Demp Week.

V.A.I.N & TJ Chapman

V.A.I.N & TJ Chapman

Friday the weekend officially kicked off with DJ Demp hosting a Meet & Greet for legendary DJ Scream and later in the afternoon a celebrity basketball game for charity, that V.A.I.N. himself participated in. Check out the footage below.

Saturday was no different, V.A.I.N started the day off with DJ Demp's Anti-Bully Rally at the Jack McLean Community Center, another successful charity event for DJ Demp and #DempWeekXIX

V.A.I.N and the kids in attendance at DJ Demp's Anti-Bully Rally

V.A.I.N and the kids in attendance at DJ Demp's Anti-Bully Rally

Some of the other notable events and activities for V.A.I.N included hitting the stage at one of Tallahassee's infamous venues, The Moon. Where he had the privilege to open for Yo Gotti performing his new hit single "Hello", at DJ Demp's official birthday celebration.

He also had the privilege of being interviewed at FAMU'S own 90.5FM 'The Flava'.
V.A.I.N. at FAMU's 90.5FM - The Flava V.A.I.N. at FAMU's 90.5FM - The Flava

He's had videos and music featured on MTV Jams, BET, World Star Hip Hop and more. His music has nationwide air play including support from NYC’s own Power 105.1 & Hot 97.

V.A.I.N 'Hello' Cover

V.A.I.N 'Hello' Cover

Currently Vain has released his ‘Million Dollar Dreams’ mixtape with numerous hit singles including ‘Hello’ produced by famed producer Vakseen. Checkout V.A.I.N current single "Hello" via Virdiko below:

Connect with VAIN

Twitter: @itsvain

Instagram: @itsvain

Facebook: ItIs Vain


[Mixtape] Imari Cartione (@ImariCartione) - Money Callin The Empire

With a flow colder than Georgia's winter, the Clayton County native Imari Price introduced himself to the music industry in 2010, as Imari Cartione with his first project, Money Callin’ Volume 1: no wonder that he would take the streets by storm with collaborating with Rich Homie Quan, & J Money . After releasing his debut project Imari Cartione now has access to the spotlight he needed. Cartione quickly learned the spotlight has its downfalls, one of his singles, Shawty Hold Me Down, was stolen by Young Dro and Baby Boy. Fortunately, unlike many  he not only had his music together but his business as well. Just as quickly as his music was hijacked his legal team was able to have it returned. With a stolen song scandal and his first single from the project, I Know, running through the streets of the south and finally landing on the airwaves, it was no surprise Imari Cartione was gearing up to release his second project. Now residing in infamous ClayCo, the CEO of Money Callin Entertainment has released his much anticipated project, Money Calling: The Empire, with features from Mykko Montana, Losie of QC Dirty Dave of QC, Chris Flamme, Fresh Jones of Streets Exces, DJ Plugg, Yoksta Slomeezy, and Almane Lo.

He is already gaining a lot of attention after releasing his first single, Fung Shui, produce by DJ Plugg, which has its own dance called Fung Shui steppin.’ Imari Cartione is currently booking shows and interviews throughout the south. Make sure you follow the movement and keep up @ImariCartione on all social media sites. For those interested in booking Imari Cartione contact Catch the video the "We Up" off the 'Money Callin The Empire' mixtape below.

[Mixtape] Issa (@IssaIam) - This Winter

Excited to show fans his growth over the past few months, Issa is back with new EP "This Winter". "This Winter" is not only showing his growth as an artist, but also giving fans an overlook on the forthcoming "New Wave" EP. "This Winter" brings in a diverse group of producers; including label mate and longtime producer T Black the Hitmaker, Cassius Jay, Go Grizz, and Bobby Kritical; all of which bring a different side of Issa out. Issa is also excited because he is working with NNTME MuCo, which he believes is the piece needed to take his career to the next level, stating "with Good Life & NNTME driving me forward I'm going to be hard to stop." Press Play and listen to what Issa serves up for us on "This Winter".

Connect w/ Issa: Twitter: @IssaIam Instagram: IssaIam

Monday, January 18, 2016

[Single] That Boy Poppa (@thatboypoppa) ft @YFNLucci - What Yall Want

That Boy Poppa links up with YFN Lucci for a massive collaboration on track titled "What Yall Want". Team Bigga Rankin is here to introduce you all and thank you for your support and feedback.

Connect w/ That Boy Poppa: Twitter: @thatboypoppa Instagram: thatboypoppa

[Single] Roosta (@roosta407) - Spazzz

Da 4 Da Label and Team Bigga Rankin presents "Spazzz" the new Quent Aleem produced record from Orlando artist Roosta. Support and Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Connect w/ Roosta: Twitter: @roosta407 IG: king_____roosta Facebook:

[Single] Yung2 (@yung2tse) - Skrrr

New track from Yung2 ft Skooly "Skrrr" presented by Team Bigga Rankin and the Cool Running Djs. Support and feedback is greatly appreciated.

Connect w/ Yung2: Twitter: @yung2tse Instagram: yung2teezy

[Single] Ja'Ron Write (@jaronwrite) - Big Rings

"I didn't want to be an artist, but MUSIC chose me." is how Ja'Ron Write describes how he came to join the music industry, he states that initially his chosen path was basketball, but he had to follow his purpose. As an artist Ja'Ron feels as though he is not to be compared with anyone because he has always been true to himself. Ja'Ron allows for his spirit to lead him and feels as though Good Life Music Group is the label for him, although it took him a little time to realize that, but in the end it was right where he needed to be. An artist that is zealous to say the least about his goals, today we release his "Big Rings" cover as a preview of what is to come. Expect more records soon because the future looks bright for this young man!

Connect w/ Ja'Ron: Website: Twitter: @jaronwrite Instagram: jaronwrite

[Single] Rushbilli (@Ristakerbully) ft Lil Boosie & Kief Brown - Im That Guy

Rushbilli releases new track ft Boosie & Kief Brown "Im That Guy". His ultimate goal is to be "Bigger Than Birdman" which would not only be as an artist, but as a CEO and a Mogul all together!!!!

Connect w/ Rushbilli: Twitter: @Ristakerbully Instagram: RUSHBILLI

Thursday, January 14, 2016

[Video] Billionaire Buck (@ComptonsBuck) - Rich Before I Die

Seriously did you really think 2016 would come in without a visual from the hardest working ,Cpt. native "Billionaire Buck" fully equipped with his swagged out verses, attitude, and catchy hook. "Rich Before I Die" Buck letting yall know that his grind has a purpose which is how he was Born is not how he plans on leaving. Also for 2016 Buck is set to hit the road, on The Black Jew tour which will celebrate Buck's next solo effort, The Black Jew project is set to be release Mid-February via Datpiff. Rich Before I Die is available for download now on iTunes ( But before buck hits your city or before the project drops Holla at Buck via Instagram: @billionaire_buck Twitter: @comptonsbuck Facebook:

Monday, January 11, 2016

[Mixtape] Young Soda - Soda Ova Everything

Young Soda, born Joel Adarius Hill, is a rapper and singer from Birmingham, Alabama. Soda would frequently be invited to visit the studios of Ruff Pro Productions to have sit downs with local rappers about what was going on in the streets. Through this avenue Soda eventually would take notice to the craft of HIP/HOP. He found that music was the best way to express himself. Young Soda began his musical career at 15 years old writing and recording songs where ever he could. He began his career as a self proclaimed “Gangsta Rapper” as a teen delivering hardcore hip-hop. Through years of maturation and reinventing himself, he developed into a trendsetter with a massive body of work. The goal is to propel Young Soda into becoming recognizable worldwide by combining a strong work ethic with aggressive promotion Young Soda has what it takes to become an ICON. Soda recently signed with B&B Marketing/Management in 2015.

[Single] Slate Stone (@SlateStoneMusic) - Skyy Tribe

Phenom Slate Stone "Skyy Tribe" prod. by @mbbtracks globally serviced @VirDiKO. "Measure yourself to yourself, not to what others have done - Always strive to be better you! Be Honest. Be Creative. #1000Network #SkySkrape #SkyyTribe #iFlywitHawks *1KN

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

[Single] Dre P. (@DreP419) - Out Da Mud + Video

Dre P. officially releases "Out Da Mud", one of the stand out singles off his Bigga Rankin hosted mixtape "Drugs" which is available online. Download & support this latest track, prod by Shawty Fresh.

Checkout the official video

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[Video] Haitian Fresh (@itshaitianfresh) - No Ingles

Directed by Cricket Follow @haitianfreshBSM 'Beast Mode 2' coming soon hosted by DJ Scream

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

[Video] Kyng Jereme (@iAmKyngJereme) ft Calvin Ross - 1000 Words

Kyng Jereme a.k.a Capo originally from Lauderdale County,Ripley Tn has been behind a microphone since he was 13. Motivated by his younger brothers beats he began to write. In 2005 Kyng moved to Jackson Tn. where he gain some of the most loyal consultants that would have his best interests. Unable to balance the streets from business landed him behind bars for a 5 year stint. Constructively using his time he made the decision to change and chase his dream of music. He has made a name for himself in Tennessee's underground music scene since. The 28 year old father of seven Is striving incredibly. He just ended a tour with various artist not to long after releasing his latest and highly anticipated mixtape "No Protégé". Gearing up for the release of his debut EP "A League Of My Own" Kyng Continues to be consistent in his delivery. The artist has gone viral wit his hit song "I'm From Ripley" and plans to do so again wit his upcoming single "1000 Words".

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[Video] Co-Still (@Costill8nine) - Let Me Hit prod. By Kenny Bee

The Chicity OG who had the wildest time with a certified "Stalker" and for a lot of reasons told us why he ain't "HAPPY " Now has a PSA question for the pretty ladies.... yall know that all the getting to know you an all that, is fine but the Question on Co-Still's mind is When you gone "LET ME HIT" SO HIT THE PLAY BUTTON AN ENJOY... let Co-Still know your THOUGHTS via Twitter/IG @COSTILL8NINE

[Video] Mr.hundredGrand (@HUNDREDGRAND37), @RIDAHMOVEMENT, @Mr_StLouLou - Never

St. Lou Lou Gang - Mr.hundredGrand , Firewater Redstarr , Rip The General Follow us on Facebook download

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ghetto The Plug Releases "Run It"

Wasting no time this New Year, Ghetto the Plug releases single "Run It". "Run It" has already made its way to radio, clubs, and a few sites due to the demand that Ghetto The Plug is generating in the streets, today we officially bring it directly to you. A subject that we all have more than likely dealt with, "Run It" lets it be known that nobody is playing about their money, whether you are making it in the trap or in the office "Run It" definitely sets the soundtrack for the feeling we get when it seems somebody is playing about paying us what is owed. Press play, support, and stay tuned for more...2016 is the year of the PLUG!!!

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[Single] Greggo (@officialgreggo) ft Sennia - No Where

New music from Chicago unsigned hype artist Greggo! Featuring Sennia

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Monday, January 4, 2016

[Video] Young Ripstarr (@ripstarr305) - Relate + Mp3 Download

Young Ripstarr releases a tribute record for both Eazy-E and Tupac Shakur. "Relate" speaks on the similar lifestyles and struggles that Young Ripstarr shared with the late great hip hop icons. The Miami native spits on living in poverty, uniting his brothers, racial profiling, and many of the same obstacles he's faced following the footsteps of Eazy-E and Tupac. Press play to watch the video and don't forget to download the Been Making Hitz produced track today, all support and feedback is appreciated. Download Single HERE >>> Connect w/ Young Ripstarr: Twitter: @ripstarr305 Instagram: @ripstarr305 WWW.RIPTHESTREETS.COM