Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bryson Knoel (@BrysonKnoel) - Backseat (Audio)

Just off his Sophomore EP titled “Titantic,” Baltimore-bred Bryson Knoel has also released two new singles currently gaining lots of traction on Audiomack and SoundCloud—the world’s leading social sound platforms. BALTIMORE, MARYLAND—2016 is already shaping up to be a busy one for Maryland native, Bryson Knoel. He’s presently working hard in the studio, gearing up for his first single of the New Year slated to drop by February “We are kind of focusing on singles this year as opposed to EPs and albums because we’ve done that in the past,” explained Knoel. “People’s attentions spans are a little shorter these days. I want to just play with it, and see how the fans take it. My upcoming single "Beware" is produced by BNJMN. It's a subtle step in a new direction for me, but definitely still has that Bryson Knoel sound.” Although fans will have to wait for the official song release, they can enjoy his latest singles, “Lucky” and “Scream” which hit the Internet by storm toward the end of last year. “’Lucky’ is based on a conversation I was having with one of my friends. She was going through some stuff with one of the guys she was dating. It was one of those things where she felt that he wasn’t being completely honest with her. She knew there was something going on with someone else, but he wouldn’t really admit that to her,” explained Knoel. “She was kind of at the point where she had been through so much with him, she was just over it. I think everybody can relate to that song.” While that single has more of an “urban feel” to it, “Scream” is just the opposite. It’s darker and more alternative. Knoel says it was actually inspired by a bad dream. “In the dream, I was being followed and cornered by someone who I thought was trying to hurt me and he had a gun. At the end of the dream, I ended up killing the guy,” explained Knoel. For Knoel, that dream, while certainly frightening, had symbolic meaning. He believed the music industry in its current state was causing him to lose his identity as an artist. “There was a time when I felt like I was being forced by the industry to do what everyone else was doing. I felt like I was being shoved in a corner and I felt like that’s what the dream represented for me,” stated Knoel. “The song was kind of weird, but it was fun to create. The hook is very in your face, loud and angry, but it simultaneously expresses deep regret” Influenced by such artists as Steve Wonder, Omarion, JoJo, and Christina Aguilera, Knoel describes his sound as vocal driven pop/R&B infused with alternative sounds. To learn about Knoel, visit his website at: or follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @BrysonKnoel

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