Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spotlight on Nichelle Colvin (@NichelleColvin)

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS—Just hot off her recent album titled “Evolving-RLM,” Nichelle Colvin is not slowing down anytime soon. She’s got big things in the works for the New Year. “I’m really pleased with my last album. The title track is really a spiritual song. As you grow older, things that used to upset you, don’t anymore. With having lost my father and my own brush with death, you learn that life is short. Don’t take the little things so seriously,” stressed Colvin. For “Evolving-RLM,” the album has catapulted her exposure on the World Wide Web to the tenth degree. In fact, it was this project that recently landed her on Upcoming100.com’s radar as well as on Soultracks.com for her single “Getting Closer.” “I describe my sound as earthy realism. Whatever I’m feeling, I put it into my music. I’m always trying to re-invent myself,” she stressed. “Don’t be surprised if I even put out a country song sometime.” In the studio, she’s working on a new EP scheduled to drop on Valentine’s Day. The first single from this project will be a track titled “Valentine.” “The second song from the EP will be called ‘Divorce.’ I have a friend who went through a divorce around Valentine’s Day. Her story was inspired by that track. The third track will be called ‘Cougar Tale.’ It’s for all the cougars out there,” she laughed.

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