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[Video] MobSquad Nard (@MobSquadNard) - Lil Mo + Mp3 Download

After a tumultuous journey, MobSquad Nard is back with a new single and video “Lil Mo”. “Lil Mo” is a fun record off the "Everything Clean But Da Ashtray", which is available on LiveMixtapes. “Lil Mo” is sure to get the clubs, mixtapes, and personal music players jumping. The video directed by Slick Jackson is just as fun as the record…set in a strip club with some beautiful featured dancers. Bigga Rankin steps in, gives co-sign and makes this a exclusive Press Play and download the track today as it will fit in with mixes everywhere. Support and feedback is appreciated.

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[Video] Lone Starr Jay (@LoneStarr_Jay) - Never Change

Music video for Never Change performed by Lone Starr Jay. Site: Twitter: Instagram: Copyright (C) 2015 Rising II Greatness, LLC. -- Powered by

[Mixtape] Billionaire Buck (@Comptonsbuck) - The Black Jew EP

The first Ep from "The Black Jew " Series is here , from the CEO of the Block Ballin tribe, the Compton Boss Billionaire Buck. So press play and hit download to get the play by play from a certified hustler Aka a real Black Jew !!!

also make sure you holla at Buck via Twitter @Comptonsbuck & IG @Billionaire_buck

[Mixtape] Airborne - Lifted

One listen to Cameron Airborne’s music, and you’ll quickly realize he’s going places. With catchy beats and lyrics that make you ponder the world around you—he’s on the verge of greatness. Recently, he dropped his latest single titled “Chose One.” “It’s about just being in a situation where you’re just trying to get to the top and overcome a problem or challenge and you feel like you you’re that chose one. You feel you’re in a situation where you’re finally going to make things happen,” stated Airborne. At 18-years-old, his music is very reminiscent of mega-superstar Eminem. However, rest assure he follows the beat of his own drum. “I’m not just hip hop. I love Jimi Hendrix, too. He’s actually one of my main influences in music period. My music really offers something for everyone,” stated Airborne. “A lot of people tell me they actually like what I’m talking about. They tell me hip hop today is lacking substance but they like the message I put into it.” He recently stated that his new album, which is scheduled for an April release, is some of his best work to date.

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“Fans will be able to hear all of the energy that I put into it. Compared to my other music, you can really see my growth,” he stated. “It’s a very upbeat and inspirational album. It makes you want to sit back and take in all the information. For the debut sing, once you hear the hook, it’ll give you chills as you sit back and take it all in.” In the coming weeks, the talented rapper says a music video will accompany the single. While he’s looking forward to creating the video, he’s also looking forward for fans to hear his debut album that he promised won’t disappoint. “The music really tells a story for itself. It’s real different in terms of the beat selection. It’s very similar to the mainstream hip hop you hear on the radio today,” stated Airborne. “I’m really proud of this project.” To learn more about Cameron Airborne, check him out at:

[Video] Ace Of Spades (AOS) - Light It Up

For hip hop fans who hear Ace of Spades’ new album for the first time, they’ll be in for quite a surprise. His beats and lyrics are very comparable to that of mainstream artists like Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole. “The vibe of this album is definitely upbeat. My Uncle Chris was very instrumental in helping putting this project together,” stated Ace of Spades. “We are extremely proud of it. This album has actually been a long time coming. We did a couple of EPs leading up to this, but his latest project is really our introduction to the world.” Ace of Spades and his uncle have been working together since the sudden passing of his father in 2009. At the time of his dad’s death, the talented rapper was still living in New York. “It was extremely unexpected. One day he was there and the next day I went to wake him up, and he didn’t wake up,” explained Ace of Spades. “I guess he wasn’t feeling too well the day before, and I told him to take tomorrow off from work and I’ll take him to the doctor. I went to wake him up the next day, and he must’ve died in his sleep.” His Uncle Chris immediately stepped in to help Ace of Spades cope with the loss. Through their bond, they discovered that when put together—they make beautiful music. As Ace of Spades drops his debut album, he and his uncle are already thinking about the future. When these two work together, they know that great things are bound to happen in the studio. “We don’t purposely try to go against the grain. We just do what we love. We’re not trying to ride on the coattails of anyone either,” stated Ace of Spades. “Our pure love and understanding of the music industry sets us apart from other independent artists.” To learn more about Ace of Spades, visit

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Spotlight on kNOw Ca$h (@SAGACASH)

Byon Artrell McCullough, “No Cash,” is hard to miss around the Pee Dee region. With his wild hair, tattered clothes and worn out shoes, a card board sign which reads “will sang 4 food” proudly dangles from around his neck. He pretty much sticks out like a sore thumb wherever he goes, but that’s perfectly okay. He’s on a mission to achieve musical greatness. “I had to re-invent myself when I came home from prison four years ago. My grandmother and granddaddy raised me my entire life, and when I went to prison they both died, and I didn’t even get a chance to go to the funeral,” stated McCullough. He suddenly found himself homeless and unable to find a job. According to McCullough, no one really wants to hire an ex-convict who landed behind bars for selling drugs. “When I came home, I quickly found myself in a needy situation. There was nobody to help me get back on my feet,” stated the father of three. “I thought selling drugs would help me fund my music career. That was the only way I knew how to make money. I never had a real job. I had always sold drugs.” While McCullough is able to occasionally stay with friends, he has been homeless for a little more than two years now, but remains positive about the situation. “I am homeless, but I’m not hopeless. I’m still trying to make a way through my passions,” he explained. “Music is something I can do and enjoy. I love to sing. I love to write. I do it all. I sing country. I sing alternative rock. I sing R&B. I write my own songs. I’m a music junkie. I love music.” In March, he’ll release his first major single titled “Vote For Me.” The singled will be featured on his upcoming EP titled “The Know Cash Experience” that he plans to release at the end of the year. To learn more about No Cash, check him out on his YouTube channel by clicking here. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Friday, February 26, 2016

[Audio Video] CHRIS B (@_chrisb420) - IN A VETTE


Spotlight on TEACH (@TizzyTeach) - Just Us

Hip Hop artist, Teach, is on a mission to inspire the masses through his music. His latest project is designed to offer hope for anyone just struggling to get through each day.

“For anyone who is a dream chaser, they will relate to this project. If they’re going after what they want in life, they’re probably going through similar issues I’ve gone through and appreciate the struggles I describe on this project,” explained Teach. Growing up, Teach was different and his struggles started early on. Because he didn’t look like or enjoy the same things as people in his neighborhood, he often became the target of bullies. “I came from sort of a beat down neighborhood. However, you can come from a negative background but not bring that negative chip on your shoulder,” stressed Teach. “Growing up being both black and white, people didn’t like that I was a mixed skateboarder.” However, it’s his differences that has since catapulted him into the musician he is today. While no one likes to be bullied, in a way it’s made him into the success he is today. According to Teach, “Life of the Party,” inspired by his ‘haters,’ is his favorite track on the mixtape. “Over the years, I have seen such a transition, such a change in my whole life. Growing up all through school, I was never the popular kid,” stated Teach. “Today, it’s so amazing when people now know who I am and want to hang out with me. I honestly feel like I’ve become the life of the party. That’s why that’s my favorite song.” Other tracks on the mixtape include “They Don’t Know,” “Indigo,” “Cloud,” “Ready” and “Fall.” “At the time, I wrote it for a girlfriend. It’s some of my most lyrical stuff. I pride myself with having something to say,” stated Teach. “When I listen to music, I want to something to bite into and take back from it. I take what I hear and apply it to my life. I’m a sponge. When people here this project, they’ll definitely get something out of including motivation and inspiration to achieve whatever they want in life.” For fans who listen to the talented artist for the very first time, they won’t be disappointed. “I’m a west coast artist with a no coast flow. Overall, my music is upbeat. I call myself a black rock star. I grew my hair out just so I can head bang on stage,” stated Teach. “I’m very proud of it. It’s what I wanted it to be and more. It actually can out better than I had hoped for.” To learn more about Teach, check him out on Twitter, Facebook, and here:

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Interview w/ James Kessee (@jameskessee)

Who is James Kessee? James Kessee is an R&B/Hip Hop recording artist and more importantly a creator. He is also the CEO of his own label The Kessee Group. He is a man that believes strongly in the concept of “doing this your own way and walking down your own path”. No one can live your life for you nor better then you because they can never be you.

Describe your sound! My sound is a very unique one and a sound of my own. In a world full of copy cats, I take great pride in that uniqueness. It is a combination of old school melodies and vibes with the current sounds. From every lyric and word to the vocals, it is a heartfelt, passionate and soulful sound. My sound is a sound that is authentic, real and tells a story. Out of all the artists that are out today, what sets James Kessee out from all of the many others out right now? I am set apart from other artist by the things that make me different. That includes but is not limited to my style of writing, my interaction with those that support me, the clothes I rock my vocals and more. My entire brand is different and it allows me stand out from a crowd. Tell the people about this new single, "Body Weight". What can they expect when they hear the song or watch the video? My single “Body Weight” is a sexually and emotionally charged record. I wrote it wanting to capture the intense emotions that are magnified and electrified when your with someone you are connected with on levels that are seemingly unable to be explained. I wanted to take it beyond the physical. In the video we focused on captured those moments where it is almost as if you have left your body. It is as if you two are in another world. That mental stimulation takes you both beyond the physical. The video for “Body Weight” definitely captures that. The record was produced by super producer James Worthy. The video was filmed and edited by Mark Masart of Masart films. Tell the people something about you that they don't know, that you think they should know. I struggle with PTSD and some other things from my time in service and from life in general. Every day is a new day and new battle. In these battles though, I am able to find motivation and inspiration. My music becomes a sort of light among the darkness. We all go through things in this life. We all stumble; we all have our vices so to speak. However I encourage anyone in the struggle and the fight to continue to march forward. Find your passion and your inspiration. Find your light among the darkness as I did. It is definitely possible and it is out there. Working on anything else? If so, tell us about it! I am currently working on a reality show I have been recently cast on called Atl Boss Divaz Latinaz. I am also preparing for a role in an independent film and taking a stab at this thing we call acting. I have always wanted to act so this is a great opportunity provided to me by a wonderful person. I thank you for that and I am grateful for you Rhonda K. Who are some of the artists that inspire you? Some of the Artist that inspire me are, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gay, Joe, Chris Brown (Musically), Usher, Marques Houston and much more. What is your goal for 2016? As cliché as it sounds, my goal for 2016 is do it bigger then 2015. I want everything to grow from my fan base, to my music, to myself. We must never become stagnant and content with where we are currently. That can lead to the death of growth and the obstruction of positive progression forward.

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[Video] Breeze (@MG_Breeze) - Know My Name

Official Music Video For Breeze Hit Single "Know My Name" Official Mixtape Out Now On Datpiff: Shot & Directed By: @Tella_Skope Booking: IG/Twitter: MG_Breeze Snapchat: Breeze_Kodak

[Single] V.A.I.N (@itsvain) - Hello


vainConnect w/ V.A.I.N

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[Video] Yung Double (@YUNGDOUBLEOP) - Geeky + MP3 Download

“It’s the same old struggle trying to get money, so when you get money, ain’t shit funny” words that Marcus “Yung Double” Crooms lives by. What happens when the tribulations of life seem to dictate and conquer your triumphs? There’s only so much that a person can take before they’re overwhelmed with turmoil and long for the desire to have peace and tranquility. It is at this crossroads where there are only two ways to go: one way leads to failure and one way to success. However, no matter which route you choose, there will always be many lessons to learn. For Marcus, while on the road to failure, he found a shortcut to those successes. The streets can teach hard lessons and don’t favor anyone. Marcus quickly learned this, and as a result prison was like his second home. Being raised solely by his mother, it was difficult for him to decipher his rights from his wrongs – it left the feeling of emptiness that could only be filled with fast money. This yearning quickly began the destruction of his integrity. After going to prison three times, he decided to be more constructive and turned to his love for music. “My kids, my family’s future, my friends and my city motivate me to record music” he admits. Since his declaration, he hasn’t turned back since and this is where “Yung Double” was birthed. You can get a clear depiction of Yung Double’s real-life “tales from the hood” through his music. He’s seen and adapted to the events of the hood – not the much popularized facade give in today’s music. His determination to not become a statistic gave him favor and he was able to open for a few of today’s most prominent hip hop artists. His newly released single, “Scale” off his album Bout that Life featuring Gucci Mane has the streets on blaze! With having the short-term goal of obtaining a record deal, at the pace he’s going, he’ll reach his long-term goal of having multi-platinum selling artists on his own independent label. Life has a funny way of taking us through hell to lead us to something greater. Our troubles, faults and mishaps are stepping stones toward our pathway to success. Yung Double is determined to have those successes. It’s not a matter of “if” he will be successful, but “when”. How much success will he have? Only time will tell.

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[Mixtape] Hurt 1000 (@Hurtt1000) - Weigh Up WRNR

Hurt teams up with Bigga Rankin and Zaytoven to release "Weigh Up". Listen, Download, and Support Today!

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[Mixtape] YFN Lucci (@YFNLucci) - Wish Me Well 2

YFN Lucci continues to take his music to higher levels. After much received success with "Wish Me Well", he is back with the follow-up. The TIG Records artist has continued to keep the industry talking and the streets fed with music, videos, performances, and more. Download and Support his latest project.

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[Single] J.WARD (@jwardofmsquad) - TWERK SUMN


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[Single] Rico Black x Tef x Middlez - Rap Pack "4187"

Bars!!! This is exactly what you are getting from these 3 Emcees on this track and so many others. The artists responsible for completely dismantling this beat go by the names Rico Black, Tef, and DoughN.U.T.S and are all apart of the Middlez/Fmg movement. Hailing from the cities of Chicago, Harvey, and Dolton, the three come together on this joint solely to attempt to bring the hip hop feel back into existence., but don't get it it twisted the artists are just that; ARTISTS meaning they are insanely talented so could drift into any genre they please and it would be genuine and 💯 This is only the beginning for these guys, Get in tune

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[Single] ICE - Jersey 2 Cali (Prod by TheGentleman)

[Single] ICE - Jersey 2 Cali (Prod by TheGentleman)

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Spotlight on Spencer Reed Band

The year 2016 is shaping up to be a good one for the Spencer Reed Band. They’ve worked diligently on their first major project—and it promises to not disappoint. “I think it’s cool when people can listen to our music and develop their own experience and interpretation of the beats,” stated Spencer Andrei, lead singer and guitarist for the group. “When we were recording this album, it was hard for us to hone in on one specific genre. We came to describe our sound as ‘college rock.’ It’s very unique.” According to Andre, the band’s central members are made up of fellow musicians he met while attending college. They each share a passion for music and their individual talents complement one another well. “Once you listen to the music, you’ll realize our individual sound is definitely unique, and at our live shows we each improvise a lot,” stated Andre. “That’s really what we do well. We can turn a five minute song into a 15 minute song. When we perform, we take turns doing different solos. Our music is a blend of strictly all vocals and at other times just all music. I think the audience appreciates that.” According to Andre, the band’s music is heavily influenced by alternative and acoustic rock. The band released its first single from the album, “Stay,” in late 2015 and have plans to release additional singles in the near future. “’Stay’ really captures the entire vibe that we’re going for—a saxophone and violin rift. It’s very big and rock like,” stated Andre. “It’s a song about dying young and how important it is to really live life to the fullest.” Produced by Grammy-nominated musician Dave Douglas, the album’s title track, “Heavy in my Heart,” is a mid-tempo song that’s guaranteed to hook music listeners from the moment they hear it. “The song, ‘Heavy in my Head,’ is about how no matter what you’re doing in life, you will always come back to the one thing you’ve always been drawn to and for us, it’s making music,” explained Andre. To accommodate the album’s May/June 2016 release, the band has released a promotional video via their website. The video includes four singles from the album: “Heavy in my Heart,” Stay,” “Lie You Down” and “Mr. Weatherman.” “The video is just introducing us as a band. Because this is our first record, we talk about each song, what they’re about and the vibe we’re trying to give off in them,” stated Andre. In the future, the Spencer Reed Band is hoping to tour the country and continue doing music for the fans they make along the way. To learn more about the band, visit their website:

Spotlight on HempStar Iggy (@HEMPSTARYIGGY)

When you hear the music of Mr. Yikes, you may think he’s style is reminiscent of producer/lyricist extraordinaire Timbaland. However, make no mistake. Mr. Yikes is following the beat of his own drum. “My sound is fun. When I make music, I just want people to feel really good,” he explained. His latest project titled, “Groove Theory,” is designed to do just that. According to Mr. Yikes he spent a lot of sleepless nights putting the LP together but he says fans won’t be disappointed.

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“I’m kind of hoping that people are able to identify with some of the moods and experiences that are put out on this record. It’s a very ‘thrillful’ album. I just want people to have fun with it,” he stated. The hard work that I put into this was endless. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.” Mr. Yikes says “Groove Theory” is the type of album you can work out to after hitting “play.” If you want to lose calories, his latest project will inspire his fans to do just that. While he loves all his tracks off of the project, he says his favorite track off the LP is “My Clothes.” “It’s the most fun song on the track. It’s fresh, up tempo. People made disagree with but I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised by it,” he stated. The first single from the LP will be called “In My Grip.” He describes it as a cross between EDM/hip hop. “It’s a fun club track,” he explained. When it comes to the entertainment business, Mr Yikes is certainly no rookie. He has more than 180,000 followers on Twitters and has performed with other big named acts—including famous rapper/hype man/producer, Fat Man Scoop. In 2012, his single, “Tease Me,” also reached the #3 spot on 96.1 KISS FM. “It was exciting. We got recognition from Nigil Mack with Universal Records and Motown. It was great,” stated Mr. Yikes. “For my latest project, though, I just hope everybody enjoys it, and I thank everybody who’s made it possible.” “Groove Theory” is expected to drop sometime in March. To learn more about Mr. Yikes, check him out on Twitter, YouTube and

[EP] S.B.P.S (@TSA_SBENT) - Stay Positive

Pearl Squad and Smack Bros both know a thing or two about teamwork and are proof that there is strength in numbers. Friends for years, you can hear their hard work in their latest collaboration. Currently, Pearl Squad is gearing up for the release of their latest EP titled “The Lost Boys” which will also feature Smack Bros.

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“We are two separate groups, yet we are one big family and do work with one another,” said group members. This is our first big project. It’s like our coming out. We want people to know who we are and what we stand for.” According to the members of their group, they’re presently working on two music videos for the EP—and says fans won’t be disappointed. While recording the six songs for the project, they say they spent endless hours inside the studio to make it something fans can look forward to. “For everybody who’s goes through something, when they hear our music, we want them to know to always keep their head up. Regardless what happens, keep doing what you do,” they explained. “This isn’t trap music. This is our real life we’re speaking.” Pearl Squad is comprised of members Zaggy, Niko and OG Jibbly. The three have known each other for years, they say. “Me and Zaggy met way back in the 6th grade. Zaggy met Niko first and then he connected me to Niko,” stated OG Jibbly. They introduced me to rapping and we’ve been rapping since around 2008.” It’s through Niko’s connections that they were introduced to the members of Smack Bros—comprised of Steelmatic and TSA. The two groups describe themselves as one big family often collaborating on songs. “Our stuff is different from other people’s stuff. Other artists out there, they want to put out a bunch of hype. With me, my sh*t is different because it comes from the heart. Be influenced by yourself, don’t be influenced by anybody else,” stated Steelmatic, who’s also working on a solo project titled “Soul Caliber.” Right now, his group, Smack Bros, just recently released their project titled “Stay Positive” which also features some of the members of Pearl Squad. “We hope that when people hear this project, they understand that no matter what they’ve been through—stay positive. You’re going to overcome all of that,” explained Steelmatic. “This is all fresh start for us really. We know that we have the talent, now we’re just trying to kick the door in and show the world who we are.” To learn more about S.B.P.S, check them out on Twitter and

Spotlight Reem Skully (@ReemSkully)

2016 is shaping up to not only be a good year but also a busy one for rising hip hop star Reem Skully. The busy rapper has been spending a lot of hours in the studio working on new material while gearing up for the release of his latest EP scheduled to drop later this month. “This latest project definitely has a lot of range. I talk about my experiences in the inner city,” stated the young rapper. “I’ve seen a lot growing up. You see everything. You see drugs, guns, death. It’s nothing knew, but it’s from my point of view. The things I’ve seen motivate me to go harder and be better.”

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The 5-track mixtape promises to not disappoint fans. For the rapper, he personally says he favorite single off the project is a track called “Stupid Guys.” “It’s real smooth,” he said. “It’s about marijuana and the lifestyle that I live. It’s a fun track.” When fans hear his upcoming mixtape for the first time, he hopes they get inspired and feel that they can conquer the world. “You hear a young dude you can relate to. I’ve struggle in my personal life and trying to do better for myself,” stated Reem Skully. “I think I give a blue print for how you’re supposed to carry yourself. I recently had a daughter, and it’s taught me to grow up. With trials and tribulations, they can end up bringing you down or you can use it as a tool to excel.” While great things are on the horizon for this young talented artist, he wants to always be described as an individual and unlike anything listeners have ever heard before. “If you’re really being authentic, and you’re really being true to yourself you can’t really compare yourself to nobody else,” he stressed. For those who haven’t heard of Reem Skully, remember his name. It won’t be the last time you’ve heard of it. “I’m really excited about everything. I’m ready to go. I’m ready to take off with this. It’s going to be a game changer for me,” stated the ambitious rapper. To learn more about Reem Skully, check him out on Twitter and

Spotlight on B. Right

Wogan Woodard III, better known simply as B. Right, is on mission to change today’s rap game as we know it. You won’t find him trying to sound like every other rapper currently in the industry. There’s already too many imitators. B. Right takes pride in being the ultimate innovator. “This is my time. I’ve worked very hard on my latest project. I’ve overcome obstacles to get to the point where I am now and even when they tried to bring me down I still rose above. Now here I am,” stated B. Right. B. Right takes listeners on a journey to how he rose above adversity, hardships and obstacles. At almost 24, he’s proving nothing will get in the way of his dreams as a being labeled a true, authentic artist. “I’ve been rapping professionally for five years. I started at 18. I’m 23 now. With the album, I take it back way to the beginning. I’m reflecting on how far I’ve come and where I’m going,” stated B. Right. B. Right describes his latest project, scheduled for a May 20th release, as true southern hip hop combined with a universal sound. No matter where you come from or who you are, music lovers will appreciate his latest masterpiece.

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“It doesn’t matter what background you come from or even if you speak the same language as me, they’ll appreciate my sound,” stated B. Right. Influenced by J. Cole, Kid Cudi and T.I.—B. Right is a versatile artist who comes his lyrical beats with clever melodies and harmonies. “I have clever melodies, and I think that comes from me growing up in the church. I used to sing in the choir,” stated B. Right. “For this latest project I put my soul into it. Back around 2010 and 2011, I struggled to get people to listen to my music. But over the last year or so, that’s changed. People are really excited for my latest project.” To learn more about B. Right, visit his website at:

Spotlight on Arkadian (@Arkadianp)

THE BRONX, NEW YORK—Arkadian is a super star in every sense of the word. Along with making hot beats with rhymes that can’t be beat, Arkadian has also found time to service his country. In fact, he’s currently a sniper in the U.S Army. “I’ve deployed nine times. I’m been to Iraq as well as Afghanistan. I’ve also served on a special mission to Somalia,” stated Arkadian, who’s now in his mid-thirties and has served in the military since he was 21. His life, however, wasn’t always on the straight and narrow. In fact, his life took a complete 180 after he was arrested for murder at the age of 15. As a teen, he says he had to grow up fast to help take care of his mother and brother. He became a master hustler—and the competition, one person in particular, didn’t like it. “One day a known drug dealer approached me with two other people in a record store. He swung at me behind the counter. The second time he tried to hit me, I ducked and stabbed him in the heart,” stated Arkadian. The rapper-in-the-making wasn’t caught by police until eight months later. Thanks to surveillance video inside the store, it proved that a young Arkadian was merely defending himself. He was found not guilty of murder. “This almost cost me my whole life. It changed really changed me,” stated Arkadian. “If I didn’t go through that experience, I don’t know how I would have turned out.” After this life changing experience, Arkadian followed in the footsteps of his grandfather who served in the military and later became a NYC cop. After graduating high school, Arkadian went directly into the military and is currently pursuing a masters in criminal justice while still successfully following his musical dreams.

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“Some of my music influences include Wiz Khalifa, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. They talk about real life situations, and so do I,” stated Arkadian. “My style is unique. I don’t want to be like anybody else. There’s a lot of copy cats out there. That’s not me.” The seven-track EP will include two new videos to the singles “Bounce” and “Drunk.” “I’ve let a lot of females already preview my music, and they love it,” he stated. “I can’t wait until the rest of the world to hear it. It’s Top 40 music that can be played in the clubs, the car, your home—everywhere.” To learn more about Arkadian, check him out at: You can also follow him on Twitter and listen to him on SoundCloud.

[Ep] Bing (@BiNGtrip) - At it Again

HOUSTON, TEXAS—At 36-years-old, Bing is truly seasoned pro and it shows in his music. Influenced by Jimi Hendrix, TuPac and Biggy, Bing has developed his own unique sound over the years that continues to only get even better with time. “I just want people to really feel my music. I’m a true artist. I’m doing my own thing,” stated Bing. “This music that I’m putting out now is going to be different. It’s going to be hot. It’s going to be on point.” Slated to drop this month, “At it Again” includes four danceable tracks: “Aw Man,” “Glue,” “Stop Lying” and “Party.” “It’s going to be in your face, crunk, laid back—just different,” stated Bing. “It’s an all-around high energy project.”

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Rapping professionally since 2000, Bing’s music is reminiscent to Top 40 hip hop. However, he’s not trying to live up to the stereotype. He’s living his true, authentic self through his music—which he writes. “My music is about the hype. It’s more intelligent. Something everybody can feel. I try to rap for 6 years old to 90 years old,” stated Bing. “My music is me. I’m not no 50 Cent who’s been shot and been to jail. I’m not even about that. I don’t even know why rappers try to make hip hop about that.” Bing prefers to make his music about having fun, enjoying life and just chilling. Fans will certainly be able to experience that on his latest project. To learn more about Bing, check him out on Twitter and Reverbnation.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

OG Boo Dirty Teams with Akon for Another Trap Classic

When Future dropped “Trap Niggas” a new genre was born within Trap Music, what I like to call Trap Gospel. I know that may sound like a double negative but just like Future gave tribute to the Trap Stars making a will out of a way, OG Boo Dirty did the same with his new song “Trap”, produced by Akon. It will be hard to resist chanting the hook “Thank God I’m a Trap Nigga” just because the beat alone will have you hooked. Akon has always played a major role in music production for other artists with credits for days, so it’s refreshing to hear one of first creations of 2016. There aren’t too many OG’s still roaming the streets so when he says, “Yeah, I’m built to last I ain’t nothing like you rap niggas”, you can believe it! Salute to all the OG’s, they’re a last of a dying breed

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

[Single] Chi-Ill (@chi_ill) - Love

Chicago native CHI-ILL links up with Multi-Platinum producer Dame Grease for the lead single "Love" off the upcoming mixtape 1871 Hosted by Bigga Rankin.

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[Video] Dee Boi (@deeboiyff) - Chopped N Screwed + Bonus

448 Music Group Presents 1885 X Dee Boi X Mojo X Stakkhouse D "Chopped N Screwed" VIDEO Dir by Lot Forty 7 off the 1885 Summer in the Winter Compilation

Checkout the World Premiere "Chasin" Video Connect w/ The Team Instagram: @448MusicGroup @deeboiyff @mojoyff @stakkhouse_d @lotforty7 Twitter: @448musicgroup @deeboiyff @stakkhouse_d Contact:

[Mixtape] DC Da Beast (@DCDaBeast215) - Fix Ya Face

Hailing from Philadelphia PA, ThuroBred D.C Da Beast releases his long anticipated mixtape "Fix Ya Face" hosted by DJ 2 Short. The project features Lyfeofadon, Zig Zag, Veez Da Poet, Izze Country, Sub Major, & Dubbz Demayo of T.B.C as well as Vodka, Slaughter Rico, MadFace, 3t3n, Bliss Creed, Ace Leone, & CKA. On the production side is Slapaholic, Flatline Beats, E Money, Rob Lo, Superstar O, A.M.O, & More. It touches on the street life while bringing back the essence of 90's Hip-Hop - "G Rap".

Connect on Social media @DCDaBeast215 - Twitter @DCDaBeastSP - Instagram D.C Da Beast - Facebook

[Video] TC (@KleinRd_Shawty ) - Outta My Face

Shot by rising hip-hop video director (Bpace) & Bpace Productions "Outta My Face" Is The latest Visual From The Gulfport Mississippi native TC. Gulfport AKA "Ruffport" is located on the Mississippi Gulf-Coast, notably the southern-most part of the United States. Video is a brief look at the underworld dealings throughout the "Orange Grove" section of Gulfport Artist from this region include: "Tito Lopez" "bpace".

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

[Mixtape] SC (@Schoir1) Presents: Vinyl Richie Vol. 1

Collection of joints featuring Lupe Fiasco, Bj The Chicago Kid, Diddy, Mary J Blige, Chance The Rapper Freddie Gibbs, Mobb Deep & More! produced entirely by legendary chicago producer SC.

Presented By Stack Or Starve @StackOrStarvDjs Link: Alt Link:

[Video] Vell Da General (@VellDaGeneral) - HI Def

"The price of success can get you noticed by friend and foe. The limelight create shadows where the opportunist live. You gotta see everything in 1080p to survive". Hi-Def Twitter @velldageneral
 - Facebook: Vell Da General - 
Instagram: @velldageneral10 Purchase The Album "Ambush" at Post via @StackOrStarvDjs

Money Over Death's GMack

It’s been literally a year since G-Mack recorded this single, ‘Stop Snitching’ featuring Kevin Gates (Feb.14, 2015), and with this song alone, what started in North Carolina was able to go National, quiet as it’s kept. That feature was definitely a good look for the buzzing artist but internet buzz hasn’t taken away from his homegrown grind. Just last week he rocked the stage at the Coast-2-Coast Live Showcase in Raleigh, and to celebrate the anniversary of his single next week it’s only right he performs somewhere for CIAA. You can keep up with his next shows and latest moves on his social media sites @GMackTheBandMan but if you’re like most people, anxiously waiting for the sophomore album to touch down…. Don’t worry it’s coming soon. FREE DOWNLOAD & STREAM BELOW

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[Video] Gotto (@illyMusik) - GO

When you on your grind and you don't know which way to go. This video is part 1 of a 3 part series made up from 3 joints off Gotto's up and coming project "SpillGod". Twitter - @illymusik Instagram - @gotto_nextup SoundCloud Facebook - Snapchat - spillgod_13 For booking contact

[Single] Audio Push (@AudioPush) - Servin

The Cali duo already announced their major label debut coming later this year, but decided to give fans an extra dose of music to hold them over with the release of a surprise nine-track EP, ‘Inside the Vibe’. This comes pretty recently after the Interscope signed group dropped a single and video for ‘Servin’, featuring female spitter Bmacthequeen. The west coast wave has been on a high but despite all the comparisons, these two have managed to carve their voice in the music industry and create their own lane. The forthcoming EP, ‘The Stone Junction’, could be a smooth follow up to ‘Inside the Vibe’, but with Audio Push, expect the unexpected. We may get the album sooner than we think at the rate they’re going. Even though Hit Boy has been named the executive producer, there’s been no other name dropping.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

[Video] Trey Davidson (@treydavidson314) - Work + Mp3

Treyy Davidson born out of the Mid-West US has yet to reach his peak. This 23 year old mastermind has set his mind to the music game for the last 8 years. Raised in St. Louis, Mo. Treyy Davidson always loved music, but as he grew, he continued to feel the need to listen, learn and find a nitch in music. That is when he decided to write and rap. Honing his skillz and telling tales about the streets, Treyy began to produce his own music. Today Treyy performs for his growing fan base. Versatile creativity is what you get from the music and a story line from the streets. Check out TREYY DAVIDSON!!!
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Connect w/ Trey Davidson: Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Booking Email: & A&R: Stanley Knox

[Video] Jarvo - Caught in my Feelings

Born and raised in South Memphis near mid-town Jarvo quickly fell in love with music at a young age. Memorizing songs from the radio he already knew what he wanted his profession to become. While others wanted to become the president. He wanted to become the best "Rapper" of his generation. While secretly perfecting his craft, he felt victim to the street life becoming a violent teen out of rage from his mother’s death. He was forced to relocate to Whitehaven because of his bad behavior. He put his musical talents on hold and started making money in any illegal way possible. After doing wrong for so long he decided to go straight. He got a honest 9 to 5 job, left the streets alone and decided no matter what issue life throws at him he would put music as a main priority. Since then he has worked with numerous different artist including Dark Mark from the Committee, Sitzo, featured artist in coast 2 coast mixtapes and many others, even though he hasn't completely perfected his style. Every recording session he finds different ways to separate himself from other local and national artist. There is a new revolution of hip-hop/rap being born in the years to come. Jarvo will become our hip-hop savior as we transition ourselves for this new era of rap music. Social media

Friday, February 12, 2016

[Video] Wayne Wonder (@WayneWonder25) ft Konshens - Girl Like You + Mp3

Wayne Wonder teams up with Konshens to release his latest track "Girl Like You", with the official video being exclusively available on! Download and support, pls provide feedback. Click [Here] To Download Connect w/ Wayne Wonder: Twitter: @WayneWonder25 Instagram: WayneWonderMusic

[Video] Firewater Redstarr (@RIDAHMOVEMENT) - TAKE THIS PAIN

Firewater Redstarr "TAKE THIS PAIN" Music Video DIRECTOR BMAGIC (@DaBest_BMagic)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

[Video] Greggo (@OfficialGreggo) ft. Sennia - No Where

Not only with the song but with the video, Greggo wanted to take his audience to this place of No Where, a place that is familiar to and relatable to everyone in someway. Everyone has experienced a time of feeling or being alone. Sennia was originally set out to be apart of the Official Video but it came down to everyone making the decision that the story would play off better with just Greggo in the video telling his story. Which is the primary direction Greggo’s been going with his music for years, giving away apart of him. If you’re alone at this current time, or feeling alone there’s aways better days, there’s sacrifices that has to be made in life and lose that will be taken but there’s always a win that will be gained. That time where we will come out of that place of No Where has to come if we just keep moving and advancing our way out. The intention was to be as clear as possible in telling this story with the Official Video to No Where". Follow @OfficialGreggo On All Social Media Booking:

[Single] DJ Chose (@DJChose) - No More Drank

"Think It’s A Game Records Presents CHOSE "No More Drank" , the follow up smash from “Everywhere I Go” featured on the new mixtape “Long Way From Village Way” coming soon.

Connect w/ DJ Chose: Twitter: @DJChose Instagram: DJChose Facebook:

[Single] Ant Glizzy (@antglizzygg) - Know Betta



Growing up in the nation’s capital isn’t easy, especially when you’re Barbara Son. Affectionately known as Ant Glizzy to the hip hop hemisphere, his more acclaimed moniker was never meant to be attached to a now heralded rap persona.

“I never woke up and said I wanted to be a rapper,” the reluctant emcee says. “I just went in there and did what I did and the people liked it.”

Needless to say, Ant Glizzy is among the District of Columbia’s most poised street poets and stands firm as a true ambassador for a city he knows as well as his very first tattoo.

“I represent the streets, the struggle, the people that come from nothing,” he maintains. “So you have to be aggressive or people are going to run over top of you. You gotta stand for something.”

Only six months removed from the brotherhood (Glizzy Gang) he all but grew up with, Ant has amassed close to 350,000 views and over 70k downloads of his first official mixtape – Barbara Son. A moving tribute to his mother (Barbara), Ant pulls no punches. Spitting with reckless abandon, the 23-year-old rapper establishes himself as a factor on uncompromising tracks such as “Scared Ass,” “Having Fun” and the incomparable “Blow Up” – the latter, an ode to Ant’s mother.

Known for his success in the streets as much as the studio, it shouldn’t surprise the casual listener that Ant Glizzy and DJ Young Music (The Streetz Representer) bumped heads – on a musical path of course. No sooner than Glizzy’s music began to sift into radio circles, the DYMG Entertainment impresario arranged a sit down. In it, the two discussed terms of a deal that would work to harness Ant’s God-given talent for the good of the label and a city they both ride for.

When they stood up, it was all but a formality.

“I don’t feel like I owe [DC] anything,” says Ant, “but if I get in a position to put DC people on, I am.”

Fully cocked and loaded as a member of the DMV’s fastest growing independent label, Ant is in position to do just that. For starters he just released the highly anticipated sequel Barbara Son 2, on DYMG Entertainment, as he rightfully earns his place among hip hop’s next generation of breakout stars.






Juanita Stephens JS Media Relations

[Single] Prez P (@PrezP_BeCampin) ft @TravieBowe - Play That Funk



Miami based rapper/song writer Prez P, recently named one of Miami's top ten artists on the come up to look out for by The Miami New Times. Born in Miami on December 10, the North Miami native Haitian-American rapper 'Prez P' first emerged onto the underground rap scene out of Miami with his group Da Camp in 2011 with the mixtape: 7 Day Weekend: Campin Out In A RV followed by 7 Day Weekend: Bumpin olDCool, Da Campilation and their biggest album VII Day Vacay which was voted 2012 mixtape of the year by the Miami blog Prez stepped away from the group to do some solo work in the form of projects such as his 2012 release DreamSucceeDie, a body of work with production from various Miami producers like Numonics, Mr. Manuvers, Benny B and features from his Miami peers Phresh James, J Nics, RansomNote and more to his most recent 2013 release "The Ambiance". Currently Prez has been working on a campaign for his next full length album "Prezidential". He has released 305° In The Sunshine, Carrera Music, and most recently The Preztige, keeping his fans at bait until the album is revealed.



G & G/DaCampsiteLLC;

(786) 232 - 1625








Tuesday, February 9, 2016

[Mixtape] Juss James (@JussJames1) - Dreams On Hold

Twenty-five-year-old Juss James isn’t sitting back just watching time pass by. In fact, he’s on a mission to take his music to the next level in 2016. He recently released his biggest project to date titled “Dreams on Hold.” “The first three songs on the mixtape were written a little over a year ago. I originally left them to the side and took my music in another direction,” stated James. However, he quickly learned that the new direction wasn’t exactly a good move in the right direction. He found himself mimicking the sound and style of the current "trap" rap trend. While attempting to re-invent himself, he was morphing into someone he wasn’t. “I was trying to chase the trendier vibe that is popular in hip hop right now, but it didn’t feel right for me personally. I’m a big fan of the music; however, it’s just not something I wanted to create as an artist,” explained James, who describes the sound of his current project as a modernized version of the new school rap wave that originated during the 2009-10 era. He eventually decided to get back to the basics and channel a more organic, genuine musical connection during his creative process. According to James, his recently released mixtape is about chasing his dream of becoming one of the hottest artists in the game, while simultaneously being smacked in the face by reality once he realizes he has yet to achieve the iconnic status he's longing for.

“The mixtape starts out with my cousin calling me, but he's unaware that I’m already asleep, so he leaves me a voicemail inviting me to go out to the club. I never respond because I’m in a dream state of mind, and that’s when the first three songs come on, which go on to reflect my aspirations,” he explained. After those three songs play, the second skit starts. It involves his cousin calling once again to let James know that he and the boys are going out a second night in a row, but we gather that James cannot answer the phone because he is at work. Reality sets in and the final three songs insuenate that the dream is over. James is now rudely awokened by the fact that he is merely just a college dropout with "Nothing To Lose." “Fans will hear me covering a wide variety of topics. I’m pretty diverse with my overall content and delivery. They can expect to hear the journey of an aspiring artist encountering the highs and lows that come with the efforts one makes when trying to establish a name in the entertainment business,” stated James. James says he hopes that fans gain some inspiration to work towards their individual goals upon hearing his latest songs, seeing that he strives to create music that will be therapeutic and motivating for the average, everyday listener. Currently, James is working on his yet-to-be-titled EP scheduled for a April release. He says that all the material is already written and he plans to have about 17 songs on the upcoming project. To learn more about Juss James, check him out on Twitter and SoundCloud.

[Single] Mike University (@mikeuniversity) - Back It Up Do You Like That

He may not have finished his bachelor’s degree at the University of North Texas, however, Mike University’s life is still heading in the right direction. So with that said: J.Cole, Kanye, Fetty Wap—watch out. “I like to think of myself as a graduate of rap music. I study a lot of different music artists,” the talented rapper stated. “I’ve also learned a lot since dropping this single and continue to learn a lot. This one single has taught me that success doesn’t come overnight. You really have to market yourself to get heard and keep trying to reach your goals.” So far his hard work is paying off. His latest single has been met with rave reviews from the online community. “I’ve been getting a lot of really good responses with it,” stated Mike. “The reaction from fans to the track has been priceless.” According to Mike, his latest single draws inspiration from rapper Lil’ Wayne. In fact, the new song samples a hook from the famous hip hop artist. Of course, Mike adds his own little flavor to the hook. “This track is just chill, laid back and an overall mellow song. It’s pretty much a strip club anthem,” stated Mike.

While his latest masterpiece is definitely a club track, Mike University says his other songs are meant to inspire and make people feel good—no matter what they’re going through. “I like to motivate people, but at the same time I want to put them in a good mood,” stated Mike. “I’m really just ready to show the world my gift of music.” To learn more about Mike University, check him out on Instagram, Twitter and

Who is R3DONE (@R3DONE_93)

Don’t expect to hear Dustin Wallace (R3DONE) to be rapping about strip clubs, street hustlin’ and smoking a particular leafy herb anytime soon. For him, those topics just aren’t original anymore.

Click Here to checkout his track "Young N Reckless"

“You won’t find me cussing in my lyrics or degrading women. I’m definitely not into drugs,” stated the talented rapper. “I feel like people get sick of the same old thing heard in just about every rap song. That’s really what’s happening to hip hop. We get it. You have a lot of money, but there’s so much more to life than that. It’s not just money that makes you happy, it is those closest to you.” The first single off the upcoming project is a track titled “1993(Classics Never Die)” Not only is it the year he was born, he says the title of the single represents a golden-era in hip hop that he genuinely appreciates. He has set the release of that track to be on February 12th of this year. “When you hear some of the great artists of that decade, they never really die. They’re music lives on,” he stated. “Looking back at that period of hip hop, there were a lot of masterpieces made at that time that I really appreciate. I really wanted to bring back that classic sound. I kind of tell the story of my life in that song.” R3DONE say it was in middle school that he first fell in love with rap. From there, his love for entertaining others progressed. “Rap along with music in general has been an escape for me, and I hope I’ve been able to touch people with it along the way,” he said. To learn more about R3done, check him out at: Or follow him on Instagram and twitter @R3DONE_93

[EP] Sonny Dinero (@SONNYDINERO) - How I See Things

Life hasn’t always been kind to rapper Sonny Dinero. In fact, it’s dealt him one major blow after another over the last few years. It’s that tragedy, however, that has made him an even better rapper. When you hear his rhymes, you know his struggle is real. “In 2006, I lost my first child,” he stated. “My son, he had problems at birth. He eventually passed away when he was about eight months old.” A year after the death of his son, his mother, his biggest fan and supporter, passed away from her struggle with breast cancer. He suddenly found himself in a very dark place, ready to give up on life.

As part of his perseverance, the talented rapper will be releasing his biggest project to date, an EP titled “How I See Things” set to release on 02/19/16. “I’m very excited about it. I’ve been working on it for a while. I just want people to listen to it and enjoy it. Every song has a meaning to it. It’s the story of my life. According to Dinero, his first single on the EP is a track called “Switchin Lanez” featuring an artist by the name of Nakuu. “It’s a track that can be played on the radio or club. That’s what I like about. A lot of independent radio stations are picking it up. DJs are wanting it to put it in their rotation. I’ve been getting a positive response on it. The EP includes seven other tracks with a hip hop/R&B vibe throughout. To learn more about Dinero, check him out on Twitter and

Spotlight on Indie/Pop artist Craymo

Electronic Pop artist Craymo is on a mission to spread some positivity in the world with his latest project. According to him, there’s just not enough of it these days. That’s why he says he wrote, “One Love, One World (We Are One)” along with co-writer and business partner Brandon Jarrett of Moho Productions. “I just want to do my part to make the world a better place. Watching the news, hearing horrible stories, things happening to innocent people, I decided to do something to hopefully make a difference through my lyrics,” explained Craymo. “One Love One World is a song about equality for all, diversity, human rights, world peace and hope for a better tomorrow.” Checkout his music here >>> <<<

Checkout his music here >>> <<< Craymo says he was fortunate to have parents who were really supportive of him growing up. Because he knows not everyone is lucky enough to have that, he hopes that when people hear his music they know to forget about the naysayers or the other negative energy in the world and focus on the good things in life instead. “My mom and dad gave me the inspiration to find what makes me happy and the ok to follow my life’s path. I’m very thankful for them. I hope I can inspire others to do the same through my music,” stated Craymo. To learn more about Craymo, check him out on his website: Craymo’s CD “Cosmos Remastered” is available on iTunes and

Monday, February 8, 2016

[Single] Tevin Battle (@TevinBattle) - Brown-Eyed Devil

At just 22-years-old, Tevin Battle has both seen and experienced a lot in his short time on earth. However, it’s those life experiences that serve as the inspiration for his latest project. “When I was 10-year-old, my aunt passed away. My pop has been in and out of jail. I had a daughter when I was 18. All that made me stronger and authentic,” stated Tevin. “I’m trying to tell my side of the story.” Several years ago, one of his former classmates who was one of the talented rapper’s biggest supporters also committed suicide. His tragic passing has pushed Tevin to be the best musician he can possibly be. His friend inspired the track “Last One Left” on the upcoming mixtape. Click [Here] To Stream

Click [Here] To Stream “It’s really exciting. I want it to be perfect,” explained Tevin. “The project revolves around my transition from my teens to 20s and how traffic correlates with life. Sometimes when you’re driving, you make a wrong turn just like we do sometimes in life.” No topic is left untouched in his music. He draws inspiration from past relationships, his family, tragedies and new encounters with people. The talented rapper says fans won’t be disappointed, and he can’t wait for them to hear to final product. “I just want the whole world to hear it. I want people to know where I come from. I know there are a lot of people like me and I want to reach them, touch them with what I have to say,” stated Tevin. “I’m being truthful and honest in my music.” To learn more about Tevin, check him out on Twitter, Facebook and

[Mixtape] Blessed (@BlessedBroGod) - Married 2 Da Block

For anyone who listens to Blessed talk, they know immediately that he oozes confidence. When it comes to rapping and making good music, he knows he’s good at what he does. His fans know that, too. He compares himself to the late, great 2Pac. “I know that’s a big comparison, but 2Pac’s music was real and he was original. You could feel his pain and struggle in his music, and I feel that people can hear all of that in mine, too.”

Click [Here] To Download.

Click [Here] To Download.

“We want to blame the system as far as how we live but we really have the choice to do something different,” stated the rapper. “When I was locked up, I wanted to change my way of life. I was reading the Bible and found a line where it said “blessed are the pure in heart.” And I always felt like I had a pure heart despite all the bull that I did in the hood. I was still a good person. That’s where my name came from.” After his release from jail, he’s been working harder on his music ever since. “Before I get into the studio, I like to have everything written and done, so I can just go in there and bang everything out. I like to take care of business,” he explained. This triple threat is already back in the studio working on a new EP slated for an April 2016 release. To learn more about Blessed, check him out on Twitter.

[Single] T.Lee ( @tleemusic504) - Clear My Mind ft. Kayla Jasmine

T. Lee is gearing up for his biggest project to date. His highly anticipated EP is scheduled to drop mid-June. A video for the first single, “Clear My Mind,” is already in the works. “I’ve had a few songs on the radio, but this is my first big single,” stated T. Lee. “My inspiration for writing this track was based on everything that’s pretty much going on in the world like the senseless killings, poverty and things of that nature.” While many other rappers talk about the “thug life” or hustling in the streets, T. Lee says he prefers to follow the beat of his own drum. “I’ve never been a follower at all,” he explained. “I grew up around everybody hustling and everybody thuggin’ hard. The people who grew up before me are either dead or in jail. I don’t want to be that guy.” His latest single has already been met by rave reviews. T. Lee says “Clear My Mind” is a song meant to inspire the fans. “It’s a real groovy track. Fans will draw inspiration from it,” he said. “It’s going to make you more ambitious and want to change things in the world and in your life. It’s about grasping onto the positivity that is in the world.” T. Lee says the majority of the songs on his upcoming EP are designed to be uplifting and added that “sad songs” are non-existent on his latest project. From tracks that take a jab at politics to tracks that are designed to get you moving in the club—he describes every single as “happy.” “I feel like this whole EP is going to put big smiles on the faces of anybody who listens to it,” stated T. Lee.

Click [Here] To Stream "Clear My Mind"

Click [Here] To Stream "Clear My Mind"

To learn more about this talented artist, check him out at: