Monday, February 8, 2016

[Mixtape] Blessed (@BlessedBroGod) - Married 2 Da Block

For anyone who listens to Blessed talk, they know immediately that he oozes confidence. When it comes to rapping and making good music, he knows he’s good at what he does. His fans know that, too. He compares himself to the late, great 2Pac. “I know that’s a big comparison, but 2Pac’s music was real and he was original. You could feel his pain and struggle in his music, and I feel that people can hear all of that in mine, too.”

Click [Here] To Download.

Click [Here] To Download.

“We want to blame the system as far as how we live but we really have the choice to do something different,” stated the rapper. “When I was locked up, I wanted to change my way of life. I was reading the Bible and found a line where it said “blessed are the pure in heart.” And I always felt like I had a pure heart despite all the bull that I did in the hood. I was still a good person. That’s where my name came from.” After his release from jail, he’s been working harder on his music ever since. “Before I get into the studio, I like to have everything written and done, so I can just go in there and bang everything out. I like to take care of business,” he explained. This triple threat is already back in the studio working on a new EP slated for an April 2016 release. To learn more about Blessed, check him out on Twitter.

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