Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Money Over Death's GMack

It’s been literally a year since G-Mack recorded this single, ‘Stop Snitching’ featuring Kevin Gates (Feb.14, 2015), and with this song alone, what started in North Carolina was able to go National, quiet as it’s kept. That feature was definitely a good look for the buzzing artist but internet buzz hasn’t taken away from his homegrown grind. Just last week he rocked the stage at the Coast-2-Coast Live Showcase in Raleigh, and to celebrate the anniversary of his single next week it’s only right he performs somewhere for CIAA. You can keep up with his next shows and latest moves on his social media sites @GMackTheBandMan but if you’re like most people, anxiously waiting for the sophomore album to touch down…. Don’t worry it’s coming soon. FREE DOWNLOAD & STREAM BELOW

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