Monday, February 8, 2016

[Single] T.Lee ( @tleemusic504) - Clear My Mind ft. Kayla Jasmine

T. Lee is gearing up for his biggest project to date. His highly anticipated EP is scheduled to drop mid-June. A video for the first single, “Clear My Mind,” is already in the works. “I’ve had a few songs on the radio, but this is my first big single,” stated T. Lee. “My inspiration for writing this track was based on everything that’s pretty much going on in the world like the senseless killings, poverty and things of that nature.” While many other rappers talk about the “thug life” or hustling in the streets, T. Lee says he prefers to follow the beat of his own drum. “I’ve never been a follower at all,” he explained. “I grew up around everybody hustling and everybody thuggin’ hard. The people who grew up before me are either dead or in jail. I don’t want to be that guy.” His latest single has already been met by rave reviews. T. Lee says “Clear My Mind” is a song meant to inspire the fans. “It’s a real groovy track. Fans will draw inspiration from it,” he said. “It’s going to make you more ambitious and want to change things in the world and in your life. It’s about grasping onto the positivity that is in the world.” T. Lee says the majority of the songs on his upcoming EP are designed to be uplifting and added that “sad songs” are non-existent on his latest project. From tracks that take a jab at politics to tracks that are designed to get you moving in the club—he describes every single as “happy.” “I feel like this whole EP is going to put big smiles on the faces of anybody who listens to it,” stated T. Lee.

Click [Here] To Stream "Clear My Mind"

Click [Here] To Stream "Clear My Mind"

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