Friday, February 26, 2016

Spotlight on TEACH (@TizzyTeach) - Just Us

Hip Hop artist, Teach, is on a mission to inspire the masses through his music. His latest project is designed to offer hope for anyone just struggling to get through each day.

“For anyone who is a dream chaser, they will relate to this project. If they’re going after what they want in life, they’re probably going through similar issues I’ve gone through and appreciate the struggles I describe on this project,” explained Teach. Growing up, Teach was different and his struggles started early on. Because he didn’t look like or enjoy the same things as people in his neighborhood, he often became the target of bullies. “I came from sort of a beat down neighborhood. However, you can come from a negative background but not bring that negative chip on your shoulder,” stressed Teach. “Growing up being both black and white, people didn’t like that I was a mixed skateboarder.” However, it’s his differences that has since catapulted him into the musician he is today. While no one likes to be bullied, in a way it’s made him into the success he is today. According to Teach, “Life of the Party,” inspired by his ‘haters,’ is his favorite track on the mixtape. “Over the years, I have seen such a transition, such a change in my whole life. Growing up all through school, I was never the popular kid,” stated Teach. “Today, it’s so amazing when people now know who I am and want to hang out with me. I honestly feel like I’ve become the life of the party. That’s why that’s my favorite song.” Other tracks on the mixtape include “They Don’t Know,” “Indigo,” “Cloud,” “Ready” and “Fall.” “At the time, I wrote it for a girlfriend. It’s some of my most lyrical stuff. I pride myself with having something to say,” stated Teach. “When I listen to music, I want to something to bite into and take back from it. I take what I hear and apply it to my life. I’m a sponge. When people here this project, they’ll definitely get something out of including motivation and inspiration to achieve whatever they want in life.” For fans who listen to the talented artist for the very first time, they won’t be disappointed. “I’m a west coast artist with a no coast flow. Overall, my music is upbeat. I call myself a black rock star. I grew my hair out just so I can head bang on stage,” stated Teach. “I’m very proud of it. It’s what I wanted it to be and more. It actually can out better than I had hoped for.” To learn more about Teach, check him out on Twitter, Facebook, and here:

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