Tuesday, February 9, 2016

[Mixtape] Juss James (@JussJames1) - Dreams On Hold

Twenty-five-year-old Juss James isn’t sitting back just watching time pass by. In fact, he’s on a mission to take his music to the next level in 2016. He recently released his biggest project to date titled “Dreams on Hold.” “The first three songs on the mixtape were written a little over a year ago. I originally left them to the side and took my music in another direction,” stated James. However, he quickly learned that the new direction wasn’t exactly a good move in the right direction. He found himself mimicking the sound and style of the current "trap" rap trend. While attempting to re-invent himself, he was morphing into someone he wasn’t. “I was trying to chase the trendier vibe that is popular in hip hop right now, but it didn’t feel right for me personally. I’m a big fan of the music; however, it’s just not something I wanted to create as an artist,” explained James, who describes the sound of his current project as a modernized version of the new school rap wave that originated during the 2009-10 era. He eventually decided to get back to the basics and channel a more organic, genuine musical connection during his creative process. According to James, his recently released mixtape is about chasing his dream of becoming one of the hottest artists in the game, while simultaneously being smacked in the face by reality once he realizes he has yet to achieve the iconnic status he's longing for.

“The mixtape starts out with my cousin calling me, but he's unaware that I’m already asleep, so he leaves me a voicemail inviting me to go out to the club. I never respond because I’m in a dream state of mind, and that’s when the first three songs come on, which go on to reflect my aspirations,” he explained. After those three songs play, the second skit starts. It involves his cousin calling once again to let James know that he and the boys are going out a second night in a row, but we gather that James cannot answer the phone because he is at work. Reality sets in and the final three songs insuenate that the dream is over. James is now rudely awokened by the fact that he is merely just a college dropout with "Nothing To Lose." “Fans will hear me covering a wide variety of topics. I’m pretty diverse with my overall content and delivery. They can expect to hear the journey of an aspiring artist encountering the highs and lows that come with the efforts one makes when trying to establish a name in the entertainment business,” stated James. James says he hopes that fans gain some inspiration to work towards their individual goals upon hearing his latest songs, seeing that he strives to create music that will be therapeutic and motivating for the average, everyday listener. Currently, James is working on his yet-to-be-titled EP scheduled for a April release. He says that all the material is already written and he plans to have about 17 songs on the upcoming project. To learn more about Juss James, check him out on Twitter and SoundCloud.

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