Monday, February 29, 2016

[Mixtape] Airborne - Lifted

One listen to Cameron Airborne’s music, and you’ll quickly realize he’s going places. With catchy beats and lyrics that make you ponder the world around you—he’s on the verge of greatness. Recently, he dropped his latest single titled “Chose One.” “It’s about just being in a situation where you’re just trying to get to the top and overcome a problem or challenge and you feel like you you’re that chose one. You feel you’re in a situation where you’re finally going to make things happen,” stated Airborne. At 18-years-old, his music is very reminiscent of mega-superstar Eminem. However, rest assure he follows the beat of his own drum. “I’m not just hip hop. I love Jimi Hendrix, too. He’s actually one of my main influences in music period. My music really offers something for everyone,” stated Airborne. “A lot of people tell me they actually like what I’m talking about. They tell me hip hop today is lacking substance but they like the message I put into it.” He recently stated that his new album, which is scheduled for an April release, is some of his best work to date.

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“Fans will be able to hear all of the energy that I put into it. Compared to my other music, you can really see my growth,” he stated. “It’s a very upbeat and inspirational album. It makes you want to sit back and take in all the information. For the debut sing, once you hear the hook, it’ll give you chills as you sit back and take it all in.” In the coming weeks, the talented rapper says a music video will accompany the single. While he’s looking forward to creating the video, he’s also looking forward for fans to hear his debut album that he promised won’t disappoint. “The music really tells a story for itself. It’s real different in terms of the beat selection. It’s very similar to the mainstream hip hop you hear on the radio today,” stated Airborne. “I’m really proud of this project.” To learn more about Cameron Airborne, check him out at:

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