Thursday, February 11, 2016

[Single] Ant Glizzy (@antglizzygg) - Know Betta



Growing up in the nation’s capital isn’t easy, especially when you’re Barbara Son. Affectionately known as Ant Glizzy to the hip hop hemisphere, his more acclaimed moniker was never meant to be attached to a now heralded rap persona.

“I never woke up and said I wanted to be a rapper,” the reluctant emcee says. “I just went in there and did what I did and the people liked it.”

Needless to say, Ant Glizzy is among the District of Columbia’s most poised street poets and stands firm as a true ambassador for a city he knows as well as his very first tattoo.

“I represent the streets, the struggle, the people that come from nothing,” he maintains. “So you have to be aggressive or people are going to run over top of you. You gotta stand for something.”

Only six months removed from the brotherhood (Glizzy Gang) he all but grew up with, Ant has amassed close to 350,000 views and over 70k downloads of his first official mixtape – Barbara Son. A moving tribute to his mother (Barbara), Ant pulls no punches. Spitting with reckless abandon, the 23-year-old rapper establishes himself as a factor on uncompromising tracks such as “Scared Ass,” “Having Fun” and the incomparable “Blow Up” – the latter, an ode to Ant’s mother.

Known for his success in the streets as much as the studio, it shouldn’t surprise the casual listener that Ant Glizzy and DJ Young Music (The Streetz Representer) bumped heads – on a musical path of course. No sooner than Glizzy’s music began to sift into radio circles, the DYMG Entertainment impresario arranged a sit down. In it, the two discussed terms of a deal that would work to harness Ant’s God-given talent for the good of the label and a city they both ride for.

When they stood up, it was all but a formality.

“I don’t feel like I owe [DC] anything,” says Ant, “but if I get in a position to put DC people on, I am.”

Fully cocked and loaded as a member of the DMV’s fastest growing independent label, Ant is in position to do just that. For starters he just released the highly anticipated sequel Barbara Son 2, on DYMG Entertainment, as he rightfully earns his place among hip hop’s next generation of breakout stars.






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