Friday, February 19, 2016

Spotlight on Spencer Reed Band

The year 2016 is shaping up to be a good one for the Spencer Reed Band. They’ve worked diligently on their first major project—and it promises to not disappoint. “I think it’s cool when people can listen to our music and develop their own experience and interpretation of the beats,” stated Spencer Andrei, lead singer and guitarist for the group. “When we were recording this album, it was hard for us to hone in on one specific genre. We came to describe our sound as ‘college rock.’ It’s very unique.” According to Andre, the band’s central members are made up of fellow musicians he met while attending college. They each share a passion for music and their individual talents complement one another well. “Once you listen to the music, you’ll realize our individual sound is definitely unique, and at our live shows we each improvise a lot,” stated Andre. “That’s really what we do well. We can turn a five minute song into a 15 minute song. When we perform, we take turns doing different solos. Our music is a blend of strictly all vocals and at other times just all music. I think the audience appreciates that.” According to Andre, the band’s music is heavily influenced by alternative and acoustic rock. The band released its first single from the album, “Stay,” in late 2015 and have plans to release additional singles in the near future. “’Stay’ really captures the entire vibe that we’re going for—a saxophone and violin rift. It’s very big and rock like,” stated Andre. “It’s a song about dying young and how important it is to really live life to the fullest.” Produced by Grammy-nominated musician Dave Douglas, the album’s title track, “Heavy in my Heart,” is a mid-tempo song that’s guaranteed to hook music listeners from the moment they hear it. “The song, ‘Heavy in my Head,’ is about how no matter what you’re doing in life, you will always come back to the one thing you’ve always been drawn to and for us, it’s making music,” explained Andre. To accommodate the album’s May/June 2016 release, the band has released a promotional video via their website. The video includes four singles from the album: “Heavy in my Heart,” Stay,” “Lie You Down” and “Mr. Weatherman.” “The video is just introducing us as a band. Because this is our first record, we talk about each song, what they’re about and the vibe we’re trying to give off in them,” stated Andre. In the future, the Spencer Reed Band is hoping to tour the country and continue doing music for the fans they make along the way. To learn more about the band, visit their website:

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