Thursday, February 25, 2016

Interview w/ James Kessee (@jameskessee)

Who is James Kessee? James Kessee is an R&B/Hip Hop recording artist and more importantly a creator. He is also the CEO of his own label The Kessee Group. He is a man that believes strongly in the concept of “doing this your own way and walking down your own path”. No one can live your life for you nor better then you because they can never be you.

Describe your sound! My sound is a very unique one and a sound of my own. In a world full of copy cats, I take great pride in that uniqueness. It is a combination of old school melodies and vibes with the current sounds. From every lyric and word to the vocals, it is a heartfelt, passionate and soulful sound. My sound is a sound that is authentic, real and tells a story. Out of all the artists that are out today, what sets James Kessee out from all of the many others out right now? I am set apart from other artist by the things that make me different. That includes but is not limited to my style of writing, my interaction with those that support me, the clothes I rock my vocals and more. My entire brand is different and it allows me stand out from a crowd. Tell the people about this new single, "Body Weight". What can they expect when they hear the song or watch the video? My single “Body Weight” is a sexually and emotionally charged record. I wrote it wanting to capture the intense emotions that are magnified and electrified when your with someone you are connected with on levels that are seemingly unable to be explained. I wanted to take it beyond the physical. In the video we focused on captured those moments where it is almost as if you have left your body. It is as if you two are in another world. That mental stimulation takes you both beyond the physical. The video for “Body Weight” definitely captures that. The record was produced by super producer James Worthy. The video was filmed and edited by Mark Masart of Masart films. Tell the people something about you that they don't know, that you think they should know. I struggle with PTSD and some other things from my time in service and from life in general. Every day is a new day and new battle. In these battles though, I am able to find motivation and inspiration. My music becomes a sort of light among the darkness. We all go through things in this life. We all stumble; we all have our vices so to speak. However I encourage anyone in the struggle and the fight to continue to march forward. Find your passion and your inspiration. Find your light among the darkness as I did. It is definitely possible and it is out there. Working on anything else? If so, tell us about it! I am currently working on a reality show I have been recently cast on called Atl Boss Divaz Latinaz. I am also preparing for a role in an independent film and taking a stab at this thing we call acting. I have always wanted to act so this is a great opportunity provided to me by a wonderful person. I thank you for that and I am grateful for you Rhonda K. Who are some of the artists that inspire you? Some of the Artist that inspire me are, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gay, Joe, Chris Brown (Musically), Usher, Marques Houston and much more. What is your goal for 2016? As cliché as it sounds, my goal for 2016 is do it bigger then 2015. I want everything to grow from my fan base, to my music, to myself. We must never become stagnant and content with where we are currently. That can lead to the death of growth and the obstruction of positive progression forward.

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