Monday, February 1, 2016

[Mixtape] @EDM_CEO and @EDMDre - Every Dollar Mafia

Outstanding new duo, Duke Dolla Escobar and EDMDre release "Every Dollar Mafia" the mixtape presented by Staff ENT and hosted by DJ Reese. This duo is what you call a perfect mixture, due to influences such as Jay-Z, J. Cole, Chief Keef, and Future; we get a little backpack rap and trap. Both artists were inspired early on; Duke lists his family and friends as inspirations, while EDMDre was inspired by the desire to express himself and make the crowd move. Both of these young men are focused on achieving longevity in the music industry and in life. EDMDre is quoted saying "where I'm from we barely make it to see 18, so seeing 81 is beating the odds." Signing with Staff ENT was an easy decision because that is their family and with family you have a foundation built on trust and people who truly believe in you. "Every Dollar Mafia" the mixtape is just the initial step in a career that is bound to last. In the future they want to collaborate with producers Zaytoven & DJ Mustard, as while as artist Future. Their main goal is to, of course maintain a fanbase, continuously grow, and remain true to themselves. Listen, Download, and Support; Duke Dolla Escobar and EDMDre are here to stay.

Checkout EDM DRE's Video "Whippin Work"

Connect w/ Duke Dolla Escobar and EDMDre Instagram: EDMDre | DickEmDownDuke Twitter: @EDMDre | @EDM_CEO

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