Friday, February 19, 2016

Spotlight on HempStar Iggy (@HEMPSTARYIGGY)

When you hear the music of Mr. Yikes, you may think he’s style is reminiscent of producer/lyricist extraordinaire Timbaland. However, make no mistake. Mr. Yikes is following the beat of his own drum. “My sound is fun. When I make music, I just want people to feel really good,” he explained. His latest project titled, “Groove Theory,” is designed to do just that. According to Mr. Yikes he spent a lot of sleepless nights putting the LP together but he says fans won’t be disappointed.

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“I’m kind of hoping that people are able to identify with some of the moods and experiences that are put out on this record. It’s a very ‘thrillful’ album. I just want people to have fun with it,” he stated. The hard work that I put into this was endless. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.” Mr. Yikes says “Groove Theory” is the type of album you can work out to after hitting “play.” If you want to lose calories, his latest project will inspire his fans to do just that. While he loves all his tracks off of the project, he says his favorite track off the LP is “My Clothes.” “It’s the most fun song on the track. It’s fresh, up tempo. People made disagree with but I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised by it,” he stated. The first single from the LP will be called “In My Grip.” He describes it as a cross between EDM/hip hop. “It’s a fun club track,” he explained. When it comes to the entertainment business, Mr Yikes is certainly no rookie. He has more than 180,000 followers on Twitters and has performed with other big named acts—including famous rapper/hype man/producer, Fat Man Scoop. In 2012, his single, “Tease Me,” also reached the #3 spot on 96.1 KISS FM. “It was exciting. We got recognition from Nigil Mack with Universal Records and Motown. It was great,” stated Mr. Yikes. “For my latest project, though, I just hope everybody enjoys it, and I thank everybody who’s made it possible.” “Groove Theory” is expected to drop sometime in March. To learn more about Mr. Yikes, check him out on Twitter, YouTube and

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