Friday, February 19, 2016

[Ep] Bing (@BiNGtrip) - At it Again

HOUSTON, TEXAS—At 36-years-old, Bing is truly seasoned pro and it shows in his music. Influenced by Jimi Hendrix, TuPac and Biggy, Bing has developed his own unique sound over the years that continues to only get even better with time. “I just want people to really feel my music. I’m a true artist. I’m doing my own thing,” stated Bing. “This music that I’m putting out now is going to be different. It’s going to be hot. It’s going to be on point.” Slated to drop this month, “At it Again” includes four danceable tracks: “Aw Man,” “Glue,” “Stop Lying” and “Party.” “It’s going to be in your face, crunk, laid back—just different,” stated Bing. “It’s an all-around high energy project.”

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Rapping professionally since 2000, Bing’s music is reminiscent to Top 40 hip hop. However, he’s not trying to live up to the stereotype. He’s living his true, authentic self through his music—which he writes. “My music is about the hype. It’s more intelligent. Something everybody can feel. I try to rap for 6 years old to 90 years old,” stated Bing. “My music is me. I’m not no 50 Cent who’s been shot and been to jail. I’m not even about that. I don’t even know why rappers try to make hip hop about that.” Bing prefers to make his music about having fun, enjoying life and just chilling. Fans will certainly be able to experience that on his latest project. To learn more about Bing, check him out on Twitter and Reverbnation.

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