Saturday, February 27, 2016

Spotlight on kNOw Ca$h (@SAGACASH)

Byon Artrell McCullough, “No Cash,” is hard to miss around the Pee Dee region. With his wild hair, tattered clothes and worn out shoes, a card board sign which reads “will sang 4 food” proudly dangles from around his neck. He pretty much sticks out like a sore thumb wherever he goes, but that’s perfectly okay. He’s on a mission to achieve musical greatness. “I had to re-invent myself when I came home from prison four years ago. My grandmother and granddaddy raised me my entire life, and when I went to prison they both died, and I didn’t even get a chance to go to the funeral,” stated McCullough. He suddenly found himself homeless and unable to find a job. According to McCullough, no one really wants to hire an ex-convict who landed behind bars for selling drugs. “When I came home, I quickly found myself in a needy situation. There was nobody to help me get back on my feet,” stated the father of three. “I thought selling drugs would help me fund my music career. That was the only way I knew how to make money. I never had a real job. I had always sold drugs.” While McCullough is able to occasionally stay with friends, he has been homeless for a little more than two years now, but remains positive about the situation. “I am homeless, but I’m not hopeless. I’m still trying to make a way through my passions,” he explained. “Music is something I can do and enjoy. I love to sing. I love to write. I do it all. I sing country. I sing alternative rock. I sing R&B. I write my own songs. I’m a music junkie. I love music.” In March, he’ll release his first major single titled “Vote For Me.” The singled will be featured on his upcoming EP titled “The Know Cash Experience” that he plans to release at the end of the year. To learn more about No Cash, check him out on his YouTube channel by clicking here. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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