Friday, February 19, 2016

[EP] S.B.P.S (@TSA_SBENT) - Stay Positive

Pearl Squad and Smack Bros both know a thing or two about teamwork and are proof that there is strength in numbers. Friends for years, you can hear their hard work in their latest collaboration. Currently, Pearl Squad is gearing up for the release of their latest EP titled “The Lost Boys” which will also feature Smack Bros.

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“We are two separate groups, yet we are one big family and do work with one another,” said group members. This is our first big project. It’s like our coming out. We want people to know who we are and what we stand for.” According to the members of their group, they’re presently working on two music videos for the EP—and says fans won’t be disappointed. While recording the six songs for the project, they say they spent endless hours inside the studio to make it something fans can look forward to. “For everybody who’s goes through something, when they hear our music, we want them to know to always keep their head up. Regardless what happens, keep doing what you do,” they explained. “This isn’t trap music. This is our real life we’re speaking.” Pearl Squad is comprised of members Zaggy, Niko and OG Jibbly. The three have known each other for years, they say. “Me and Zaggy met way back in the 6th grade. Zaggy met Niko first and then he connected me to Niko,” stated OG Jibbly. They introduced me to rapping and we’ve been rapping since around 2008.” It’s through Niko’s connections that they were introduced to the members of Smack Bros—comprised of Steelmatic and TSA. The two groups describe themselves as one big family often collaborating on songs. “Our stuff is different from other people’s stuff. Other artists out there, they want to put out a bunch of hype. With me, my sh*t is different because it comes from the heart. Be influenced by yourself, don’t be influenced by anybody else,” stated Steelmatic, who’s also working on a solo project titled “Soul Caliber.” Right now, his group, Smack Bros, just recently released their project titled “Stay Positive” which also features some of the members of Pearl Squad. “We hope that when people hear this project, they understand that no matter what they’ve been through—stay positive. You’re going to overcome all of that,” explained Steelmatic. “This is all fresh start for us really. We know that we have the talent, now we’re just trying to kick the door in and show the world who we are.” To learn more about S.B.P.S, check them out on Twitter and

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