Monday, May 9, 2016

Spotlight on Fullspin Entertainment

Q. Where are you from & how did you get your start in the music business? A. I was born in Jackson, MI at Foote Hospital and began as a 9 year old boy just being around family and music. Q. When it comes to seeking talent for Fullspin Entertainment, what are some key things that you look for? A. Looking for talent over the years wasn't always easy but now the key things for me are loyalty, drive, and consistency in music writing. Willingness to be taught and critiqued is important as well as listening skills.

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Q. What makes an artist hot??? A. What makes an artist hot to me is being able to be diverse and still be yourself without changing who you are or the story your portraying. Q. What has been some of your major accomplishments since being established? A. My biggest accomplishments have been magazine interviews, paid radio spins, being nominated for awards and the business associates I have gained along the way. In instrumental in the growth of me and my company. Q. If you could sign any artist that's independent, who would you decide to sign and why? A. I would sign any independent artist that has a solo but team mindset because its my direction. Any label is a team but with solo artists in it. Q. What's next? New projects? Tell us about them! A. My project WRITING ON THE WALLS is about to release soon. My artists are working on individual projects as well. We are also working on tour dates and shows plus clothing lines and launching the Fullspin Entertainment website.

If one wanted to get in touch with you for any business inquiries, how would people be able to do so?

You can reach me for booking or get questions answered by: ☎(920)371-4335 Or Email:

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