Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spotlight on Kizzo

Influenced by such artists like Michael Jackson, Babyface and Prince, Charles ‘Kizzo’ Kizzee is not a one-dimensional artist by a long shot. In fact, his music attracts fans from all genres and walks of life. As time progresses, his music only continues to get better and better, hence, the name for his latest project.

In life, we all evolve. And, for me, that’s certainly been the case,” stated Kizzo. Each project I put out, I progress and grow. I feel like there’s been a gradual transformation with this album.”

In his case, change has certainly been a good thing since the April 5th release of his album, Makeover.” For Kizzo, he describes this particular project as diverse, packed with soul and feel-good R&B.

I wrote and composed all of the songs. It’s full of lyricism,” explained Kizzo. This album allowed me to go back to writing songs naturally.The debut single from the album is called Checkin’ On You.” It’s described as a mid-tempo track clarifying a male-female friendship.

It’s really just about calling someone up who’s been on your mind for a while just to see how they’re doing,” stated Kizzo. Each song on the album gets a little closer and closer into the stages of a relationship.” After dedicating a song to his firstborn daughter titled The Moment,” he followed up with a new track on his latest album titled One More.” “My first daughter had a song, so of course my second daughter needed a song too,” stated Kizzo.

I really want listeners to be able to hear and get into the songwriting on this album. I want them to feel good about the music. I want it to take them somewhere. That’s what music is.”

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