Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Spotlight on P-Nemesis (@pnemesis24)

Portland, OR Randy Anukam (otherwise known as P-Nemesis) has been entrenched in music since a young age, his love for rap sprouting as a school-age child, and eventually resulting in the pursuit of a career in the industry. “I observed the hip hop game and thought I could be one of the best,” says the rapper. Randy began taking his musical aspirations seriously in college, and the now 28-year-old artist is en route to success with the release of his single, “Higher.”

The song, which features John Legend, is a collaboration between the singer, Legend, and rapper, Randy who carefully crafted lyrics to go with the chorus Legend wrote. The song is about elevation. “Whatever you’re doing, it’s taking it one step higher,” explains Anukam, “It could mean ‘higher’ in different contexts.” Legend and Anukam went back and forth, to create the perfect synergy between the two artists’ styles.

Anukam takes lyricism incredibly seriously, and his current project is no different. The song underwent a variety of drafts until it met a level of satisfaction for the artist. The song, now available on iTunes, has met good response, which grows daily. “I’m hoping the longer it’s out, the better it will do.”

Randy Anukam is a serious songwriter, and views rap as poetry. “Nowadays, you can make a catchy hit, and it will be popular,” the artist laments, “Some rappers aren’t putting much thought into their words.” Quite the contrary with Anukam, Randy’s words are carefully chosen, with a lot of consideration behind the meaning of his songs. “I really take time putting words together.”

His advice to others? “If you’re serious about music, the most important thing is to believe in yourself.”

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