Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Spotlight on FranC Grime$ (@GRiMES_ReDDPiLL)

CHINO, CA. – FranC Grime$ knows all about hard work. He lives and breathes it every day, and he believes that it’s the one thing that sets apart the good from the great.

His music is a reflection of that message … and it’s a message that he hopes to pass on to others who want to realize big dreams.

“The emotions I want to elicit out of other people from my music is motivation,” he said. “never give up, never stop – whatever you’re pursuing in life. What usually stops people is the limitations they put on themselves with issues of self-worth and self-confidence. The society we live in tends to make us stunt our growth because we doubt ourselves. My music is about helping people overcome that.”

His new song “Check Up” (feat. Earlly Mac) is a nod to that life philosophy. He said the song talks about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and the lyrics emphasize the work that it takes to become successful.

“It’s about investing in yourself,” FranC Grime$ said. “Do whatever it takes to get your bread up. You’re less like to find that people will give you a chance on a whim. But they’re more likely to give you a chance if they see the financial benefit on their end down the line, and you’re only going to convince them of that if you show that you’re investing in yourself.”

FranC Grime$ said he comes up with the lyrics for his songs as he’s driving through the L.A. region every day as a senior technician for a cable company – putting in the hard work it takes to provide for his wife and two children. Because he’s required to drive around a lot for his profession, he said he has time to be creative and try out new lyrics and beats. He also sees a lot of things on the road that inspires him, and he uses those inspirational things to “write songs in my head.”

“I can come up with three songs while I’m driving over about three weeks,” he said. “I have them memorized by that point, and I can just walk into the studio and just rip out those songs.”

That’s exactly what he’s done with the new project he’s set to release this summer – of which “Check Up” is the first single. He said this first project will include seven original songs, and that anyone who wants to discover his sound can listen to “Check Up” on iTunes. FranC Grime$ also keeps in touch with his fans via social media. Anyone who wants to know more about his music can follow him on Instagram, Twitter or Soundcloud.

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