Wednesday, July 15, 2015

[Single] Rickie Blow (@1Rickieblow) - Ball

Rickie Blow (@1Rickieblow) is a music artist based out of Atlanta, born in the Midwest, Milwaukee to be exact. Originally growing up in the streets, Rickie Blow has taken a giant step toward the music industry. In 2014 Blow released, “Trapper Turned Rapper” on LiveMixtapes under Traps N’ Trunks. The first single, self-entitled was introduced as a video on World Star Hip Hop. The second single surely spread like wildfire. “Place Your Order”, the video, was released and in only 24 hours had gained a quarter of a million views. His goal is to show the world how deep music pulses through his veins. He is a creature of creativity. His new single, “Ball” is a new summer anthem for 2015. Blow’s music can be found on iTunes, LiveMixtapes, YouTube, Soundcloud, MTV Artists and many more. He will never forget the days of his life in the streets. They are what made him who he is today. His drive has evolved him into a bigger and brighter artist. Don’t blink and don’t sleep, Rickie Blow is coming for his spot in the music game.

Connect w/ Rickie Blow

IG: @Rickieblow | Twitter: @1Rickieblow | Soundcloud: Rickie Blow | YouTube: Rickie Blow

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