Friday, April 15, 2016

Gett Loww Militainment to Release Just The Tip

A new movement is sweeping through Florida and beyond that will shake the core of hip-hop itself. Gett Loww Militainment began as a mere vision by Anthony “A-M-P” Jimenez. Anthony is equal parts artist and entrepreneur. Despite his success as a well seasoned artist, Gett Loww Militainment was created as a personal venture to mix two of Anthony Jimenez’s great loves: Business and music. “Being an artist doesn’t last forever,” says the budding music mogul, explaining his desire to expand beyond artistry and into the management side of music. Starting a label of his own was a way to both continue his creative pursuits and guarantee some longevity. In 2016, running a label is the “day job,” and writing and producing music becomes a labor of love. Jimenez is a forward thinker, a fusion between Steve Jobs and Jay Z, their stories of perseverance and business savvy serving as inspiration for his musical and business endeavors.

Gett Loww Militainment has hit the ground running with Just The Tip, by premier label artist Pimp Genius. “Pimp is witty. He’s Andre 3000 meets Rick Ross meets Mystical.” Witty, indeed. Pimp Genius’ up-and-coming hit is fast and furious (not to mention funny).

Just The Tip is Gett Loww Militainment’s maiden voyage as a label, and this year is about building a brand and a buzz. “This year is about getting the ball rolling.

When people hear our music, we want them to know more than just the song. We want them to associate our music with our label and brand.” The label’s message to excited fans? “Don’t scream – it’s just the tip.”

Listen to Just The Tip on Apple Music.

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