Friday, April 22, 2016

Spotlight on King Dev (@kingdevallah)

Former triple threat athlete turned musical sensation #KingDev is bursting onto the music scene full force with his first fully produced project this summer. Sparked by the hustle and bustle of the LA music scene, Dev came to the realization that music – formerly a hobby – was his true passion. He’d discovered his purpose. With that, Deven became #KingDev, a name the artist chose as an homage to the law of attraction. He’d call himself #KingDev, and thus would begin his musical reign.

The performer, eager to make a name for himself amongst hip hop and rap greats, thrust a great deal of effort and resources into his latest project, a self-titled album scheduled to make its debut this summer, King Dev. “It’s my baby,” the artist and performer confesses, and though this is not #KingDev’s first time in the studio, the album is his first true debut as a professional artist. Determined to be taken seriously in an industry rife with competition, Dev has thrown his heart and soul into the project to make it one for the books. “This project embodies me. This is my first serious step.”

While #KingDev’s career and musical aspirations are serious, his music is still lively and upbeat. Audiences will be raving over #KingDev’s would-be hit “Sidebihh,” the ultimate summer jam for a night out at the club. As the title of the track suggests, the song is a witty tribute to the women taken men fantasize about when “their girlfriend is trippin,’” smirks the artist, careful not to tread the waters of infidelity. Relatable, smart, and wildly clever, the song is bound to be an instant summer chart-topper.

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What’s next for the King? The artist’s immediate goal is to develop a platform; a fan base that will drive his music to the top of every hip hop chart. “I need people to know who I am,” says #KingDev, “My story doesn’t matter if no one is there to listen.”  

Driven, focused, and compassionate, #KingDev’s dreams soar beyond the musical hemisphere. A humanitarian, his ultimate goal is to use a musical platform to do good. To inspire. To give hope, even if it’s just by making someone smile when his songs come on the radio.

One thing is certain – It’s good to be #King.

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