Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spotlight on Calvin Jefferson (@Twin2pac) aka tpactwin

Calvin Jefferson is prone to stares wherever he goes. After all, his resemblance to legendary rapper Tupac Shakur is on point—right down from the bandana to his mannerisms.

“People always tell me that I need to get my own show in Las Vegas,” stated Jefferson. “When I perform in clubs, people go crazy. They throw money at me. It’s fun.”

Jefferson has been performing as Tupac since 2000. A lot of people might be surprised to know that he didn’t know who the controversial rapper was until he was murdered in 1996.

“When Tupac was making a name for himself, I was busy serving in the military. When I got back from the military in 1996, that’s when he was shot. Until then I didn’t know who he was or any of his songs,” explained Jefferson.

While Jefferson enjoys impersonating the influential hip hop artist, he says in real life they are nothing alike. However, he admires the “tough guy” persona Tupac portrayed in his music and in real life.

“I try to keep my performances PG-rated when I can. In real life, I’m not hardcore like that. I’m not into the drugs, the violence or the thug life,” stated Jefferson. Tupac had two sides to him. He had a hardcore side and then he had the gentle side. I feed off his gentle side.

In the future, Jefferson says he hopes to perform more and perhaps one day even have his own venue. To learn more about that talented impersonator, visit him on Twitter and YouTube.

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