Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spotlight on Gee 6

Meet Gee 6: An Upcoming Artist on the Verge of Greatness Forget what you’ve heard on the radio. New York-based rapper brings a refreshing new sound to the game of hip hop. LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK—Just nearly four months into the new year, and it’s already shaping up to be a busy one for Greg Danzy who’s better known by his stage name, Gee 6. Although influenced by such mainstream artists as Fabulous and Rick Ross—Gee follows the beat of his own drum and makes no apologies for it. “My music is different than what most people here on the radio because it has more flare. It has more swagger. It has more intelligence behind it,” explained Gee 6. “The inspiration for my songs come from the stressful life that I lived.” Gee 6 was raised in the rough streets of New York where music quickly became his outlet to escape both the bad and the ugly of the outside world. For him, it’s what’s saved him of going down a path so many in his neighborhood have followed only to realize later it was a bad decision. “I’m an intelligent kid who was raised around the streets, but was never in it. So I always had to witness the criminals, the crime and everything. I was smart enough, however, to not join in on it,” stated Gee. However, his life growing up around that environment has certainly influenced his music today. “When people here my music, I hope they take away a piece of my life,” stated Gee 6. “If they’re struggling, they’ll know they’re not alone because I talk about my own struggles in my music.” Last month, he released his first major project, a mixtape titled “Game Over.” The single has been met by rave reviews by those in his circle as well as fans of hip hop. “I put all my blood, sweat and tears on it. I made every beat. It’s pretty much about life from my perspective,” explained Gee. “This project is more hood, but there are also some tracks for the ladies. Everyone will enjoy it honestly.” He’s also in the process of releasing three new singles that he says will likely be part of a bigger project in the near future. “The song, ‘They Know.’ is a track that’s just basically describing me. A lot of people don’t seem to notice me, but deep down inside they know. ‘Every Hour’ is a relaxing, smoker friendly song,” he stated with a smile. “The final track titled, ‘No Hook’ is basically just me releasing steam.”

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