Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spotlight on Kilo M.O.E.

Influenced by Wu-Tang Clan, LL Cool J and Nas, hip hop artist Kilo M.O.E is one independent artist on the verge of taking his career to the next level with this release of his first major album titled “Gods and Generalz.”

I really think it’s going to do real well. I strayed away from what I normally do. I sing a little bit on there,” explained Kilo. “It cuts really deep into the psyche of where everybody stands right now with hip hop. A lot of people don’t like where hip hop is going. I address that in my music. It just really cuts deep. It also really hits home as to who I am, what I stand for and what I represent.”

The talented artist started working on his latest masterpiece in late 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona with producer Tony Martinez of Good Fellas Music. It’s taken about a year to get the album ready for its September 2016 release—but he says it’s been worth the wait.

The whole concept of the album is really more of an audio movie. It’s a final battle between gods and generals. It’s real melodic. It has a lot of bars and hooks,” explained Kilo.

He recently dropped the first single from the album late last month. It’s a catchy tune titled “Out Here Winning.” As the title might suggest, the song is about working hard to make it to the top.

It’s just basically a celebration and testament of the amount of work we’ve put into the project and how I got here and where I’m going next,” he stated.

According to Kilo, while he says his fans will enjoy all the tracks on the upcoming album, he says his favorite single from the project is “Blue Diamond.” He hopes when fans here that track and others, they’ll feel inspired to conquer the world.

“I’m about big giant hooks and anthems. I’m always going to touch on something that’s going to be big for the human psyche. I’m always going to challenge somebody to really think about what they see, what they do,” stated Kilo. “I make music for leaders. I motivate. I inspire. I try to raise people to be taller than just the average joe.”

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