Friday, April 15, 2016

[Video] DMONEY Johnson - KickBack

Inspirational, motivational, fun, laid back—all words DMONEY uses to describe his latest project, “Catch Me If You Can. How he came up with the title is pretty simple, he says.

If I say I’m going to do something, I’m going to do. I’m so focused on my grind, perfecting my craft and taking my career to the next level—catch me if you can, hence, the name of the project, he said. “I’m moving so fast and doing whatever it takes to get to where I got to go.”

Comprised of eight catchy tracks, this talented hip hop artist says his music is designed for “smart people who like to have fun.”

It’s the kind of music that people in college would like to listen to,” stated DMONEY. “Everything on this EP, it’s original. It’s all me.

The L.A. native recently released the first single off the EP Titled “Kickback.” Since dropping the video to the single, it’s already racked up more than 12,000 views on On YouTube, nearly 11,000 people have already viewed it, and those numbers continue to grow.

“Right before summertime comes back around, in the fall it’s usually cooler and people aren’t partying as much but they still want to have fun,” stated DMONEY. People want to have house parties or kickbacks where nine of your friends come together for a good time. That was where the inspiration for the song came from.”

According to the upcoming rapper, the single is his favorite on the EP followed by a track on the project called “Turnt.”

“That single is exactly what it means. It’s Friday, you just got off work and you just want to have fun. You want to get turnt,” stated the rising hip hop star who has an impressive Twitter following.

Inspired by artists like Drake and Wiz Khalifa, DMONEY says his music will leave listeners with nothing but “good vibes,” especially if they’re having a rough day or have experienced a few setbacks.

“It’s full of positivity. It sets the mood for anything. If you just want to relax, I’ve got songs for that. I have songs where you can really vibe out to when you’re in your car. Towards the end of the EP, I’m talking about chasing dreams,” described DMONEY.

As for what’s next, DMONEY says he’s currently working on a new project titled “Night Shift.” It’s scheduled to be released in Summer 2016. To learn more about this skilled musician, visit him online at:

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