Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spotlight on Drey Kravitz (@Stiflerfbmg)

Already four months into the New Year, 2016 is proving to be quite a busy one for Drey Kravitz. In June, he’ll be performing at a big show in Atlanta. This month, he’s scheduled to perform in front of hundreds at the House of Blues in Dallas.

“Some representatives with Def Jam, Interscope and Republic will be in attendance,” stated Kravitz. “I’m looking forward to showcasing my talent in front of them. Hopefully, it will lead to some great opportunities.”

His latest single making its way around the web is a catchy tune titled “Stuck in My Dreams.”

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“It’s a laid back track that reminisces about some of the females I’ve been with in the past,” described Kravitz. “It’s got a real chill beat. The smokers out there will appreciate it, too.

Kravitz’s style is often described as very versatile with a sound that easily appeals to the masses. Some of his biggest musical influences include: Lincoln Park, Eminem, Gwen Stefani and Nicki Minaj.

“On my last mixtape titled ‘Pumped Up Kicks,” I easily brought out my pop side. It did really well,” stated Kravitz. “I like to create good beats and simple hooks. When you make a song too complex, most people can’t grasp or enjoy it. They certainly can learn the lyrics.”

Kravitz has been making music professionally since the age of 17. Now 23, he hopes to be signed to a major label in five years, touring and making frequent TV appearances. So far, he’s on track to do just that.

“I’m not your average cat rapping. I don’t talk about drugs and guns. I just talk about having a good time,” he stressed. “Every track I put out is different from the last. Anyone who loves music will appreciate my sound.”

To learn more about Kravitz, check him out on Reverbnation and Twitter.

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