Saturday, April 30, 2016

[EP] Dunn ThaThugPoet - The Burning Bridge Tape

Born Dorian J. Mathis in Savannah, Georgia to a struggling single mother, Dunn Thathugpoet has fought his way through trials and tribulations and is finally set to release his debut project, The Burning Bridge Tape in May. The artist has grown up listening to old school music – his idol, the “King of Pop,” is Michael Jackson, who Dunn says influences his music. Other favorites and musical influences include Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, JCole, Rick James, and Biggie, “just to name a few.”

At the young age of 11, the artist found himself filling notebooks full of rhymes and song ideas, and recording himself on cassette tapes. “I didn’t really take it seriously until I was 18, when I finally recorded songs from yearas ago,” says the rapper, who rapped in the streets for fun and performed in shows as a “hype man.” While he recorded his first project in 2011, the songs were never published due to unforeseen circumstances. Now, years later, the artist’s dream is finally coming to fruition. The Burning Bridge Tape is a testimony of closing a chapter on life, to finally completing and achieving his life’s dream, which is the release of a hit album. It serves as a release of all of the struggles and difficulties the artist has faced to get where he is today. Dunn speaks about one of his favorite tracks, “Blue Money,” which is about trying to “be major,” says the artist, “some of us don't know how it feels to always have blue hundreds to keep coming into your pockets and live that major life.”

Dunn ThaThugPoet isn’t stopping at music – his goal is to be a star of many platforms. With a background in basketball and acting, the sky is the limit for Dunn, who is amped to break out and participate in all different platforms of art. “Or maybe I’ll invest in a company. Help someone out,” laughs the artist, who isn’t afraid to add entrepreneur to his lengthy resume. One thing is certain: Big dreams yield big results, which is good news for Dunn ThaThugPoet, who continues to go for gold.

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