Tuesday, April 19, 2016

[Single] Legendary Lee (@Legendary_Lee) - Be Great

Not since Camouflage has there been another rapper to put Savannah’s vibrant music scene on the map—until now. Legendary Lee is quickly generating a massive fan base not only on his home turf but also abroad.  

“I’m really trying to show that Savannah really has good music—it’s not just Atlanta, you know,” stated Legendary, whose real name is Leon. “I think my newest single is going to really show that there is good music here in the city.”

His newly-released track is a catchy tune titled “Be Great.” As the name might suggest, the rapper says the song is about going out and trying to be the best person you can possibly be despite the hurdles that might come your way.

My following, they look at me and think so highly of me people. They will ask me, ‘Man, you’re doing well. Do you ever go through things or have any problems? Do you ever lose faith or get stressed?’ I tell them, ‘Yes, I do. I’m human just like they are.

From losing friends to dealing with his mom’s battle with cancer, Legendary wants his fans to know that life isn’t always easy and everyone has their own battles, however, no matter what obstacles come his way, he vows to live up to his stage name, he says.

I just remain strong, and continue to pray and have faith. I have faith that my hard work will pay off, and I will become successful. I’m going to live up to my name,” he stated.

According to the up-and-coming rapper, the single will be part of his debut mixtape that he believes is going to put Savannah’s music scene on an entirely different level—even if it costs him a few friends along the way.

The more popular I get in the city, the more friends I lose and the more hatred I get,” he explained. I get more love than hate, but sadly the hate that I get comes from people I know. However, love conquers all—and I’m thankful to the fans and my family who support me.”

To learn more about Legendary Lee, check him out on Instagram Twitter and SoundCloud.com.

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