Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spotlight on Ay-Rock

Hip hop fans have a lot to look forward following the latest project release by the talented rapper Ay-rock. “The Grey Area” is the stunning rapper’s biggest masterpiece to date—but he promises it certainly won’t be his last.

“I wrote this album to bring a sense of positivity to the industry. The ‘ey’ is the positive color of grey. ‘Ay’ is the negative,” he explained. “I’m just looking at the industry now and what it is now. For the most part, it just seems so negative—even from what’s getting played on the radio. I want to change that.”

The first single off the album is an inspirational track called “Dreams.” According to Ay-rock, he says it’s his favorite song because it’s meant to inspire. In one part of the song, he raps, “I have a 100 million dollar dream, trying to make that into reality.”

“In becoming an artist, there’s so much that I’ve sacrificed. As far as trying to make this work, there’s so many people in my life I had to cut off because of what I’m trying to strive,” stated Ay-rock. “At the end of the day, everyone has their dream or focus. This song expresses my thought process and my outlook on what I’m trying to accomplish. There’s no way someone is going to get in the way of what I was destined to do.”

Influenced by Eminem, Tupac and Jay-Z, Ay-rock describes his sound as upbeat and mid-tempo. His sound and style is also very versatile. Growing up in a military family, the dedicated rapper says his sound and style was heavily influenced by the many cultures and people he met during his travels.

“I want to speak to the world, and I think I’ve done this with this project,” stated Ay-rock. “I hope when people hear my music, they know that I’m serious. I’m a rap general. I also hope they get a sense of being able to understand and relate to what I’m talking about. I hope to speak them through my music.”

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